January 25, 2022

Desktop Organizer for Photographers

To finish the clean wallpaper, I also produced 12 natural colored folders to make sure its truly great to take a look at! You can decide to offer all your folders the same color, or you can provide various colors to get back at more organized. Simply what you choose.

A desktop organizer is a wallpaper (image) that you set as your desktop background. The wallpaper has various categories so you can move your folders in the ideal categorie, I developed 4 different wallpapers so you can pick your favorite mix of categories. By doing this you can quickly discover what you are trying to find and you will never ever have unpleasant desktop once again.

Do you likewise enjoy the sensation of a organized and tidy desktop? I feel way more motivated to get my work done considering that I developed this desktop organizer for my Macbook (however also readily available for iMac).

This digital item is for Mac just and the financial investment is just EUR9,99 click this link to visit my store and begin arranging your desktop! Its very simple and of course you will also receive an install guide where I describe every step.

Take pleasure in!

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