August 8, 2022

Best Restaurants in Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed to Impress You

One of the things that people seem to remember best after checking out Bucharest is its incredible dining establishments. Its likewise because some of the best restaurants in Romania are actually in Bucharest.

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

Best restaurants in Bucharest, Romania

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

About Bucharest Restaurants

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

Nevertheless, finding the best places to eat in a city that you have never ever checked out prior to is not an easy task. In this short article Ill give you a trip of the extremely finest eateries in Bucharest, to help you choose carefully.

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

In the last couple of decades Bucharest restaurants, grills and cafés sprang up like mushrooms after the rain. Today there is an entire myriad of eateries in Bucharest that serve delicious dishes in expensive beauty salons, reminiscent of the rich bourgeois who as soon as frequented them.

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

Finest Traditional Romanian Restaurants in Bucharest, Romania

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

Adress: Strada Stavropoleos 5, Bucharest.

Best Restaurants In Bucharest, Romania, Guaranteed To Impress You

Address: Strada Sofia No. 1, Bucharest.

Hanu Berarilor– Casa Soare.

Weve heard some problems from the residents about the dining establishment, but they were mainly associated to the service, than the food quality. We may have been simply fortunate, but its also possible that their service is not regularly excellent.

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 4, Bucharest.

Pro TipSave some room for divine tasty cakes, tarts and macarons produced by Pastry Chef Ana Consulea, the owners daughter.

Caru cu Bere (the Beer Cart).

Casa Soare (likewise called Hanu Berarilor Interbelic) was integrated in 1914 by Oprea Soare, among the most affluent organization guys in Bucharest at the time. The structure was developed by the Romanian architect Petre Antonescu, who created many other famous buildings in Bucharest.

The factor is that dining establishments like The Artist you can find in every huge city around the globe. They have them in Hong Kong, in Budapest, London, or Paris and they have them here in the US from coast to coast.

La Mama dining room.

Pro TipTry the completely prepared rosemary potatoes, tripe soup and cabbage rolls. Also, leave some room for their excellent crepes filled with sour cherry jam.

After Manucs death in 1818, the Inn altered ownership sometimes, but throughout its existence it was the meeting point for tourists and merchants from all over the world.

Address: Strada Pache Protopopescu No. 51, Bucharest.

This unique restaurant began as a brewery in 1879, hence the name Caru cu Bere (the Beer Cart). A few years later on, the owners at the time decided to extend their operation by including a dining establishment next-door. They commissioned the style to the Austrian architect Siegfrid Kofczinsky and the result was spectacular: vaulted ceilings decorated with paints, stained glass, mosaics and carved panelings.

This is the location if you are looking for an affordable priced and excellent meal. We dined here 2-3 times in the past 20 years considering that they opened, and were constantly pleased with the quality of the food and the service.

Food at Caru cu Bere Restaura.

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Caru cu Bere Restaurant in Bucharest Historic Center.

Hanu lui Manuc (Manucs Inn).

Dining establishment Joseph dining room.


Today Caru cu Bere is a favorite conference spot for locals and tourists alike, which is why its always loaded. If you make appointments, in summer season time its tough to find a spot even.

Locanta Jaristea (Jaristea Inn).

In addition to the grand interior, the dining establishment likewise includes a beautiful balcony, which is loaded with people throughout the warm summertime nights.

Zahanaua Zexe is more pricey than other Romanian restaurants, but the quality and taste of the meals justifies extra money you pay..

The restaurant still retains the bohemian, elegant air of yesteryear, although it has been totally restored and refurbished recently. For those who have time to look at the information, Casa Doina is a real museum, particularly if you stroll through the cellar, in the basement.

Hanu Berarilor– Casa Lupescu.

Restaurant Joseph.

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The term zahana defines a small restaurant located near a slaughterhouse. However considering that slaughterhouses are no longer allowed cities (due to the fact that of sanitary policies) this sort of locations to eat has really vanished.

