May 22, 2022

Japanese Artist Beautifully Created Paper Sculptures Inspired By Nature

Ayumi Shibata describes about this series “Kami is the Japanese word significance god, divinity, or spirit; however it likewise suggests paper. Kami reside within nature. They dwell in the sky, in the ground, in the wind as well as in different items such as old trees, big rocks, and man-made productions. Kami move easily beyond time, the universe, and locations, appearing during occasions, in addition to in our homes and our bodies. These spirits also dwell in the paper. In the religion of Shinto, white paper is considered sacred material.

” Ya-o-yorozu no kami” is the term we utilize in the Japanese language to speak of the limitless gods and spirits who live together all around the world and the universe. Working within this cultural structure, she utilizes the conventional method of Japanese paper cutting to accentuate the delicate relationship we as human beings have with the environment. Within work, she desires to develop a conversation about how we care and relate about the world we were offered.”

Japanese Artist Ayumi Shibata beautifully developed Sublime Paper Sculptures from 10s and 10s of white paper sheets to make up multilayered landscapes full of a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere, inspired by nature and playing with textures, shadows, and lights.

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