May 22, 2022

Brand shoot The Fit Peach & Blogger MBA School

My client Ansley is multi-talented, and I’ve become a HUGE fan of hers after walking through the process of planning her brand shoot. She’s a food blogger AND a CPA, and she just released a course for bloggers (Blogger MBA School) who are looking to get serious about the business side of their work. I loved hearing more about her vision behind the course, and seeing how she both runs her own food blog (The Fit Peach- HIGHLY recommend, especially because nearly everything is gluten-free!), and she’s an accountant, she’s like, one of THE most qualified people to teach bloggers how to run their businesses like businesses. 

For Ansley’s shoot, we shot content for all three sides of Ansley’s work- blogger, CPA, and course creator. We managed to squeeze a LOT into her half-day shoot, but I’m secretly hoping we get to do this again soon, because I could have kept going for hours more!

Ansley, it was such a JOY to shoot for you- I’m so grateful you trusted me with these! Also, you should know that Matt, Felix and I regularly consult your blog for GF & egg-free recipes, and it’s one of the few places we can sources recipes without having to make our own substitutions :). Til next time!

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