The owner, Joseph (Yossi) Hadad, is also the cook. He creates his dishes from scratch, creating his own sauces and spices ad hoc. The outcome is perfect flavors, lively colors, and an exceptional presentation.

La Mama is a chain of dining establishments in Bucharest that began with the idea and desire to consume well and cheap, like at Moms home, where warm and delicious food was always on the table. If youre short on time or cash, this is a great choice for an easy-in-and-out meal.

Zahanaua Zexe is thought about among the finest restaurants in Romania and in my opinion it certainly has the finest food in Bucharest. They state that if you wish to taste properly cooked Romanian food, you ought to go to Zexe.

Casa Doina.

The interior of the dining establishment is intimate and actually good, with a relaxing atmosphere. There is no live music, that makes it possible to have a discussion. Thats why we pick this place when we wish to chat with old good friends from Bucharest.

Zahanaua Zexe in Bucharest.

Address: Calea Victoriei 147, Bucureşti.

One huge drawback of eating here is that your order will not come quickly, as there are too numerous orders put at the exact same time. Some locals say the food is not quite the very best in Bucharest, however nonetheless this location is a legend. Pertaining to Bucharest and not visiting it, its like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Menu at Restaurant Joseph.

Hanu lui Manuc.

The dining establishment has a brief, but really advanced menu composed of 5-6 appetizers, 5-6 main dishes and some desserts. Plus spoon testing for each category. The meals are coupled with white wine, but the portions are relatively small so its advised to pick 2-3 courses (one can be the dessert).

Address: Strada Franceză 62-64, Bucharest.

, if you are in Bucharest and do not inspect out Jaristea Inn youll miss out on a special cooking experience.. The exquisitely decorated dining-room, service and large option of high quality food will encourage you of that.

Address: Strada Poenaru Bordea No. 2, Bucharest.

Many fine-dining restaurants I understand generally serve extremely small portions, however not this one. It also has an excellent white wine list and extremely expert service.

La Mama Restaurant.

The dining establishment serves genuine Romanian food and has its own beer recipe. You can truly feel the Romanian spirit and traditions there: the food, the music, the customizeds.

Hanu Berarilor (the Brewery Inn).

The name Hanu Berarilor is a Romanian hallmark that includes two dining establishments in Bucharest housed in two historical buildings: Casa Opera Soare and Casa Elena Lupescu.

Pro TipIf you choose to eat at Caru cu Bere, my suggestions is to come here a little before midday or after lunch, when its less busy. When making appointments define whether you want to be seated inside or outside.

This is among the fanciest restaurants in Bucharest, located in an Art Deco house loaded with history and beauty. The food is thought about among the very best, if not the very best in this classification of global food.

If you remain in Bucharest, my recommendation is to try a few of the conventional Romanian dining establishments which serve a huge selection of tasty meals that represent the regional culture.

Locanta Jaristea is a terrific place to eat if you are in Bucharest at Christmas time or at Easter, when the cooks prepare a really conventional menu. All throughout the year, the environment is here amazing, with great live music programs, dance, and comedy..

Hanu Berarilor Interbelic (Casa Soare).

Zahanaua Zexe (Zexe Eatery).

The Artist.

Address: Strada Episcopiei No. 9 (near the Romanian Atheneum), Bucharest.

The dining establishment retains a special and extremely classy air: perfectly embellished arches, candlesticks and massive wrought iron lights, solid wood chairs with carved backs and a large spiral staircase. The garden is likewise extremely gorgeous, surrounded by big old trees.

Bucharest food scene is altering quickly and drastically and The Artist restaurant is living evidence of that. We initially visited this place prior to 2017, when they relocated to their present place on Calea Victoriei 147.

The large interior yard is a great place and an amazing sight to consume and consume. On rainy days, you could head down to the crama (cellar) for a very authentic dining experience.

The main floor is inhabited by large ball room that spreads on two levels. Around it are four reception halls that can be leased for personal events. In the initial building, there was even a space for the orchestra in the ball space.

