August 12, 2022

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

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2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

I do not know about you but I really dislike shopping unless its an outside shop, a bookstore or a gardening centre. I am so thankful most things today are offered online. Hoping you discover a concept or 2 in this 2021 holiday gift guide.

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

My yearly 2021 outside fans holiday gift guide is here. My biggest discover is the Solo Stove– an extremely portable fire pit that delivers heat and a clean burn. A number of brand-new backpacking items I truly like are included along with my perennial brand fave– YETI. Ive included lots of books– from manuals to experience reads. Ive also included chocolate from a business I extremely much appreciate for what theyve had to deal with in life and a book penned by my buddy Blake Priddle, on being autistic.

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Solo Stove– the hottest vacation present (literally) for 2021

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Be Free by Edmonton author Erica deJong.

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Hillsound also makes a much shorter waterproof version to fit a 40 L pack and a weatherproof variation for both pack sizes. If youre backpacking anywhere in Canada, I d vote for the waterproof ones. They can be purchased straight from Hillsound..

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

John and I putting the YETI white wine tumbler (on the left) and the YETI Rambler 20 (on the right) to utilize outdoors.

2021 Outdoor Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Use a PackStack Pro to optimize area in your pack.

Now go have enjoyable shopping– and do it early so you dont need to pay for shipping.

Path Mix by Jules Torti.

Our household got a callout for stories related to Blake– as did about 50 others. We hope you enjoy getting to know Blake and how this great young man is fighting his method to the top.

The one word of care I have relates to canines and kids. The range itself fumes (of course) so kids and family pets require to be kept some range away..

Experience themed books.

A completely revised Halton Hikes Loops & & Lattes by Nicola Ross is now out. The book features 37 treking loops ranging from 4 km to more than 20 km in the Halton area of southern Ontario. New walkings have been included as have descriptions of hikes where there were changes. Youll likewise find precise maps, local tradition, and ideas on where to après-hike.

For anybody pondering treking the Camino de Santiago– or for those of you who have actually done it already, I think you d truly delight in the book Trail Mix by former Harrowsmith Magazine editor Jules Torti. I read a bit every night over a week and loved hearing about the often-hilarious daily adventures of Jules & & her partner Kim– whether it was on the trail itself, off path searching for the ideal location to sleep or descriptions of meals and their fellow pilgrims.

You can buy a copy of Trail Mix here..

Purchase the Solo Stove straight by means of their website.

The 10-ounce wine tumbler is simply that– a well developed, unbreakable, dishwashing machine safe, heavy responsibility wine tumbler that is best for car-camping. I took pleasure in a glass of wine in it the other night while soaking in a bubble bath– but didnt figure you needed to see those pictures as evidence.

A book for anybody who has a household member with an impairment.

Path Mix: 920 km on the Camino de Santiago by Jules Torti.

Pick from among these microspikes at MEC. I would not suggest the ones that slip on really quickly as they also slip off just as easily and will quite actually drive you nuts.


Peace by Chocolate has actually relatively embraced the Atlantic Canada style as youll see if you scroll through what they provide on their website. If you have household members missing the east coast, I think they may love the Atlantic Canada collection of chocolate bars with names like Fill Yer Boots! There are lots of other enjoyable names theyve provided the chocolate and their rate point is exceptional.

A book for the hiker in southern Ontario.

Support Peace By Chocolate– A Syrian-Canadian chocolatier company.

The 20-ounce YETI tumbler is perfect for coffee as it keeps it hot and good. I can drive to Banff from Calgary and still have hot coffee. It would likewise be great in the summertime for cold drinks– due to the fact that when they utilize the word insulated, they truly indicate it. More great news– it suits standard-sized coffee holders.

Strolling up Grotto Canyon in January– and you definitely require microspikes.

To purchase the Ramble Ruff in Canada and avoid responsibility purchase them here through Amazon..

Its offered on Amazon.

Ramble Fluff by Chaco.

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu by Jon Turk.

Be Free by Angela DeJong.

The Halton hiking book can be purchased by means of MEC here, at local book shops throughout southern Ontario and on Amazon here.

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu by Jon Turk.

Go into PackStack ™ and PackStack ™ Pro. I have the Pro tall variation– which is a waterproof bag meant to fit the shape of a 60L plus knapsack. It is made from water resistant, ripstop fabric that has been seam sealed with a deal with to make it simple to hang or bring..

Waterproof packing cubes by Hillsound.

Feel great chocolate.

