May 16, 2022

Learning to live with the madness

This episode has an extended version with bonus product readily available to Eurozines patrons. In the complete discussion, we look into what impact the vaccines will have on the soon upcoming Hungarian elections, and whether there is a remedy to junk science and industrial phony.

Péter Krekó is the director of the Budapest-based think tank Political Capital Institute, Hungary. He is likewise a former Europes Futures fellow of Eurozines long-time partner, the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna. He has actually written thoroughly in Eurozine on conspiracy theories and disinformation, and their ramifications for the pandemic.

Find Péter Krekós most current post, Mutations of science in the pandemic in Eurozine, together with his lots of erlier posts, handling disinformation, social psychology and more.

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Click to access the bonus material with Péter Krekó on Patreon. Image by tiburi on Pixabay.

Turning down science is also an elitist motion, Péter krekó points out in this discussion with editor-in-chief Réka Kinga Papp. Krekó argues that disinformation and junk science can not be removed.