One of the things that individuals appear to keep in mind best after checking out Bucharest is its amazing dining establishments. Its likewise since some of the finest dining establishments in Romania are really in Bucharest. In the last few years Bucharest grills, dining establishments and cafés sprang up like mushrooms after the rain. Some locals say the food is not quite the finest in Bucharest, but nonetheless this location is a legend. Casa Doina is one of the oldest restaurant in Bucharest, which began in 1892 as a buffet.

This is one of extremely couple of restaurants in Bucharest where you can take pleasure in a whole suckling pig roasted specifically for you (though youll require to phone ahead as they begin preparing it a day ahead of time). They likewise have a few of the best vintage red wines Romania has ever produced.

Jaristea Restaurant in Bucharest.

Hanu lui Manuc likewise has a couple of gorgeous celebration halls that can be rented for special events.

Conventional Romanian cuisine at Hanu lui Manuc.

The Artist– among the very best restaurants in Bucharest.

Casa Doina Restaurant.

Located in the heart of Bucharest, Hanu lui Manuc is a genuine inn, with a troubled and abundant history of over two centuries. The Inn was developed at the turn of the 19th century by a wealthy Armenian named Emanuel Marzayan, better referred to as Manuc Bei (bei is a Turkish title).

Their menu consists of both standard Romanian dishes and global meals, like smoked duck breast, duck terrine with chives jam, or Foie Gras with spicy-sweet orange jam. The restaurant has its own confectionery laboratory and their desserts are amongst the finest in Bucharest.

The dining establishment has 3 places: one on Sofia Street, another on Icoanei Street and an event salon on the coasts of Lacul Tei (Tei Lake). We only visited the one on Sofia Street, which is the more amazing one, but all three have excellent evaluations.

Although the restaurant is hardly 30 years old, its owner– Aurora Nicolau (or Kira Calita, as she calls herself)– wanted to bring back the way of life of the Bucharest upper class from the interwar period.

The menu concentrates on conventional Romanian cuisine, however it also consists of dishes from the global cuisine, like lobster tails with parmesan, ginger and chili sauce, or smoked salmon with iceberg lettuce and red onion.

The Artist Restaurant, which is ran by Chef Paul Oppenkamp, is certainly one of the finest in the world in its classification, so it cant be overlooked. The food is magnificent and the service is impressive. However, this would not be my # 1 option of places to eat in Bucharest.

Casa Doina is among the earliest dining establishment in Bucharest, which started in 1892 as a buffet. Its very first name was Bufetul de la Sosea. The dining establishment has been open ever considering that without interruption, even during the war.

Pro TipIf you decide to dine here, you need to try their Tochiturā Bucovineanā ( beef stew with polenta). They make the finest one I ever ate!.

Locanta Jaristea is not only a restaurant where you consume traditional Romanian noble meals. Its also a place where you find the bohemian charm of the old Bucharest, when girls did not leave your house without a hat and gentlemen raised their stovepipe hats when fulfilling an acquaintance.

Finest International Cuisine Restaurants in Bucharest.

La Mama (Like at Moms House).

Adress: Strada George Georgescu 50-52, Bucharest.

Some of the very best dining establishments in Bucharest are focused in the old town, so you wont have to run far and wide to discover an excellent area to consume while going to the city. Most of them lie in historical buildings with magnificently ornate and stylish dining-room.

The restaurant is pricey by Romanian standards, but the food is some of the very best in Bucharest! The cook uses just high quality components and unexpected blends.

Hanu Berarilor Casa Lupescu is a big aristocratic house constructed in 1925. It represents the old Bucharest, full of the beauty and memorabilia of the interwar age.

Both restaurants serve traditional Romanian dishes. Food is exceptional and service is constantly prompt, with extremely short waiting time. We checked out the restaurants several times for many years and always had an excellent experience. The waiters were very polite and the food was excellent!

Hanu Berarilor– Casa Elena Lupescu.