September 25, 2022

Fundy Trail Parkway Experience in New Brunswick

Head to Octopus Ice Cream beside the dock for a delicious cone.

Motorcyclists like the Fundy Trail Parkway– however bicyclists will discover it difficult.

Thank you to Tourism New Brunswick for hosting my stay and to Kristen from the Fundy Trail Parkway for her experts viewpoint.

Other beaches to go to consist of the Big Salmon River Beach, Pangburn Beach– accessible at low tide only from Melvin Beach, Melvin Beach, a secluded beach that looks finally long and wonderful Beach. Long Beach is the most popular one and gain access to is simple. You might hang out here all the time!

The lower falls embeded in lavish green forest are very beautiful too.

Bike the Fundy Parkway if you like hills.

Lookouts on the Fundy Trail Parkway.

Seely Beach was socked in when I checked out.

You can take pleasure in a family-style lumberjack breakfast (Saturdays and Sundays, July 1st to September) and for simply $19 this is what youll get: 3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 3 sausages, 3 pieces of ham, 3 pancakes with either maple syrup or Crosbys molasses, fresh bread, baked beans, house fries, coffee and tea. You may want to bring a few pals to join you.

Views near the east end of the parkway.

Fuller Falls.

There is a short area next to the water you can walk– and lick your ice cream cone.

Alma at the eastern end by Fundy National Park.

Lumberjack meals are served in the cookhouse; you can schedule a lunch pail picnic.

Opening times.

If you go to the Long Beach Interpretive Centre, just a brief walk from the beach itself, you might fulfill Dr. Franklins child– Beverly Franklin, a delightful character in her own right, and a steadfast volunteer.

There are 21 scenic lookouts along the parkway. Some will take you just minutes to ooh and aah, while others may beckon you to stop and enjoy a picnic with a view.

The Big Salmon River Interpretive Centre, about 10 kilometres in from St. Martins, is a good location to get info about the parkway. In the centre youll likewise discover washrooms, a few snack items, along with interpretive screens, pictures, and historic artifacts.

Long Beach measures up to its name.

Huge Salmon River– a popular stop on the parkway.

The Cookhouse is a replica of structures used in the late 1800s when the Big Salmon River was a flourishing lumbering neighborhood. It was an important event place– for all the lumberjacks would gather here after work to eat. And eat they did, taking in upwards of 7000 calories a day.

Walking on the suspension bridge over the Big Salmon River is a popular thing to do. It is also one of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve Amazing Places. For me it holds a special location– as it was the end of a four-day solo hike on the hard Fundy Footpath. Numerous people begin the Fundy Footpath here– or at least do the strenuous return day trek to Long Beach from here.

Big Salmon River Beach from above.

Many people will drive the Fundy Trail Parkway, possibly stopping to take in a few of the perspectives. You can hike or bike a multi-use trail that runs parallel to the parkway itself or explore one of the other 19 tracks that can be accessed from the parkway. On a warm summer season day, you may not get much further than one of the seven beaches. And at either end of the Fundy Trail Parkway, in the towns of Alma and St. Martins, youll find fantastic places for lobster rolls and ice cream..

Where to eat on the Fundy Trail Parkway.

On my latest check out to the Fundy Trail Parkway, I lost count of all the lookouts we visited. Some we passed on because the fog was thick over the Bay of Fundy, but once it began to lift, we were dealt with to lots of magnificent scenes.

Visit the Grand Canyon of New Brunswick.

View from one of the 21 lookouts on the Fundy Trail Parkway.

Views of Walton Glen Gorge.

Alma is a popular spot since its the entrance to Fundy National Park. There are great deals of alternatives for over night stays and eating. I had a remarkable, wanted-it-to-last-forever lobster roll from the Parkland Village Inn. And ice cream too! Load up on anything you may want for the drive, here in the area and/or surface with an unforgettable meal..

Its a fast round-trip to visit Fuller Falls, one of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve Amazing Places. The water from 15-metre high Fuller Falls eventually empties at Melvin Beach through a second lower set of falls that can supposedly be accessed from a trail at Melvin Beach.

I was fortunate to see and stroll several of the beaches on my Fundy Footpath hike. I can tell you that Seely Beach is a great one but like any beach, its best on a bright day. You can camp on it too.

Lumberjack picnics that come in a pail can be purchased ahead of time too for $17 per individual. Select up your picnic in between 11 am and 1 pm and when you leave, remember to drop off the pail at any of the staffed facilities. I believe this is a wonderful idea.

There are 3 methods to access the parkway now that its been finished. Its open at either end so begin in St. Martins, Sussex, or Alma, by means of a drive through Fundy National Park. While you can knock off the drive on the low-speed parkway in under an hour, that does not enable you to experience the range of treasures along the path.

The last 11 km of the Parkway in addition to all the necessary centers between the Long Beach– Tufts Point location and the McCumber Brook– Walton Glen Gorge Falls location were developed in between 2015 and 2017. To finish the job upgrades were done to the roadways to Sussex, Alma and Fundy National Park, beginning in spring 2018 andtThe eastern entrance lastly opened in May 2020..

The Fundy Trail Parkway owes its existence to Dr. Mitchell Franklin, a New Brunswick business owner and benefactor. He had the vision, foresight, and political connections to recommend both protecting the corridor between Fundy National Park and St. Martins and linking the two of them with a parkway. In the late 1980s when Frank McKenna ended up being premier, the dream came true with his substantial help..

