January 25, 2022

Black Friday Sale – Save 50% on Selected eBooks

This is your possibility to get several of these titles at the most affordable cost youre ever going to get, so dive in and stock up on some extraordinary, reliable outdoor photography ideas and insight!

I describe my compositional techniques, my lens choice, how I used the light, particular direct exposure information and any other details that entered into the procedure of bringing the image to life. I likewise highlight the kinds of challenges that you may deal with when shooting a similar design of imagery, and I reveal you how to conquer them so that you can win a terrific photo.

$ 24.95 $12.50

A Conceptual Guide To Creating Stronger Photographs.

$ 24.95 $12.50.

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Turning your Passion into Focus.

ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER is a collection of essays, photographs and insight that have actually been pulled from my years as a professional photographer, 30 years of which Ive spent as a working pro in a really hard industry. My goal with this book is to help you turn your enthusiasm for photography into a devoted focus and reduce some of the bumps along your own journey.

Heres an excerpt from the foreword, which was written by an expert photo industry editor, who likewise happens to be an amateur enthusiast photographer. She discovered the book to be highly motivational and beneficial on both levels.

In this extensive eBook, I take you behind-the-scenes during the creation of sixteen of my favorite landscape images Ive made in the past 5 years.

For each example, I walk you through the entire procedure. I let you examine my shoulder as I describe the specific gear I had with me, the specific concept I wanted, my innovative method, possible problems I dealt with, and how I fixed them.

Any of these tiles is going to assist make you a much better, more well-rounded photographer. Over the years, Ive discovered that terrific images are not just plucked out of the air as you pass through a scene. Theyre crafted with a mix of vision, technical abilities, a bit of luck, and a specific method thats special to each professional photographer. Essentially, its the technique that makes the image.


Its All About The Method.

Basically, I take you together with me on a variety of shoots and let them look over my shoulder as I scout the location, gauge the light, select my equipment, create an approach, carry out the last image and reflect on how all of it decreased. I even show you a variety of outtakes so that you can follow along and see how the final shot ultimately came about.

Behind The Action is all method. It lays out the specific step-by-step procedure for 12 specific adventure and outdoor type images.

$ 24.95 $12.50

Theres something for everyone in this book, despite style, capability, equipment or pro/amateur status, due to the fact that its not about hardcore technical information thats particularly targeted to one level or another. Its about concepts, concepts, method, methods and basic mindsets towards photography and the craft of image making, whether for fun or earnings.

Youll learn extremely rapidly some of the life and company lessons that Dan had to discover the difficult way on his profession course … Youll read this book over and over if you start to feel stuck or lazy.

I do not do Black Friday sales very typically, and Ive never ever done one with this huge of a discount rate. Consider this one a thank you for being such a good reader.

Through completion of November, Im providing a half rate discount rate on 4 of my popular ebooks: Behind the Landscape, Behind the Action, Making the Image and ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER.

You like photography.

Through my own learning process, Ive pertained to comprehend that more than anything else, studying the approaches of professional photographers who you appreciate is one of the very best ways to advance your own skills and innovative method.


Any of these tiles is going to assist make you a much better, more well-rounded professional photographer. Guaranteed. If you buy any of my ebooks and does not fulfill your expectations, Ill provide you a full refund.

As photographers, the procedure of catching light and moment drives us with powerful imagination and personal fulfillment. In the end, its the strength of your images that matters if you want them to have an impact on your audience.

A Manual for Seeing, Composing and Processing Captivating Imagery.

Put simply, Making the Image sets out a clear and succinct technique to more efficient composition. Given that the concepts are universal, the methods described in the book are sure to influence you produce photos that will capture both you and your audience, no matter what design or topic you shoot.

$ 24.95 $12.50


Throughout the years, Ive learned that fantastic images are not just plucked out of the air as you travel through a scene. Theyre crafted with a mix of vision, technical skills, a bit of luck, and a specific technique thats special to each professional photographer. Essentially, its the technique that makes the image.

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” This book conveys the true energy of Dan. It is honest, uncomplicated, inspiring, and– quite honestly– an inspirational begin the butt. The pages you will read are a conclusion of years of picture journaling, self-teaching, ups and downs, and surprises that Dan has actually kept an eye on and is now able to share with professional photographers asking comparable questions in an ever-changing market..

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Making The Image is a 50 page eBook that will direct you towards making more effective pictures. By checking out how the human visual system reacts to the world, it breaks down imagery into specific principles, such as light, color, balance and perspective and shows you not only how, however why you ought to apply those concepts to your own pictures in order to make them stronger.

Youll learn really quickly some of the life and service lessons that Dan needed to discover the tough method on his profession path … Youll read this book over and over if you begin to feel lazy or stuck. Since youll desire to run out and shoot right away after taking in these truthful and open ideas from Dan, I hope your cam battery is charged. Listen to him.”.

Discover By Looking Over My Shoulder.

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