December 3, 2022

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

Theres no denying the fact that sports and wildlife professional photographers enjoy long lenses. But the drive to get the ideal image in these genres suggests buying expensive (read: heavy) lenses. Mirrorless makers are doing fantastic work in minimizing telephoto lens sizes and weights. That does not indicate those lenses are lightweight enough for hours of handheld usage. The light-weight Benro GH5CMINI mini gimbal goes a long method to fixing much of these problems. We have a look at what it provides and if its the ideal gimbal for your kind of photography.

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

Like a composer waving his baton at an orchestra, he moved this huge lens and camera effortlessly. These jets zipped previous us so lots of times, however they were no match for the quiet and smooth gimbal that swirled anywhere he wished to snap his shutter. He returned with some fantastic images using this. I still remember seeing that tightly framed image of the pilot in a cockpit. And a decade after that memorable day, I got to utilize a gimbal for myself, thanks to Benro USA. Their GH5CMINI is significantly smaller sized than many, but its a leading performer in its own.

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

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Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

The year was either 2009 or 2011. The location– the Dubai International Airport. I was going to the last day of the Dubai International Airshow that year. In tow was my Nikon D300 and 70-300mm lens. When I added a battery grip to it, that camera and lens mix looked way more professional (back then) than any prosumer electronic camera on the marketplace. It was back in a period when blue skies were still typical. One fighter jet after another began their gravity-defying acrobatic display screens as everybodys eyes were fixated upwards. I probably had the most menacing-looking camera out there. That was until an experienced pro came and stood alongside me. What impressed me back then wasnt his D3s and 600mm f4 attached to it but the gimbal he used.

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

The Big Picture

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

Tightening up or loosening up the Pan knobs didnt appear to alter the resistance of movement. I was anticipating the rotation to be a lot smoother when loosened up, but this wasnt the case with my system.
The drawstring bag could have utilized thick padding.

Benro GH5CMNI Gimball Review. When Your Arms Need Relaxing.

Theres a bubble level on the base of the gimbal. Helpful if youre nitpicky about being completely level.

We can still utilize DSLR telephoto lenses on mirrorless cams with adapters. You can only handhold a telephoto zoom lens for short durations prior to you begin to feel the strain on your shoulders and back.

Its lovely to look at. The carbon fiber outside isnt shiny, nor is the gunmetal paint on the various plates. The Benro GH5CMINI looks like its well made from one strong piece of metal. Its not heavy at all at simply 1kg/2lbs.

The Benro GH5CMINI Mini Gimbal Head receives 5 out of five stars. Want one? Head over to Amazon.

Depending on what cam and lens you d use, you can get up to 360 degrees of tilt and pan motion. Utilizing the D4 and 200-400mm still gave me a large range to deal with. I can easily use this setup for photographing fighter jets someday.

Equipment Used.

There are scales on the horizontal and vertical plates for accurate height and horizontal modifications.

Ease of Use.

Being able to literally take a load off my arms and shoulders by utilizing this gimbal for shoots like this is beyond helpful. I can keep looking through the viewfinder for longer durations, whereas in the past, I d consistently be keeping the electronic camera down after a burst of shots.

In the past I would utilize the exact same lens on either the Nikon Z9, d4, or z6, but the lens would be mounted to a ballhead on my tripod. This was far from comfortable to utilize, offered that the range of motion of the equipment was significantly restricted.

Nikon D4 (our own purchase).
Nikkor 200-400mm f4 VR II lens (our own purchase).
Leofoto Mr. Q LQ-284C tripod (without ballhead, also our own purchase).

If youre a videographer that frequently utilizes gimbals for video work, this one is nothing like those gimbals. It does the job perfectly for what its suggested for– ensuring youre not bogged down by the weight of your equipment while shooting for long periods. I found the Arca-Swiss plate a tad puzzling to get off the gimbal, however apart from that, it was a simple setup. Photographing fast-moving aerial birds was a lot easier utilizing the Benro GH5CMINI gimbal than simply with my gear on the tripod ball head. And even if the subject isnt all that active, when using a large DSLR and an incredibly heavy telephoto lens, you tend to burn out rapidly if youre handholding them for even short time periods.

I slotted the horizontal plate on this very first prior to mounting my electronic camera and lens to it, but I guess you might do it the other way around too.



There was no wobbling or moving of weight once I mounted the cam and lens on this, and the gimbal well balanced itself very well.

I used the Benro GH5CMINI Mini Gimbal (we got to keep it) with:.

When I first utilized the gimbal, I thought the lock direction on the Tilt and Pan knobs were in opposite instructions. Later on, when I took a second look, I observed that both the knobs tightened in the exact same direction.

I know its a light gimbal, but definitely the bag offered by Benro could have been much better quality. It didnt need to be velvet, however I would have much preferred a bag with a padded interior.

Together with my D4 to get a concept of its size.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber building at just 1kg/ 2.2 lbs.
Load capacity of 30kg/ 66lbs.
Smoother 360 ° panning.
Arca-Swiss Compatible Camera Plate/Clamp.
Pan & & Tilt Lock Knobs.
Includes a practical drawstring bag.

Benro USA mentions that the GH5CMini includes “vibrant maneuverability, accuracy, and flexibility.” I can agree with this. At this cost point, its pretty competitive, and its weight-to-load ratio is impressive. Plates getting loosened up was something I was worried might take place during usage, however Im pleased to report that this gimbal had none of those concerns. Just remember to utilize it alongside a strong tripod that can support the weight of the entire mix (lens, gimbal, and video camera).

Build Quality.


The Benro GH5CMini gimbal is rated to bring over 6 times this load, so I didnt exactly evaluate the weight restricts to the optimum. When I used it, the plate that the lens was installed to didnt come loose at all.

The plate is Arca-Swiss compatible, however I did wonder why the arrows on the knobs here showed that I needed to pull them out initially. I might still tighten up and loosen up these by simply turning them without pulling them out. I initially thought that I needed to pull this out to get rid of the plate, so it was confusing in the beginning when the plate didnt come off.

Who Should Buy the Benro GH5CMINI?

At this cost point and load capacity, with trendy seek to boot, the Benro GH5CMini gimbal head is a bargain for anyone who frequently uses heavy lenses and video cameras in their photography career.

We can still utilize DSLR telephoto lenses on mirrorless electronic cameras with adapters. And even if the topic isnt all that active, when utilizing a large DSLR and a very heavy telephoto lens, you tend to get worn out quickly if youre handholding them for even short periods of time.

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Depending on what electronic camera and lens you d use, you can get up to 360 degrees of tilt and pan motion. In the past I would utilize the same lens on either the Nikon D4, Z6, or Z9, however the lens would be installed to a ballhead on my tripod. Simply remember to use it alongside a strong tripod that can support the weight of the entire combination (lens, gimbal, and video camera).

Both wildlife and sports photographers (who can use a tripod at sporting venues) would benefit from using the Benro GH5CMINI gimbal head. It allows the professional photographer to free up their mind without worrying about utilizing heavy gear for extended periods. Having the ability to fluidly move your video camera up to 360 degrees in two axes is super convenient.