January 25, 2022

How to use Lightroom CC’s Color Grading feature to get the most out of your raw files

The Colour Grading function does the very same thing that the Split Toning tool did, except it lets you do a lot more, too, and it lets you do it a bit more intuitively. In this video, Kevin Raposo strolls us through the settings and information of the Color Grading function to show us how the feature works and how we can utilize it to improve and improve our images.

Lightroom began to revamp its Lightroom CC UI in around October 2020, changing the old split toning function into a new Color Grading function with more video editing design colour wheels instead of fundamental sliders and a standard colour picker. But its a feature that still puzzles some Lightroom users who have just ever dealt with the previous split toning function and have actually never ever dealt with video prior to.

Kevins walkthrough discusses exactly how each wheel impacts areas of various levels of brightness and how to change them to provide us the results we want. He likewise goes through all of the other sliders that accompany the three colour wheels to discuss how those affect the image, too.

Colour wheels are a traditional tool for grading in Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editing applications.

The old Split Toning function on the left vs the new Color Grading panel on the.

It took a long time for video-style colour changes to come to image editing applications and although colour wheels like these have remained in Lightroom for a little over a year now, its still significantly missing from numerous other image modifying applications. Ideally, theyll catch on ultimately.

Like the Split Toning tool, Color Grading permits you to adjust your highlights and shadows, tinting them with a colour. But with the Color Grading tools, you can a lot more quickly adjust the saturation of those colours as well as work individually on the midtones. This lets you do the now-pretty-much-a-cliche Orange and Teal look however while retaining things like genuine skin colour in the midtones.

How do you split-tone your images?

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