January 25, 2022

How ninja training will make you a better photographer in 10 steps

Dress to fit your environment: “To be an appropriate ninja, you must mix in completely to your place”. Ninjas wear black, and so do photographers! Seriously however, even if youre sticking to all-black you still need to adapt it for the type of shoot youre doing. Landscape professional photographers require to be dressed for the outdoors, and a wedding professional photographer must look smart to harmonize the formal celebration. Fashion photographers ought to probably have a small leaning towards something a bit fashionable! No brainer actually.

Thanks to my 5-year-old, those are 10 ways in which being a professional photographer is like being a ninja! Would you add anything to this list?

Consume a ninja diet plan: “You can not eat any food that can lead to unpredicted body odour”. Again appears like reasonable life suggestions, no one wants you photographing them if you reek of garlic! Take routine showers!

If you were to ask my five-year-old boy what he desired to be, he would without doubt reply that he desires to be a ninja. Obviously, I have no concept how to become a ninja, or I would already be one. The responses were quite informing and struck me as being just as appropriate to professional photographers as ninjas.

Move in darkness: “A ninja almost constantly operates under the cover of darkness …” Sounds like lots of a landscape photographer that I know! Numerous times you are up well prior to dawn and hiking in the dark to capture that perfect light.

Develop strength: “A ninja must be exceptionally nimble” The guide suggests climbing up trees, swimming and engaging in martial arts and parkour. Landscape and outdoors professional photographers often have to trek long ranges to get their shots, any photographer shooting on location will have gear and equipment to schlep about and lets not even think about wedding event professional photographers! Once again for wedding photographers when you dont desire to miss out on the shot, and also Urbex professional photographers this would be extremely beneficial if youre all of a sudden chased after by security guards or ghosts or something!

If you were to ask my five-year-old boy what he desired to be, he would without doubt reply that he desires to be a ninja. The answers were rather informing and struck me as being just as appropriate to photographers as ninjas.

Use your self-confidence and peace: “Patience is the ninjas virtue”. And also the professional photographers. It takes many hours of practice to actually hone your skills in anything and photography is no exception. And if you want to end up being professional? Then youll require a lot more perseverance due to the fact that it requires time to build a client base, develop a strong portfolio and start getting the work you in fact want. You can not hurry these things. Bear in mind that overnight success story you check out? Most likely took 10 years of consistent effort to get there. As long as youre doing much better than yesterday youre on the ideal course.

Find out to move stealthily: “A real ninja relocations around without notifying their opponents of their presence”. Ninjas can sneak around unnoticed, and while I would think twice to label any client an opponent, thats an important ability for any show or wedding professional photographer to walk around quietly and undetected!

This is how to become a much better professional photographer by training like a ninja, according to the interwebs. (Disclaimer: This is simply a light-hearted post and DIYP does not excuse violence in any way shape or type.).

Dress to fit your environment: “To be an appropriate ninja, you should mix in entirely to your place”. Master deep breathing: “Controlling your breath is important to totally live in the life of the ninja”.

Minimise and streamline your existence: “Embrace a minimalist lifestyle by lowering your ownerships to the essentials.” Yep, perhaps you do not need that new camera and lens? Or if you do, possibly you can sell your old equipment that you do not need? Equipment acquisition can end up being a bad practice. One rule I attempt to live by is to ask myself whether I can manage to get enough clients who require me to require that piece of gear, or is it just a shallow desire? We do need to be a bit reasonable no matter how interesting brand-new gear is! Learning to shoot with the equipment you already have is really a fantastic method to enhance your photography skills without counting on new equipment as a crutch.

Master deep breathing: “Controlling your breath is essential to fully live in the life of the ninja”. Really mastering the centering breath is beneficial, especially during demanding circumstances.


Well, Im not sure you in fact require to stay secret as a professional photographer, most of the time you desire to be more visible. If youre attempting out something new and youre still in the procedure of learning and getting much better at something it may be worth keeping it under covers and not sharing absolutely everything with everyone online up until you have some great images.

Battle with staves: I guess by this they mean wooden sticks. The closest thing then for us would be monopods? Use monopods! Really, they are rather useful, especially when shooting video!

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