January 25, 2022

Guide to the Best National Parks Near Los Angeles

Next time you pertain to Los Angeles be sure to reserve a long time to check out the amazing outdoors that surround the city. Besides its proximity to the gorgeous beaches in Orange County and the San Bernardino mountain resorts, Los Angeles is likewise near to several Southern California National Parks. These parks, which are only within a few hours drive from the downtown Los Angeles, offer impressive scenery and terrific opportunities for adventure.

Finest National Parks Near Los Angeles

Death Valley National.

Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands are the farthest to the coast and therefore harder to access. Individuals visiting Santa Rosa generally come here for a minimum of 3 days. Likewise, since San Miguel used to be a bombing range, visiting the island requires an unique permit.

Treking above the tree zone in Kings Canyon National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park during the night (photo credit Pixabay).

Range from Los Angeles: 279 miles (4 hr 57 minutes).

Miniature fox.

Canyon in the Death Valley.

Given that Yosemite is further from Los Angeles than the other national forests in Southern California, you should prepare to take a longer journey here. If you only wish to do a few hikes and drive around to see the sights, 3 days is probably enough to see most everything..

Sequoia & & Kings Canyon National Parks.

Death Valley is a real natural wonder. A land of extremes: severe temperatures, severe altitudes, and incredibly odd ecological events. The highest temperature level ever taped in the world was in Furnace Creek, an area of Death Valley, where the thermometers hit 134º F in the summertime of 1913.

Anacapa is the closest island to the shore and is perfect for a half or full-day journey. There is only one brief hiking path on the island, but you can kayak, swim, or snorkel at the Landing Cove, a marine reserve. Anacapa is a terrific location to see wildflowers, birds, and sea mammals.

Hiking in Joshua Tree Park.

For the function of this post, we have actually considered the national forests that are under 5 hours driving distance from Los Angeles. A few of these parks can be visited as a day trip, while others make beautiful weekend trips from Los Angeles.

Sequoia tree.

These parks, which are only within a few hours drive from the downtown Los Angeles, supply exceptional landscapes and excellent chances for experience.

Sequoia is one the closest national forests to Los Angeles and definitely worth a journey. A breath taking experience that you wont soon forget. Photos cant do justice to this location.

The plant that mainly occupies the park is the Joshua tree, hence the name– Joshua Tree National Park. Remarkably enough, the Joshua tree is actually not a tree, however rather a shrub from the Yucca family that can mature to 70 feet tall.

Tips for Visiting the National Parks Near Los Angeles.

The parks has an incredible elevation range, stretching from 1,300 feet in the foothills to 14,494 feet in the high Sierra. This is why youll see a huge variety of plants, animals, and trees. The park has also an incredible geology, with marble caverns and granite domes.

California is house to a few of the worlds most extraordinary nationwide parks that boast the highest waterfalls, biggest trees, and most extreme temperatures. None is so absolutely beautiful as Yosemite!

Distance from Los Angeles: 214 mile (3 hr 40 min).

Distance from Los Angeles: 131.3 miles (2 hr 53 min).

Channel Islands National Park.

The quickest method to get to Channel Islands National Park is to take the ferry, which costs around $30 and takes 1h 50 min. The park is a dream location for rock-climbing at day and stars-gazing at night. Sequoia is one the closest nationwide parks to Los Angeles and definitely worth a journey. Some parts of these parks close in winter season.

Although the park is only 12 miles offshore, Channel Islands is among the countrys least gone to national forests, with Anacapa and Santa Cruz being the two more popular islands.

Joshua Tree National Park is a huge desert location in Southern California, characterized by rugged rock formations and arid landscapes. Many people dont understand that Joshua Tree National Park is actually made up of two distinct deserts: the southern tip of the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert.

Whether you pick to dominate the El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, walk amongst the giants of Sequoia Park, or kayak in the Channel Islands, you wont be dissatisfied..

