May 16, 2022

Leica no longer operates in Russia

After Canon, another cam company has taken out of Russia as a result of its attack on Ukraine. This time, its Leica. The company has stopped all operations in this nation, and the Leica Store in Moscow has actually been closed.

To advise you, Canon and Adobe just recently ceased operations in Russia. When they allowed calls for violence versus Russian soldiers and politicians, this nation also banned Facebook and Instagram. Needless to say, I really want this madness to end and for the individuals to be live and safe normally again.

In my opinion, the existing war has actually impacted people on both sides. Ukrainians are under attack and they hesitate for their lives and wellbeing. As a result, the people of Russia have been under sanctions, with increasingly more business pulling out from the Russian market. Unfortunately, my people have been on both ends of this and I can tell you– its always the typical individuals who suffer. Politicians do not actually offer a damn.

As Macfilos reports, Leica Camera AG has actually issued a short, but clear declaration checking out merely that this company will no longer do service in Russia: “Leica has actually suspended all business in Russia till more notice and closed the Leica Store in Moscow.” According to the exact same source, this statement followed 2 weeks of speculations in the community.

[by means of Leica Rumors]