One of the lookouts on the Fundy Trail Parkway with an example view.

More reading on New Brunswick.

The very first stage of the parkway began in 1995 and opened in August 1998. By 2010, the Parkway went as far as the Long Beach Lookout.

Stops along the Fundy Trail Parkway.

View of the Big Salmon River from the Interpretive Centre Credit: Fundy Parkway.

The Fundy Trail Parkway is open seasonally starting the Friday of the Victoria Day vacation. It closes in mid-October.

St. Martins at the western entrance.

Cost to access the Fundy Parkway Trail.

Beverly Franklin, Dr. Franklins daughter and determined volunteer at the Long Beach Interpretive Centre.

Map of the Fundy Trail Parkway.

Many people dont bike the Fundy Trail since there are hills– bloody big hills with grades of up to 17%. There is an upside– a great rapid downhill with amazing views.

Rugged country with plenty of drama in Walton Glen Gorge.

The Bay of Fundy sporting a Caribbean blue look.

Check Out the Interpretive Centre.

There are 4 waterfalls of note along the parkway. The Walton Glen Gorge Falls are tough to access and extremely few people get up close to them. I missed the McLeod Brook Falls near the Walton Glen Reception Centre and didnt have time to check out the Long Beach Brook Falls, which requires a 2-kilometre moderate return hike. Fuller Falls is simple to access directly from the Fundy Trail Parkway and well worth the 15– 20 minutes it takes to see them.

Views looking towards the waterfall.

You can likewise buy seasons passes. If youre a local, then purchase an early-bird pass before May 31st for $48, a 20% cost savings. The seasons pass also gives you a 25% discount at eleven other New Brunswick destinations.

Learning the Eye of the Needle in Walton Glen Gorge– Credit: Fundy Trails Parkway.

Rates in 2022 are $11/adult, $9/senior 65 and older, and $6 for youth (5-18 years old). Kids under 5 are complimentary. There is likewise a household rate of $34 that includes 2 grownups and as much as 5 youth.

There are great deals of stops to make along the parkway. What you may find handy are the suggestions on the Fundy Parkway website for very first time visitors– broken down by the number of hours you have. The following is a choice of things I did over a number of journeys, 8 years apart.

There is also a trail from the Fundy Footpath that accesses the canyon from the bottom– and apparently there is one you can access from the leading though its a do at your own risk sort of trail. You can read the full description here. It will permit you to get near to Walton Glen Falls.

The only location on the planet I believe where you can get two covered bridges and a lighthouse in one shot.

A quick history of the Fundy Trail Parkway.

To reach the observation deck over the Walton Glen Gorge, its an easy, primarily flat 1.1 km one way trek if you take the faster way or a 2.3 km one way if you do not. The path is simple and well-marked to follow. My only beef with it is that its not wheelchair-friendly– and yet its among the most significant locations to see along the parkway.

The Big Salmon River is a good place to check out– and you can access the Fundy Footpath.

The Cookhouse.

Suspension bridge over the Big Salmon River.

New Brunswick is home to the 30-kilometre-long Fundy Trail Parkway. It took decades to go from principle to conclusion– but the end result is a world-class drive that some think is on par with Nova Scotias Cabot Trail. Not just does the parkway display a few of the very best views of the Bay of Fund however it also uses access to treking trails, waterfalls, beaches, and other points of interest like the sea captains burial grounds.

The Observation Deck at the gorge.

Lovely Fuller Falls.

Beaching it on the Bay of Fundy.

Fantastic rock cuts.

A scrumptious lobster roll from the Parkland Village Inn in Alma.

Among the steep areas along the parkway.

There arent a great deal of places to eat along the parkway so prepare to acquire beverages and treats prior to you go to. When youre on the Fundy Trail Parkway it deserves a stop to check out the Cookhouse, whether you consume there or not. It is just a short drive from the Interpretive Centre.

Waterfalls along the parkway.

St. Martins is a beautiful town to check out. Youll discover covered bridges, sea caverns and sea captains estates. Check Out Octopus Ice Cream for a taste of pure deliciousness. And according to one blog site, Spinneys Seafood Market provides a few of the best lobster rolls on the planet. Im sorry I missed that stop..

Youll rapidly reach the Walton Glen Reception Centre if you start your drive at the east end of the Fundy Trail Parkway. Action in here prior to heading off on the brief, simple hike to the Walton Glen Gorge Lookout. The reception centre is home to various interpretive panels– so you can learn more about lichen, sphagnum moss (it can hold 10 times its weight in water!), white-tailed deer, the Little Salmon River Natural Area, and the McCumber Brook Wetlands– and thats just for starters.

View from Black Point Lookout.

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A lot of individuals will drive the Fundy Trail Parkway, perhaps stopping to take in a few of the viewpoints. You can hike or bike a multi-use path that runs parallel to the parkway itself or explore one of the other 19 tracks that can be accessed from the parkway. When youre on the Fundy Trail Parkway its worth a stop to visit the Cookhouse, whether you eat there or not. If you start your drive at the east end of the Fundy Trail Parkway, youll quickly reach the Walton Glen Reception Centre. Fuller Falls is easy to access directly from the Fundy Trail Parkway and well worth the 15– 20 minutes it takes to see them.