January 25, 2022

Adoption updates!

Its been a hot 2nd given that I upgraded the blog with anything personal! My blog used to be my main home for individual material, however for the last number of years, all our family updates have actually been living over on Instagram. After the FB/IG/WhatsApp blackout a number of weeks ago however, Im realizing that I MISS blogging! So todays update is everything about our adoption journey:-RRB-.

In case you missed the announcement, were embracing once again!

We understood even before Felix was born that we would desire to broaden our household once again! We connected to our agency in January to get the ball rolling, and had all our documentation sent by April (it does not always require to take that long, we were simply really, actually insane with work and it took longer than we wanted!). Our house study happened in June with the exact same social employee who did our very first house study, and we got the official notice that we were homes study authorized at the start of August!

We interviewed six different companies and are currently noted with one- three of the agencies we talked with werent taking brand-new families due to the fact that their wait lists are totally full. With the pandemic, adoptions around the nation slowed to a near-standstill, so were buckled up for a potentially extra-long wait.

There was a part of me that had hoped after Felix got back that we would discover ourselves with a positive pregnancy test, and honestly, I still expect that a person day.

In 2 Corinthians, ch. 12, Paul talks about having a thorn in his side, and that three times he asked the Lord to take it from him. I will boast all the more happily of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ might rest upon me.

And that location of surrender, of opening my hands and finally being able to state (through gritted teeth sometimes) “not my will but yours” is what led us to Felix. To his birth mama, whom we like as our own family.

Weve had several friends ask how they can pray- were asking God for persistence and satisfaction for us, and peace, comfort, and defense for Baby Springs birth parents, anywhere and whoever they are.

( Side note: in spite of the kind intent, please do not inform a hopeful adoptive parent who likewise has a hard time with infertility “a lot of individuals who adopt end up getting pregnant afterwards!” Anecdotal proof of unanticipated conceptions after infertility isnt handy for someone entering the world of adoption).

Theres very little else we can do at the moment, other than think about brand-new firms to likewise note with in the hopes of being exposed to more expectant parents considering adoption. So were finding new ways to be grateful as we wait, like thanking the Lord that we currently have our sweet munchkin to concentrate on while we wait. My heart pains for the folks walking through this for the first time, the confident parents with empty arms who discover themselves waiting even longer than expected as the country continues to experience the uncomfortable side-effects of Covid.

Came using with placement firms. Were pursuing domestic baby adoption, just as we did with Felix, and the firm we placed with the very first time around (the one who helped with the coordinating procedure with Felixs birth mama) had a full waiting list, so we needed to discover a brand-new agency to be noted with this time around.

I wouldnt trade our journey for anything. I would not trade the years of waiting or the discomfort or the deep grief, because the journey literally brought me to my knees, weeping out in desperate need of Jesus. Not since of what he could give me, but in need of grace, hope, and mercy found only in the Gospel.

Were likewise making time for travel and experience, like upcoming journeys to Hawaii and Disney! By focusing on the sweetness of whats in front of us, its a bit much easier to be content and wait upon the Lords ideal timing, even on days when I seem like its not so ideal.

That dream and desire to bring a child hasnt disappeared, though praise God, the discomfort of that unfulfilled dream doesnt strike me as often as it when did.

My hope and my happiness isnt based on whether or not all of my worldly dreams are satisfied.

Ive stated it in the past, and I will state it here once again: if this journey is what it took for me to comprehend Gods grace and loving kindness, then I will applaud the Lord for my infertility.

For anybody questioning the infertility side of things, since I shared our journey of walking through treatments a couple of years ago:.

In some cases the Lord permits us to bring the concern of an unmet desire for many years on end- it does not make him unkind, it doesnt make his plans anything aside from good, and as loathe as I was to admit it to myself initially, that unmet desire forces me to lean on Him for comfort and provision in a method I have actually STRUGGLED to do in years passed.

It could be weeks, months, or years prior to we satisfy them, and the procedure of thinking about adoption vs. parenting is heart-wrenching in a method I will never fully understood. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Adoption is beautiful, absolutely.

My hope and my pleasure are developed upon my self-confidence in what Christ provided for me on the cross, on the fact that I was lost, and now Im found. I was broken, then redeemed. God is good, ALWAYS. He is great whether or not my kids share my DNA. If I never get to see 2 lines on a pregnancy test, he is excellent even. He is good due to the fact that of who he is, not since of what he does or does not offer me.

Thank you to Lauren of Gordon Place Photography for the first and 3rd images!

It might be weeks, months, or years prior to we fulfill them, and the procedure of considering adoption vs. parenting is heart-wrenching in a method I will never fully comprehend. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Adoption is lovely, definitely.

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Its been a hot second since I updated the blog with anything personal! My blog used to be my main home for personal material, but for the last couple of years, all our family updates have been living over on Instagram. Todays upgrade is all about our adoption journey:-RRB-.

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