May 22, 2022

Cake Smash Photography: 20 Useful Tips & Tricks

Todays post is all about among Americas newest photography trends: cake smash photography. After diving a little deeper into what this particular kind of photography entails specifically, we will use you the 20 most prominent suggestions to assist you end up being the finest cake smash photographer out there. Keep checking out to discover out!

What Is Cake Smash Photography?

Well, cake smash photography is an approaching trend that focuses around a really critical minute, being a childs very first birthday. Particularly, when a child turns one, you can celebrate this wondrous occasion with a cake smash photography shoot. The goal with cake smash photography is to supply the kids household with lifelong memories of that minute through fantastic images.

Nevertheless, even if a cake smash photoshoot typically occurs when a kid turns one year old, this does not always indicate that you cant arrange such a shoot for your kid at any other age. The reality is, a cake smash photoshoot is incredibly fun at any age in your kids childhood, so there arent any limits because department!

Preparation and Equipment Requirements

As far as devices goes, you will require a camera and electronic camera lens of terrific quality, you will need to have a decent lighting set-up, and a variety of props.

When it comes to a cake smash photography shoot, improvising is not a choice. You require to think about lighting and outfits, but most notably, you need to choose on a backdrop for kids.

20 Tips & & Tricks

1. Perfect Your Lighting

For beginners, perfect lighting is essential as regards any kind of photography so cake smash photography certainly is no exception to this unwritten rule. The one thing you need to make every effort for is utilizing as much natural light as possible. That is, a cake smash photoshoot is supposed to be wondrous and bright so natural light will add to this atmosphere.

2. Dont Use Flash

On an associated note, please attempt to bear in mind that youll be working with kids. Since children are normally more delicate than grownups, you need to consider this when doing the cake smash photoshoot. To be specific, you need to avoid utilizing flash as much as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of the child ending up being uneasy and fidgety, which wont make your job any much easier, to put it lightly.

3. Put Effort Into the Cake

As the name suggests, a cake smash shoot can only be perfect when you put a great deal of effort into the cake. In between you and the parents of the baby, youll need to decide which celebration will be accountable for providing the cake. Whatever the case, its crucial that the cake will not only appear attractive, however any possible dietary restrictions of the baby at hand will need to be considered as well.

4. Dont Go for a Chocolate Cake

Even more on the topic of the cake, you ought to avoid chocolate cakes. Namely, it goes without saying that this might not constantly look as attractive as you desire it to be when such a cake gets smashed.

5. Discover Inspiration

Theres no embarassment in looking somewhere else for motivation as long as it will make your cake smash photoshoot much better. For example, you might attempt browsing on Pinterest or you might consult from other photographers. Youll find that this can truly give you various viewpoints, which will ultimately trigger you to become better at your photography.

6. Find Amazing Costumes

Besides the cake, its also important that the child at hand will be dressed for the event. That being said, concerning cake smash shoots, its always enjoyable if the childs outfit is cute and a little bit goofy.

7. Take a Couple of Pictures of the Backdrop First

Another beneficial tip is to take some images of the backdrop first before you bring the child into it. Preferably, you will have put a lot of energy into producing the ideal backdrop whichs why you need to have top quality images of it before it gets “ruined” through the mess that the child will make.

8. Take a Couple of Pictures of the Baby Beforehand too

In addition, you will also have actually put a great deal of time and effort into the childrens costumes. So, when you have a shoot, it would be smart to take some photos of the kids in their outfits prior to they get untidy due to the fact that of the actual cake smash.

9. A Person of Trust Should Always Be Near

As discussed in the past, when you work with children, theres constantly the possibility that they will get picky. Thats exactly why it wouldnt be a bad idea for the kid to have someone he/she trusts completely around throughout the shoot. Such a person will assist with ensuring that the shoot runs efficiently.

10. Babyproof the Location

Since children are particularly vulnerable, you require to make certain that your photography set is babyproofed to the max. That is, you require to ensure that the kid wont get hurt one method or another throughout the shoot.

11. Do not Be Afraid To Use Accessories

When it comes to a cake smash photoshoot is a range of accessories, what likewise positively requires to be present. This can actually take your shoot to a higher level. This will give you the perfect opportunity to bring out each childs attributes by utilizing individual accessories.

12. Dont Be Too Hasty

With kids, its crucial that you dont work too fast. You need to offer them the time to the environment and all the stimuli. Keep in mind: perseverance genuinely is a virtue.

13. Dont Let the Shoot Get Too Crowded

The important things with children is that they get distracted very quickly. If you want to keep them focused during the shoot, its best if you do not let the shoot get too crowded.

14. Usage Close-Ups

As far as cake smash pictures go, you have to be extremely detailed. Therefore, do not be reluctant to use close-ups from time to time. In this manner, youll have the ability to record every emotion, every facial feature, and every bit of mess.

15. Opt for a Fast Shutter Speed

Considering that kids have the tendency to walk around a lot, its best if you choose a quick shutter speed when youre choosing camera settings.

16. Bear In Mind ISO

Theres no stringent standard when it comes to ISO settings. Depending on your lighting and your other cam settings, you will constantly require to change the ISO settings to achieve excellent quality images.

17. Secure Your Equipment

Children tend to get their hands on whatever around them so make certain you secure your devices accordingly!

18. Offer a Decent Price-Quality Ratio

Another guideline of thumb you need to keep in the back of your mind is that you require to offer a good price-quality ratio as regards your shoots. Its great if you desire to charge a little bit more, but keep in mind that you will require to be able to provide premium shoots accordingly.

19. Aftercare

Aftercare is important. Hence, make sure that you offer a place where kids can get clean after the shoot.

20. Edit Properly

Last, but certainly, not least, when the shoot is over, you still require to edit your photos effectively. Something that you need to consider in this aspect if youre planning on doing more cake smash shoots, is that you state devoted to a specific design so individuals can easily recognize your work.

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Well, cake smash photography is an approaching trend that centers around an extremely critical minute, being a childs first birthday. Particularly, when a kid turns one, you can celebrate this jubilant occasion with a cake smash photography shoot. The goal with cake smash photography is to supply the kids household with lifelong memories of that moment through incredible pictures.

As the name recommends, a cake smash shoot can just be perfect when you put a lot of effort into the cake. That being stated, concerning cake smash shoots, its constantly enjoyable if the childs outfit is cute and a little bit silly.