May 22, 2022

If you order a Nikon Z9 in Japan today, you won’t get it until January 2023

Its been a quite typical story with all manufacturers of late, with Canon reporting 6 month or more delays on some new products (consisting of the brand-new Canon EOS R3), Panasonic pretending they didnt understand how popular the Panasonic GH6 would be, Sony suspending production for some of their older popular cams in addition to more recent ones, and Nikon revealing price boosts earlier this month as a result of supply chain issues. Those cost increases announcements also recently came from Leica and Canon bumped theirs up (twice) without even making an announcement.

In the rest of the world, B&H still notes the Nikon Z9 as “New Item– Coming Soon”– which it has actually done considering that a minimum of December, with no estimated date when more will arrive in stock. Adorama, too, notes it as “On Backorder” and Amazon still does not even have a listing for it yet. WEX Photo Video in the UK likewise lists it as a “Pre-Order”.

With no indications that shortages are slowing down and with it anticipated to last up until at least completion of 2022, I think we can safely consider this to be the standard for the foreseeable future. If brand-new equipment gets announced and you want it, make sure you hit that pre-order button the immediate its offered or you might find that its currently outdated by the time it ships!

Japan, the house of Nikon, is seeing some quite massive delays on the Nikon Z9 right now. As identified by the folks at Nikon Rumors, if you order a Nikon Z9 today from Yodobashi Camera in Japan, you will not see it till at least January 2023. If they pre-sell more of the delivery than the number of bodies they have coming in at that time, it might really take longer.

[via Nikon Rumors]