May 22, 2022

Brand shoot The Fit Peach & Blogger MBA School

Ansley, it was such a JOY to strive you- Im so grateful you trusted me with these! You should know that Matt, Felix and I frequently consult your blog site for GF & & egg-free dishes, and its one of the couple of locations we can sources dishes without having to make our own replacements:-RRB-. Til next time!

For Ansleys shoot, we shot content for all 3 sides of Ansleys work- blogger, CPA, and course creator. We managed to squeeze a LOT into her half-day shoot, however Im secretly hoping we get to do this again quickly, since I might have kept going for hours more!

My client Ansley is multi-talented, and Ive become a HUGE fan of hers after strolling through the process of planning her brand shoot. Shes a food blogger AND a CPA, and she simply launched a course for bloggers (Blogger MBA School) who are looking to get major about the service side of their work.

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