May 16, 2022

Canon C70 to get 12-Bit Cinema RAW Light in upcoming firmware

Adding 12-Bit Cinema RAW Light into the mix means that youll be able to retain more of that vibrant variety and get better options in post for changing things like your ISO and white balance, in addition to colour correction and grading with the minimum of quality loss.

Thats not all were expected to become aware of on Wednesday, either. Canon is also anticipated to reveal the Canon EOS R5C, an active-cooled variation of the Canon EOS R5 designed particularly for 8K cinema. We might likewise see some new Cinema lenses as well as perhaps 8K modules for the Canon EOS C300 Mark III and Cinema EOS C500 Mark II.

Canon is set to reveal new firmware for the Canon EOS C70 on Wednesday, 19th January. While Canon hasnt announced anything yet, it appears that Canon leaked themselves by means of their UK website specifying that it was on the way and that it would become offered in March.

The RF mount Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera is a quite formidable monster for its cost, providing a more mirrorless-like form element, 4K UHD as much as 120fps, 16+ stops of dynamic range, 10-bit 4:2:2 4K DCI internally in either XF-AVC, H. 264 or H. 265 (depending upon frame rate) and externally through HDMI, with Canon Log 2, Canon Log 3, HDR-HLG, wide and hdr-pq DR gamma curves.

The other announcements possibly occurring on Wednesday are still rumours at the moment and might or may not be announced. Well, its Q1 2022 now, so fingers crossed.

[via Canon Rumors]