August 12, 2022

A New Way to Experience the Landscapes of the West – Train Travel

You need to have the ability to translucent it.
It has to be at least 3 feet in height or width.
It is a continuous piece of rock with no running water going through it (that is called a bridge!).

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

Fragile Arch is without a doubt the most widely known, but why? Its not only utilized as the symbol of Moab and typically the state of Utah, but its the only free-standing arch worldwide..
I didnt do the walking to Delicate Arch due to time restrictions and rather viewed it from a distance. I enjoy to get off the beaten course whenever I can so I picked to self-drive to some lesser-known arches. Youll require a 4WD rental to go on the dirt roads around Arches National Park, but its absolutely worth it due to the fact that a 4WD lorry will take you away from the crowds and into more remote locations of the park..
1.4 million individuals check out Arches National Park each year and just 1% of them venture onto the back roadways of the park. It was these back roads where I had the best views of Balancing Rock and had the ability to take pleasure in some short walkings to concealed arches like Whales Eye Arch.
Canyonlands National Park.
I also recommend taking a 4WD car into Canyonlands National Park since Potash Road and driving Shafer Trail were a highlight for me to experience this rugged landscape. Its there where youll first come in contact with the Colorado River as it snakes around carving tall canyon walls.
Horseback Riding.
If you would rather let someone else do the leading, check out the red rock landscape by horseback. I took a sundown tour at Red Cliffs Lodge simply 20 minutes outside of Moab along the Colorado River.
This family-owned lodge offers the best mix of rustic high-end to match your train flight. My personal patio area had an incredible view of the river and the cliffs. Truthfully, there was no bad view on the entire home! The pool, rooms, cabins, and even the stables had incredible views. I recommend making the night even more remarkable with dinner on the deck while the sun decreases throwing shadows throughout the fin rocks in the range. It was sort of like watching puffy clouds and using your imagination shouting out shapes you see..
Strolling Main Street.
My favorite stop was at Moab Made, a shop complete of imaginative products from local artists. Each regional artist basically offers on consignment, all beautifully curated by Moab Made.
It was nice to stroll around all early morning considering that I understood my afternoon would be spent sitting on the train. I also made sure not to overindulge in the lots of food choices due to the fact that I understood there would be plenty to consume on our journey.
What to Expect on the Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train.
This is the appeal of this journey– the views. I watched as the Red Rocks of Moab gave way to the desert, then to the lush farmland of Colorados western slope, we went up into the mountains, through canyons, next to cliff walls, through ski towns, beneath the continental divide, and after that drop into the flat prairie beyond Denver..
Thanks to the method the vehicles are developed, there is no bad seat on the train! The windows practically go from floor to ceiling, providing you an extensive view to enjoy. I also saw when we left Glenwood Springs that they cleaned the windows over night which was a terrific touch..
Seating and Cars.
The leather seats are comfy and can be changed forward or backward. Theres a power plug in each seat so you can keep your phone charged for taking plenty of videos and photos.
There is a lounge automobile available to only Silverleaf Plus passengers. The lounge car has luxurious seats, small tables and a bartender at your disposal at any time. Once in a while, its nice to be able to have a little change of internal scenery!
Food and Drink.
This is among the important things Rocky Mountaineer excels at. Not only do they serve several courses, but they also have a menu that consists of local manufacturers from the region you are taking a trip through. This is a charming touch supporting those small companies along the path..
There is no dining car or cooking area, so the food is prepared in each vehicle, and is similar to superior aircraft food and service. I completely took pleasure in the Epic Brewing “Escape to Colorado” pale ale braised brief ribs, with roasted San Luis Valley roasted potatoes and a glass of Malbec. Anticipate linen napkins, a charcuterie plate, bottomless red wine, a well-rounded main dish and dessert from the Aspen bakeshop..
Cocktails are likewise offered for the whole journey. Bloody Mary with my breakfast? Yes, thank you!
When I opened the door to my room at historic Hotel Denver, my examined bag was already inside waiting for me. And in the early morning when I left, I simply left that bigger bag in my space and they looked after getting it on the train. This permitted me to have more time exploring the town in the morning..

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

I got here in Moab for a few days prior to my train ticket so I could take pleasure in the parks and soak up the environment of this distinct part of the country.
Arches National Park.
The primary highlight of Arches is driving the 18-mile beautiful park roadway to see a few of the 2,000 arches in the park. You may be wondering what makes something an arch:.