When I was in Nova Scotia in the fall, I sampled– as in ate the entire chocolate bar pictured listed below in one sitting. The chocolate is made by Peace by Chocolate, a Syrian-owned Nova Scotia company. The family had made chocolate in Syria for over 30 years but were forced to flee their homeland in 2012. Their narrative is after numerous years in refugee camps in Lebanon they wound up ending up being chocolatiers again in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

My Packstack Pro to fit a 60Lpack– not quite packed to the brim.

I am a substantial fan of the YETI brand name. I know what they sell is on the costly side, however whatever I have actually has stood the test of time– including the Tundra Cooler, the Hopper M30 Soft Cooler and a canine bowl. The current additions to me YETI collection consist of a 10-ounce wine tumbler and a 20-ounce stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler with a magnetic slider lid.

Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Tumbler and Wine Tumbler.

The Solo Stove is portable and includes its own bring case.

After my walking on the Nootka Island Trail in the fall, I realized that my green trash can used for loading my clothes just werent cutting it anymore. They work well for the very first few days on the trip but the more I man-handled them, the more I got small tears in them– which is not cool in a wet coastal environment..

Be Free by Edmonton author Angela deJong takes you to Africa– to places many people never go, let alone travel to as an only woman. She climbs mountains and does treks in Rwanda, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya and more over the course of a decade and handles to get herself in and out of a lot of sticky scenarios. Its a wonderful armchair read– but only a few of her adventures would I ever consider doing– and then not alone. Buy it here by means of Amazon or at your favourite regional bookstore.

I enjoy it due to the fact that it barely weighs anything, and I can quickly fit all the clothes I need in it on a week-long backpacking trip. Its contoured to fit a pack without losing space. The downside is that it only comes in black– and if youre a couple taking a trip together, I like to have actually different coloured packing units, so we understand whose is whose.

You can purchase his book on Amazon here.

Tracking Lions is not a light read. It makes you think. Sign Up With Jon Turk in Samburu, Kenya as he checks out “aboriginal wisdoms that enhanced our Stone Age forefathers with the power to survive– and how, ever since, misconception, art, ceremony, music, and dance have typically been hijacked and misshaped within our urban, clinical, oil-soaked world.”.

My extremely dear friend, Jo is the mom of Blake Priddle pictured below. For years he has wanted to compose a memoir– to show that its alright to be autistic. With some help from his mother, Blake has actually penned this book over numerous years to reveal his journey with autism. I believe it will be a beneficial resource for other families with a kid on the autism spectrum.

If any of you are on Instagram, you may have seen Solo Stove ads in your feed. This is one range that lives up to the buzz of what it says it can do– delivering heat without smoke and burning logs to ash. Its a fantastic addition to your yard– or if you wish to go car outdoor camping as it is totally portable and even includes a bring bag.

The design of the solo range is second to none. There are holes drilled into the top and bottom of the Solo Stove (Ranger variation envisioned below) that allows air to be drawn up the column for an efficient burn without the smoke. On a cool November night when John and I tried it out, we were delighted at just how much heat it tossed off– and this is the smallest design.

We have all heard that it takes a town to raise a child. Blakes village is an unique one. Helping Blake become an independent adult with a progressing career in radio broadcasting in a remote northern Manitoba town is high benefit and praise for his village.

There is nothing brand-new about microspikes however actually everyone in Canada who ventures onto icy roads or trails in the winter season might utilize a set of these. You do not need a healthcare facility see, particularly with COVID including to wait times, because youve taken a spill.

Nicola has likewise composed loops & & lattes treking guides for Caledon, Hamilton, Collingwood, Blue Mountains & & Beaver Valley, Waterloo, Wellington & & Guelph and Dufferin.

As a lot of you know, I reside in Calgary. Every winter season we appear to get a number of big dumps of snow followed by regular snowfalls that drop in between 2 and 8 cm– just enough that you still need to shovel your driveways and walks. Im lazy when it concerns putting on boots, so I enjoy the Ramble Fluff made by Chaco. Its called a home slipper with outside capabilities. What you get is Chacos signature comfortable fit (my Chaco shoes are worn daily in summertime) with a soft fleece lining.

The Solo Stove actually throws away the heat.

Adventure motivation as youll need it after shopping

When I was in Nova Scotia in the fall, I tested– as in consumed the entire chocolate bar pictured listed below in one sitting. The chocolate is made by Peace by Chocolate, a Syrian-owned Nova Scotia business. The family had made chocolate in Syria for over 30 years however were required to flee their homeland in 2012. If you have household members missing the east coast, I think they may love the Atlantic Canada collection of chocolate bars with names like Fill Yer Boots!


Ive also consisted of chocolate from a company I extremely much appreciate for what theyve had to deal with in life and a book penned by my friend Blake Priddle, on being autistic.