May 16, 2022

Beautiful and Nearly Perfect. Billingham Eventer MKII Review

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Messenger bags have actually constantly been my favorite when it comes to hauling equipment. Many manufacturers produce practical and comfy bags that are unsightly.

The Eventer II is one of the most lovely messenger bags I have actually ever seen. Billingham is understood for producing stunning bags that are last and practical for years. Is the financial investment in this bag justified?

Too Long Didnt Read

Billingham has actually updated its popular Eventer bag and the MKII is sure to make customers pleased. Billingham upgraded the top flap and included leather to the leading grab manage.

Pros and Cons


The navy blue canvas and chocolate brown leather combination is sensational
Premium products
Water resistant canvas and zippers
Quick-release tabs
Comfy to wear
Possibly the best shoulder pad on the market
Billingham Customer Service


The Billingham Eventer II isnt that innovative, and it does not have to be. The outcome is one of the most elegant and functional premium cam messenger bags on the market.

It only accommodates a 13″ MacBook Pro, although I wouldnt desire to carry anything larger
I wish the front pockets were dump pockets, whichs being particular

Gear Used


I tested the Billingham Eventer MKII messenger bag with the following gear:

13″ MacBook Pro
Hasselblad 501cm
Fujifilm GFX50s II with 35-70mm lens connected
Fujifilm Instax Evo, Instax Link Wide Printer, and Instax Wide Film
Canon 5D III with 85mm lens attached and a Canon 50mm lens
Rolls of 120 movie


Shoulder sling length.

Conclusions of the Billingham Eventer MKII Review.

The quality and charm of their bags are what draw customers in. This kind of client service is what will keep consumers for life. I want all manufacturers resembled this.

Internal– without cushioned insert.

Rear zip pocket.

Relieve Of Use.

Its a stylish messenger bag.
Exceptional shoulder pad.
I like the quick release system.
The Eventer II is practical.
Its an excellent option for medium format and DSLR shooters.
Weatherproof zippers and leather bottom deal excellent security.
The bag is comfy.
Billingham customer support is superior.
Five-year producer warranty.

Internal– inside cushioned insert.

Width (functional) 280mm (11″).

I do wish the front pockets were dump pockets, although theyre very sufficient.
Part of me wants the insert accommodated my 16″ MacBook Pro, but my shoulders are appreciative it cant.

Width 390mm (153⁄8 ″).
Depth 140mm (51⁄2 ″).
Height 290mm (113⁄8 ″).
Capacity 10.5 litres (0.37 feet3).

Front pockets (x2).

There is a lot to like and not much to grumble about with this messenger bag. The Billingham Eventer II has bridged what worked so well from the original with added performance and defense. It is one of the most stunning electronic camera bags that cash can purchase, and its reflected in the $695 price. This is a financial investment, and it must last for many years to come, perhaps even years.


Width ex. Velcro 105mm (41⁄8 ″).
Height 105mm (41⁄8 ″).

On the back, you will discover a travel luggage trolley retainer strap. It fits easily and firmly on a roller bag.

Width 400mm (153⁄4 ″).
Depth 180mm (71⁄8 ″).
Height exc. handle 320mm (125⁄8 ″).
Height inc. handle 350mm (133⁄4 ″).
Weight 1.83 kg (4.03 pounds).

Tech Specs

The Billingham Eventer MkII messenger bag is as comfy as it is beautiful. It was the ideal height to wear cross-body design without changing it. The strap can be adjusted easily when you want to wear it on one shoulder.

When travelling around town, the Eventers medium size is ideal for stowing on my Vespa. When using it messenger design, it likewise protects to the back rack with little effort and sits conveniently on my seat.

Vertical dividers (x2).

The very first Eventer MKII received by The Phoblographer suffered from a fault whereby the press stud that attaches the padded insert into the bag was faulty therefore had broken in transit. This demanded replacing the removable cushioned insert nevertheless after speaking with Brittany, we accepted change the entire bag.
A press-stud fault is a very unusual occurrence for us, as each press stud is attached separately by a hand-operated maker and due to the fact that our evaluation group are so precise.
Whilst we pride ourselves on quality, very occasionally things can fail which is why we provide a five-year manufacturers ensure with all our bags. If a customers bag was to establish a fault, due to workmanship or products, under producers ensure, we would fix or replace the item at our own cost. When they do happen, we take any manufacturing problem very seriously and always do our utmost to rectify these issues as rapidly as possible.
Following this report, our factory group have actually checked every Eventer MKII bag on our shelves shelf and have actually discovered no more issues.

Flap Dividers (x2).

Width 350mm (133⁄4″).
Depth Nominal.
Height 220mm (85⁄8″).

Width 170mm (63⁄4 ″).
Depth 60mm (23⁄8 ″).
Height 230mm (9 ″).
Capability (each) 1.5 litres (0.05 feet3).

The consisted of SP50 shoulder pad is comfy and long lasting. It uses plenty of cushioning for extra convenience, and the textured bottom ensures that it stays in place. The buttons are solid. When I needed it to act as a sandbag, I used the shoulder pad to protect my Billingham Hadley Pro Large to a light stand.

