May 22, 2022

Godox expands its tube light lineup with the almost-4ft-long Godox TL120

Wireless Channels.

On internal batteries, youre going to get as much as two and a half hours of usage at 100% brightness, so if you dont require them turned up all the method, theyre going to last a while. You get the rull range of RGB worths within your reaches along with gels and a lot of FX modes that you can access through the smart device app in simply a tap or more.

Wireless Groups.

It also provides remote control from your mobile phone over Bluetooth, WiFi, DMX or wireless DMX, 0-100% dimming and complete RGB control, an incorporated battery and a quiet passive cooling system. In truth, the just major distinction in between the Godox TL120 and TL60 is its length, can be found in at just under 4ft long or 1.17 metres.

Alternatively, if you plan to get a lot, theres also a four-light kit for $1,299, which quadruples everything up. The four-light package actually costs $100 more than buying 4 single light kits separately, however it features a much more powerful hardshell case rather of the single soft bag of the one-light kit to keep everything together and more secure throughout transportation along with the Godox RC-R9 push-button control in addition to power supply holders– which arent consisted of at in the single-light package


Brightness levels.

RGB Colour Gamut.
0-360 °

Colour Temperature.

20V 4.8 A.

Max 30W.


Godox has announced their most recent RGB tube light, the Godox TL120. It joints the Godox TL60, announced at the end of 2020, as well as the diminutive Godox TL30 in the Godox tube light lineup.

The brand-new Godox TL120 broadens the possibilities of how you can use the Godox tube lineup in your photography and video sessions, enabling longer lights with brighter output at a general reduced cost. Approximately two times the size of the Godox TL60, theyre no place near two times the cost, with the TL120 only including $60 to the TL60s $239 price bringing your total up to $299 for the single light kit.

Internal Battery.
14.4 V/5200mAh.


98. Battery life (continuous output 100% 2700k, 5600k or power).
~ 150 minutes.

Bluetooth wireless variety.
~ 30m.

Control Methods.
Smart Device App (Android/IOS) 2.4 Ghz cordless, DMX control.

2.4 Ghz cordless variety.
~ 50m (with optional RC-R9 remote).

The Godox TL120 Tube light is readily available to pre-order now for $299 in a single light set or $1,299 for the four-light set. There doesnt seem any word yet on when theyre expected to begin shipping, although I expect itll be within the next number of months.

1.27 kg.

48 x 1170mm.

As the light kits themselves, there are a number of optional devices available, such as the TL-G120 grid, the LSA-18 adapter holder (if you didnt buy the quad set), as well as the TL-B4, tl-b2 and tl-b8 brackets for holding 2, 4 or 8 Godox TL120 lights respectively.

Running Temp.
-10 -40 ° C.