When visiting this memorable park, just choosing where to start is not easy, which is why I recommend spending here a minimum of a few days. There are several must-sees to add to your Yosemite bucket list!

Yosemite National Park.

The island has lots of routes for hiking. We simply chose a day, however there are a number of campgrounds if you wish to stay longer. There are kayak trips also and a small rocky beach..

The size of these red, huge trees you can just appreciate in genuine life. They go beyond any other redwood trees you might see on the Pacific Coast Highway when you drive from L.A. to San Francisco.

The park is open year round, but temperature levels are most comfortable in the spring and fall. Joshua Tree National Park is particularly beautiful in spring, when the wild flowers start flowering.

Distance from Los Angeles: 203 miles (3 hr 45 min).

Boat to Santa Cruz.

The quickest method to get to Channel Islands National Park is to take the ferryboat, which costs around $30 and takes 1h 50 minutes. We boarded the ferryboat in Oxnard, which has to do with 35 miles far from the islands. For other alternatives on boat transport, inspect this site.

Death Valley was on the route of numerous gold hunters, who constructed settlements here during the mid to late 19th century. These villages were later on deserted, so today there are more than 100 ghost towns in Death Valley.

The finest time to visit Death Valley remains in winter season and early spring. In February the average temperature is 72ºF.

Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Every island has a special history and something terrific to use.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon are open for treking year-round. However, Kings Canyon Scenic Byway is closed in the winter season.

Santa Barbara is the smaller sized island (just one square mile), however it has some wonderful places to explore.

Keep in mind: If you prepare on renting a car, we highly suggest getting a convertible. Putting the top down provides you an awe motivating consider as you slowly take a trip amongst the giant trees.

Known for its unique plants and wildlife, Channel Islands National Park rests in the Pacific Ocean, simply off the Ventura coast. 5 of the 8 islands of the island chain are safeguarded, comprising the national forest: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara.

Santa Cruz is the biggest and most varied of the islands and although its the most visited, youll never feel crowded here. Its amazing landscape consists of 2 rugged range of mountains with deep canyons, steep cliffs, and giant sea caves.


Channel Islands National Park.

Distance from Los Angeles: 97.9 miles.

However despite its extreme temperatures and harsh environment, Death Valley has a remarkably varied plant life. As a result, this is among the best places to see the desert flower in spring, when there is enough rain in California..

Going To Yosemite National Park.

The park is a dream destination for rock-climbing at day and stars-gazing in the evening. If you dont have to return to Los Angeles the very same day, I suggest spending a night here to see the stars. Joshua Tree is among the finest places for stargazing in the country (and the planet!)..

In the spring, many birds make their nests on this island due to the fact that there are no predators.

There are huge sequoia trees, large granite cliffs, lazy rivers, crystal-clear lakes, and numerous tracks to explore.

Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Death Valley is house to the nations most affordable point– Badwater Basin– which lies at 282 feet below sea level.

Yosemite is stunning year-round, so anytime you visit youll have a good time.

Driving in Sequoia National Park.

Half Dome at Yosemite National Park.

The lighthouse on Anacapa Island.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks lie next to each other, in the southern Sierra Nevada. Sequoia was the very first park created to safeguard living trees. But these are not simply any trees. The enormous sequoia trees can live to be 3000 years old! Its tough to think that a living thing can be so massive and old.

Death Valley National Park.

Finest National Parks Near Los Angeles.

Driving is the very best method to reach all these parks. Click here if you require to lease a vehicle.
Buy the America the Beautiful Annual Park Pass to save cash and time at the entryway.
If you wish to go to all the national forests in Southern California in one trip, I recommend preparing a 10-day trip.
Drink and bring plenty of water if you go to the parks in summertime. Watch for signs of hyperthermia (dizziness, queasiness, headaches).
If you check out Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks in winter, you might experience rain, snow and even listed below freezing temperature levels. Therefore, some parts of these parks close in winter season. Its always a good idea to inspect the weather condition before beginning your journey.