December 3, 2022

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt


5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

Dreams can be achieved as this check out was my 8th. I fell in love with Egypt during my first go to. It wasnt enjoy at first sight, as it was a little a culture shock, however the history, Arab beauty, and hospitable nature of individuals quickly had me hooked.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

Forget what you see and hear in the media. Individuals are not out to get you. Simply a few years earlier, Egypt was a leading traveler location, however unfortunately after the transformation, tourists have actually been remaining away from this extremely ancient land.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

For as long as I can remember, I have actually desired to check out Egypt. It when looked like an unattainable dream; another world far from my reach.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt

Here are our leading 5 reasons you need to ignore what youve heard, and visit the land of the pharaohs

5 Reasons You Should Visit Egypt



This is a reality that a lot of us have actually never experienced in the western world. Survival is difficult for people in Egypt, specifically because tourism has decreased.


Having been back so lots of times, we have been able to re-visit store owners in Dahab.

We are constantly welcomed to sit, catch up, and have tea. We have not formed strong lifelong bonds with anybody here, however to merely have a chat and sit is enough.

Individuals desire to be acknowledged and confirmed. The residents here have actually fallen on difficult times (Read about the Shop Owners of Dahab). Lots of store owners keep their shops open all night, and it is also where they lay their heads after a long day of work.

Egypt is a sensory overload. The stop lights in Cairo have no significance and you have to dart across the street to get to where youre going. The heat is intense, therefore is the traffic.

The western view of normal is not the remainder of the worlds view of typical. This is something to remember no matter where you take a trip. As westerners we are accustomed to neat, sanitized, peaceful locations. Egypt is neither cool, sanitized, nor peaceful.

Life is certainly not a reasonable playing field for everybody involved. We stay grateful for the life we live, and our compassion and consciousness grows stronger when our viewpoints are challenged


Dahab is a magical desert sanctuary where expats and regional Bedouins enjoy time together by the Red Sea.

Muslims, Christians, and seculars co-exist in peace; some bodies are entirely covered, others are not, and nobody seems to mind.

Most of Egypt is intense and hectic, but Dahab is a location where both tourists and Egyptians escape to for relaxation, flexibility, and rest. The view of the Red Sea, mountains, and palm trees are wonderful, and the stillness of the desert is incredibly peaceful.

When you go to Egypt, make certain to invest a few days in Dahab.You can find out more on Why Dahab is our favourite place in Egypt


Every Friday individuals collect at a local market where you can discover economical and delicious Egyptian food, homemade kombucha, handmade jewellery, and clothes; and if you are up for the walking, you can get gotten at midnight for the climb up to Mt. Sinai for one of the most lovely dawns you will ever experience.

By day, scuba lovers are making bubbles 60 feet down in the sea, people are sunbathing and delighting in the weather; and by night, the seaside restaurants and coffee shops are aglow with Arabian lights casting a warm light over the Bedouin design seating of vibrant pillows and woven Egyptian carpets.


Take a standard Felucca down the river Nile at sunset, or wander the Khan el-Khalili fair in Cairo.


Walking through the maze that is Khan el-Khalili is like being transferred back in time.

Egyptians relax in little alleyways smoking shisha and permanently drinking Egyptian tea, and beautiful Arabian lamps coax you into antique stores to discover ancient treasures.

If shopping is of no interest, have a seat at one of the numerous cafes and take part in a cherry flavoured shisha session, or just take pleasure in an Arab coffee flavoured with cardamom. Among the oldest coffee homes in the fair is Fishawi, developed in 1773

See on your own how paintings from 3000 years past are still dynamic, appearing they were simply a century old, and make certain to pay the extra 50 Egyptian pounds to see King Tuts body perfectly protected in time in his tomb at the Valley of the Kings.

Egypt has about seven thousand years of recorded history, culture, and civilization that is endlessly interesting, and visiting the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Valley of the Kings and Queens, and Abu Simbel never ever gets old.


It is mistakenly vegan, it is definitely scrumptious, it is exceptionally economical, and it is authentically Egyptian!

Falafel, lentil soup, moussaka, veggie hamburgers, fried cauliflower, hummus, fresh figs, mangos, and incredible dates are just an included reward to your time in Egypt. You can purchase fresh dates straight off the stem here. They are amazing.

Koshary is an easy Egyptian dish made with macaroni and littles spaghetti, topped with lentils (and often chickpeas), tomato sauce, and crispy fried onions. It is carb heavy, complete of protein, extremely delicious, and you will only discover it here (we believe).

When we show up in Egypt, this meal is the very first thing Cody seeks out. A large container of koshary will run you about a dollar.

We have yet to find koshary anywhere else on the planet. We would love to hear about it if you have actually been able to discover it outside of Egypt.

Make sure to examine out Our Vegan Guide to Cairo, Egypt



Egypt is not a best country, but it is safe to travel through. The transformation took place in 2011 and the violence was not targeted towards travellers.

5 and a half years have passed, and the country is still experiencing a lack of tourism.

The very first time I visited Egypt remained in 2000, and tourism was growing. Ever since, the variety of foreigners visiting has actually decreased significantly.

Visit the terrific ancient wonders of the world. Stand in wonder of civilizations that are over 5000 years old, and experience the magic of Egypt

If you are a mindful, smart tourist, there is nothing to fear. Travel in a group or with a friend, and effectively plan out your vacation. The media plays a big part in keeping individuals away from such a fantastic destination.


This check out in February of 2020 is my 8th time remaining in Egypt, and I have never ever felt uneasy, or feared for my life. Dont let the media or even government warnings deceive you.


Speak to individuals who have actually checked out multiple times. And if it makes you feel more at ease, book a bundle trip through Egypt so everything is arranged for you

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Falafel, lentil soup, moussaka, vegetable burgers, fried cauliflower, hummus, fresh figs, mangos, and incredible dates are just an added benefit to your time in Egypt. Stand in wonder of civilizations that are over 5000 years old, and experience the magic of Egypt

Egypt is neither neat, sterilized, nor peaceful.



I fell in love with Egypt throughout my first check out. Simply a couple of years earlier, Egypt was a leading traveler location, but regretfully after the transformation, tourists have been remaining away from this incredibly ancient land.