May 16, 2022

How To Sync Raw Photos From Your Phone To LR Classic Without Eating Up Your 20GB of Cloud Storage

When you import an image (Raw, JPEG, HEIC, etc) into Lightroom on your phone (or if you shoot utilizing Lightroom Mobiles own built-in camera) as soon as that image is in Lightroom on your phone, it immediately syncs the high-resolution initial over to Lightroom Classic on your computer system (if you look in the “All Photos” collection a minute or so after you shoot it, youll see it has synced over).
Far, so good– it immediately syncs the high-resolution initial up to Lr Cloud and then down to Lightroom Classic on your computer. Heres the bad part: That initial image file is still staying up in the Adobe Cloud, consuming part of the totally free 20GB of storage that features your professional photographers bundle subscription (and if youre shooting a great deal of images in RAW, it will not take long at all for that 20GB to be filled).
Q. What takes place if you delete that photo from Lightroom on your phone? Will it likewise eliminate the initial from Lightroom Classic on your computer system?
A. It will not. The original will remain in Lightroom Classic, so youre safe to erase it from Lightroom on your phone (which will delete it from your cloud storage as well), so it wont be on your phone any longer, but the original still lives inside Classic.
Obviously, if you desire a Smart Preview of that photo to still survive on your phone, just drag that original in Lightroom Classic over into a Collection and turn on the sync checkbox so it synchronizes over. it will just sync the Smart Preview, so you can still edit it, and arrange it, and all that stuff, however without consuming your cloud storage or congesting your phones storage either. Keep in mind: Some more excellent news– You can sync an unlimited variety of Smart Previews to the cloud without using up any of your 20GB Lr Cloud Storage alotment.
I understand a lot of folks have that question (and similar concerns about syncing), so I hope that assists a bit.
Have a-rockin Monday, everybody!
– Scott.