January 25, 2022

My 10 favourite images from 2021, and yes they are mostly personal work

Its constantly fascinating at the end of a year to recall and review where youve been, and where youre going to go next in the brand-new year. Typically I consider what Ive attained, and what goals Ive obtained, or missed. This year I decided to take a somewhat various tack and looked back at the images I shot instead. Which ones really spoke with me? Which ones am I most pleased with? Which ones indicate the instructions I want to keep going in? Its no surprise that the bulk of these fall under personal work or are new things I was experimenting with. They arent perfect, but they all point towards some sort of development, which is why I like them. Here are my favourites, and my thoughts behind them.

10. Tiled house in Cabanyal

I shot this for a website about the city of Valencia, I basically made money to hang out by the beach and take images– could life be anymore ideal? The image itself is not perfect, nevertheless. Theres a little distortion due to the fact that these old homes are not ideal either, they have wonky walls and imperfect proportions. However I like the colour combination– the contrast between the orange in the doors and the turquoise and blue of the tiles and sky. I likewise like the crop and the graphic nature. These houses are the conventional fishermans houses near the beach area of Valencia, and every one is various. If you ever visit the city, its well worth a stroll around this location.

9. My good friend Nina:

My friend required some updated brand images for her brand-new business coaching website. We worked together on the layout and branding colours, and it turned out that one of the walls in my home matched her brand name perfectly. In the end, it was these in-between shots that truly caught her spirit, and I am still very happy of this one that effectively captured her authentic laughter and love of life.

8. A romaine cauliflower!

Still life images are not my typical kind of thing, I tend to shy away from them. I was wandering around the Huerto (the farmers allocations where they grow the veg) one night attempting out my brand-new electronic camera (Canon R) and attempting to get to grips with it prior to I had to use it on a paid shoot. I totally missed golden hour due to my useless principle of time and ended up at dusk on the borders of town by myself with just one or two lone pet dog walkers.

7. El Cids castle in massive information:

This is really several images shot handheld with a 50mm lens and sewn together in post, developing one big image. Its a strategy known as the Brenizer approach and is quite simple, however it can produce some interesting images that echo a medium format design. I d like to say this image was entirely prepared, nevertheless, it was more to my absence of organisation when I hurried out of the door and grabbed my electronic camera bag, only to discover later on that I d just brought my 50mm lens with me! The messed up castle was also unintended. We really did a various walking earlier in the day that was incredibly uninteresting, and so on the way home, we believed we would stop to examine out this castle. And it was golden hour, so best! One exceptionally quickly and steep run up the hill and after that the storm clouds began rolling in. However I was lucky to get some interesting shots and check out this image stitching approach, one of which I have continued to enjoy using, as I do like my 50mm lens!

6. This groomer and reveal leaping horse:

When my client contacted me to photo some images of the horses and young riders in a regional riding club I was both amazed by it and entirely out of my depth. The light was wonderful and I came away with some beautiful images. I particularly like this one.

5. An aerial abstract shot of the Med:

As soon as once again its the simpleness of this image that I actually like. The colours, the almost toy-like look of the little boat in the cove, with a female sunbathing, unconcerned to the fact that there is a photographer on the cliff above! The seagull flying tiny through the image. I much like it. Is it ideal? No, however thats ok! Its making me wish to try more shots from above, perhaps even to attempt flying a drone at some point! And yes, the sea here actually is that colour.

4. Milky Way and Windmills:

Over the previous year, I have taken pleasure in attempting different types of photography that I had not done prior to. One of these was shooting the night sky. Even so, this marked the start of an amazing new venture into light painting and shooting the night sky, and my Canon R worked incredibly well in low light, as did my Laowa 15mm f/2 lens.

3. A wine maker in his cellar:

This was the final image from a really fun task I had. I was asked to photo 4 different wineries in one morning for a good friend who was setting up a wine export company. So we checked out the bodegas, some wine was certainly intoxicated along the method, and frankly, by the final winery, I was just delighted to have my images in focus (do not fret we had a sober chauffeur)! Seriously though, I definitely like taking ecological portraits so I made sure to catch a picture of each of the owners in their cellar. This was my favourite. I utilized simply one Speedlight with a shoot-through umbrella held by my buddy which lit up the subject and a few of the barrels. When the lighting looks natural and inspired, I am greatly motivated by lighting in movie theater and I truly like it. That is why I decided to include the bare bulb hanging overhead. The light isnt coming from there, but it nearly looks as though it might be.

2. Some minimalist-inspired food images:

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I d gone off photographing food previously on in the year after an inexpedient portfolio evaluation which I stupidly took to heart (primary lesson here: while reviews of your work can be valuable, its just one persons opinion and dont let it derail you). Till my buddy, a very skilled ceramicist contacted me to work with her on producing some images for her brand-new website. A classic garage with perfect natural light which I could boost with one strobe and a couple of reflectors, and this terrific antique wood farmhouse table, full of character.

1. An epic landscape:.

And why have I selected this image as my favourite from 2021 you may ask? The end of 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, and I took this image in January 2021. It was something that had got me into photography lots of numerous years back in the first location, but in some way I d moved away from it.

For all the bad things we have actually sustained this in 2015– the relatively relentless pandemic especially– there have been numerous lots of intense areas. New friendships and a reviving of old ones, new tasks (hello DIYP!), dusting off my drum sticks and signing up with a band, and getting outside with other individuals crazy enough to take pleasure in spending their nights shooting photos in graveyards and up mountains have actually all been fantastic highlights to this past year. And naturally, spending quality time with household once again after so long apart. These are the important things we must keep in 2022 and seek more of.

What were your preferred images of 2021 and why?

I was wandering around the Huerto (the farmers allocations where they grow the veg) one night trying out my new electronic camera (Canon R) and trying to get to grips with it before I had to use it on a paid shoot. I was lucky to get some interesting shots and try out this image stitching method, one of which I have continued to take pleasure in utilizing, as I do like my 50mm lens!


One of these was shooting the night sky. I d gone off photographing food previously on in the year after an inexpedient portfolio evaluation which I stupidly took to heart (main lesson here: while reviews of your work can be practical, its simply one individuals opinion and dont let it derail you). A classic garage with ideal natural light which I might boost with one strobe and a couple of reflectors, and this wonderful antique wooden farmhouse table, full of character.

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