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

All Aboard! I felt the familiar shock of forward momentum as the train slowly started to roll. A whistle blew, and the train ever so slowed started to rock backward and forward creaking on the tracks as the metal-on-metal friction started. I looked out my huge window thinking of my upcoming journey and took in the last squinting take a look at the red rocks of Moab and Arches National Park as we pulled away and began our journey towards Denver..
The Rocky Mountaineer train service in between Denver and Moab is the most recent method to survive the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Sure– there are faster ways, but this is certainly the most beautiful way to make the journey, and most likely the must comfortable!
As somebody who began my career operating at a railroad, I love trains and have frequently wished that America had more train paths through our stunning landscape. You can discover scenic short lines that just take an hour or more, however this new Denver to the Red Rocks path guaranteed a genuine journey, with two equally amazing locations at either end..
The two-day Rocky Mountaineer trip promises limitless food and beverage, commentary on the region, convenience, and larger-than-life breathtaking windows. There is an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs so youll always have daytime to take pleasure in the views– a luxurious chance just managed to Rocky Mountaineer travelers..
As part of a longer journey– it could serve as the perfect ending or starting to a longer trip in the West..

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

See the everyday stories I produced on Instagram if you desire to get a visual idea of the journey.

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

1Moffat Tunnel.

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

This 6-mile tunnel below the Continental Divide is one of those terrific engineering feats. Who understood that darkness could be so cool? It really does feel like an entire different world when you emerge into the light again!

A New Way To Experience The Landscapes Of The West – Train Travel

2Gore Canyon.

One of my favorite features of the journey through Colorado was when we went through the locations where it was impossible to build roadways. This implied I had the ability to see parts of Colorado, like Gore Canyon, that only people taking the train might see..
I never knew that such a deep rapid-filled canyon existed along the Colorado River up until our train tracks squeezed into the narrow canyon right next to the river with towering walls on both sides of us..
It was likewise surprising to me to discover there were rapids designated as Class V+! These well-known Gore Canyon rapids run for nine miles and are suggested only for experts..

3Glenwood Canyon and I70.

This canyon somehow has actually fit railway tracks, the Colorado River, and a four-lane interstate through a narrow canyon. The high canyon walls are also the indication of regular mud slides, so be prepared to go sluggish through this section, which is the specific way you want to experience Glenwood Canyon– slowly.

4Glenwood Springs.

The town was made popular by their healing warm springs. Created in 1885 with the objective of ending up being a world-class wellness resort, the Glenwood Hot Spring Pools are a main part of the town. If you have time, a soak in the mineral rich hot spring pools is simply what you require after a long day on the train drinking, eating, and relaxing!

5Grand Mesa and Palisades.

In addition, this is where you likewise get a terrific look at the Grand Mesa, the largest flat topped mountain in the world. Grand Mesa boasts more than 300 stream-fed alpine lakes at elevations over 11,000 feet.

6Colorado River.

It was a possibility to slow down and actually value the unique landscape.
The Rocky Mountaineer isnt about obtaining from Denver to Moab, its about a journey through the Colorado Rockies and its ever-changing landscapes..
View the complete itinerary here.

Bring a swimwear and take a dip in the Glenwood Hot Springs– the largest hot spring swimming pool on the planet. Traveling westward, you arrive in Glenwood Springs around 5 or 6pm and have time for a supper and soak..
Bring layers for the train. Sometimes it was truly chilly, and often it was hot thanks to the huge windows. When the Air conditioning is on, its best to have a sweater/fleece in your carry-on bag to layer up.
Take images where you can avoid the window glare. The very best images will be from the outdoor vestibule that you are enabled to occupy in between cars and trucks. Its loud, but the pictures will be worth it!
The typical speed of the train is 35 mph. Simply sit back, unwind, and order another mixed drink.
There is no WiFi– and you wont miss it at all! There are numerous other things to enjoy and views to oooh and aaahhh about.

Fishermen and rafters waved to us as we passed by reminding me that this landscape is important for so numerous groups. Ive always felt like the Colorado River was such an essential part of Colorado; and from the train windows you could see the numerous methods it was made use of by Coloradans.
Denver to Las Vegas an Epic Western US Trip.
Even though I only experienced a few days of the Rockies to the Red Rocks with Rocky Mountaineer journey used by Enchanting Travels I was able to get a great feel for their service level. Its not often that you can make last minute modifications as you are boarding the airplane, but I texted my coordinator as I got on the airplane and by the time I disembarked the airplane I already had a message back validating the modification.
My 5 Top Tips for Riding the Rocky Mountaineer Denver to the Red Rocks.


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A whistle blew, and the train ever so slowed started to rock back and forth creaking on the tracks as the metal-on-metal friction started. I got here in Moab for a few days prior to my train ticket so I might take pleasure in the parks and soak up the atmosphere of this distinct part of the nation. Thanks to the way the vehicles are created, there is no bad seat on the train! If you have time, a soak in the mineral abundant hot spring pools is simply what you require after a long day on the train drinking, eating, and unwinding!

Ive constantly felt like the Colorado River was such an essential part of Colorado; and from the train windows you could see the lots of methods it was used by Coloradans.