Billinghams Eventer II bag looks very comparable to the infamous Hadley bag, and it is nearly identical to the Eventer Mini, though bigger. The bag is the best size to comfortably carry around a moderate amount of gear.

The removable insert will accommodate a 13″ MacBook Pro and comfortably stow 2 electronic cameras with lenses attached. The Eventer II ships with a number of dividers and flaps to suit your modification requires. It will comfortably fit two medium format systems.

Baggage trolley strap.

Width 340mm (133⁄8 ″).
Depth 120mm (43⁄4 ″).
Height 260mm (101⁄4 ″).
Capacity 9 litres (0.32 feet3).

The tech specs are supplied by Billingham.

The personalization alternatives of the insert make it easy to establish a system that works for your shooting needs. Its a great size for hauling medium format and DSLR systems easily. Mirrorless and 35mm systems will permit you to bring much more equipment and fine-tune the personalization of the insert.

The insert will likewise house a 13″ MacBook Pro or tablet. It ends up being an extension of yourself on photoshoots. When youve established a rhythm, accessing gear is easy and ends up being second nature. As an added benefit, the insert is detachable, so the Billingham Eventer can function as an everyday messenger bag.

Width 300mm (113⁄4″).
Depth Nominal.
Height 250mm (97⁄8″).

The most recent edition has actually also added weatherproofing to the main compartment and back pocket zippers. I got caught in a passing rainstorm in Denver, and the bag did an excellent task fending off moisture. My gear was safeguarded and dry. The canvas also does a fantastic job keeping dust and dirt out when riding around on my Vespa.

The most notable attribute of this bag is its succulent leather bottom.

There is a grab handle at the top of the bag. Billingham has included leather and enhanced the leading manage from the initial. For improved aesthetics, the top flap has been updated without the original webbing strip.


Length 820mm (321⁄4″)– 1390mm (543⁄4″).
Width 50mm (2 ″).

The Eventer MKII handles to accomplish what the majority of individuals are trying to find in a messenger bag. Its comfortable, functional, durable, and stylish. The newest Eventer is a clear contender to be among the more competitive messenger bags on the marketplace.

Billinghams first-class client service was remarkable when there was an issue. I would feel confident advising Billingham to anybody.

I truly value Billinghams quick-release system. The long lasting leather softens almost right away and makes accessing and protecting gear a seamless transition.

The pass-through trolley strap is an excellent addition and will make bustling through airports less difficult. The zippered back compartment is terrific to stow things like a note pad, passport, or checkbook. The weatherproof material and leading flap will ensure it does not get damp.

The Billingham Eventer MkII messenger bag is as comfortable as it is gorgeous. As an included bonus offer, the insert is removable, so the Billingham Eventer can double as a daily messenger bag.

Develop Quality.

Billingham has updated its popular Eventer bag and the MKII is sure to make customers happy. Billinghams Eventer II bag looks extremely comparable to the infamous Hadley bag, and it is practically identical to the Eventer Mini, though larger. The hand-sewn snaps allow you to eliminate the insert and use the bag as a regular messenger bag.

The very first Eventer bag that showed up had a snap button on the insert that was not connected. I called Billingham, and they guaranteed us that a snap-stud fault is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Its likewise something that is covered under their 5-year service warranty. Billingham has gone back through its inventory to ensure it was an only occurrence and sent out a brand-new bag out immediately. The replacement bag showed up with all snap buttons intact and carrying out as they should.


Height 195mm (75⁄8).
Width ex. Velcro 110mm (43⁄8 ″).

The shoulder strap is attached to the canvas with leather. The consisted of SP50 shoulder pad is the very best shoulder pad I have actually ever utilized.

Statement by Billingham on the Damaged Bag First Received.

Billingham has actually revamped the insert and provided additional cushioning on the bottom for added defense. The flaps and dividers are made of velcro that will keep and endure frequent modifications up with the needs we put on them. The hand-sewn snaps allow you to eliminate the insert and utilize the bag as a regular messenger bag.

Billingham is renowned for its usage of extraordinary products and craftsmanship that lasts for several years to come. The Eventer II is made of water resistant canvas and premium leather. The leather quick-release straps are easy to utilize. The straps also hold up extremely well with duplicated use.

Utilize the next set of quick-release straps to access the two front pockets on the bag. Each pocket can house a lens. They are also convenient for storing personal products.

The leather bottom is not only stylish, however its likewise an additional layer of defense for your gear. It will also assist keep wetness out of the bottom of your bag.

Each front flap will accommodate a 24-70mm full-frame comparable sized lens or personal products. Accessing them with the quick-release straps is easy.

You will see Billinghams notorious quick-release straps on the front of the messenger bag. Unfasten them to access the primary compartment zipper.

Laptop compartment.

We are providing the Billingham Eventer MKII five out of five stars. Want one? You can choose one up for yourself at Amazon for $695.