August 12, 2022

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

Stunning, contemporary, electrical– thats Hong Kong, China in 3 words. Besides its busy streets, Hong Kong features towering skyscrapers, glamorous shops, savory street food, historic parks, attractive areas, museums, gardens, treking routes, cool environment, first-rate resorts, and so far more.

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

When you pertain to Hong Kong, China, you will understand that a 1-day Hong Kong trip might not be enough for an in-depth exploration of everything the city has to offer. This does not indicate you must not check out Hong Kong for a day trip. The city provides super-efficient transport, which will enable you to explore a fair bit with ease.

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

This post will help you prepare a one-day trip in Hong Kong, China. When preparing your one-day Hong Kong sightseeing trip, keep checking out until the end for all the highlights to include!

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

Start Your Exploration at Hong Kong Island

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

The very best technique to land on Hong Kong Island is through an MTR. Head directly to the main station and check out the hectic streets of the citys CBD.

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

While still in the citys CBD, locate among the finest restaurants and choose your breakfast. There are numerous joints– dont leave without a warm, stimulating breakfast.

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

The most iconic attractions worth your time in the CBD of Hong Kong city are luxurious hotels/restaurants, contemporary high-rise buildings, high-end shopping centers, super-fast trains, scenic spots, and “flying road.”

One Day Hong Kong City Sightseeing Tour!

Make sure you come to the citys CBD with your electronic camera totally packed– this is maybe the most beautiful location to start your day-tour in Hong Kong. Record some photos here, update your Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. Its the best method to notify your good friends that youve kickstarted your day trip to Hong Kong.

See the Top of The City

By this, we suggest seeing the top of the citys high-rise buildings. Go to Victoria Peak with your cam, one of the best locations to photograph in Honk Kong.

Besides being among the most stunning spots in the city, its likewise the finest location to see a sunset in Hong Kong– a location that permits you to value the citys stunning horizon and its imposing appeal at night. Surprisingly, you can select when to check out Victoria Peak. See during the daytime or at night, and it will impress you. However, for a magical view of the busy, ever-lively city, come here during the night.

Now that you have explored Hong Kong CBD from the ground, a location that allows you to witness “sky-touching structures” and hectic streets with flickering light, how about checking out the city from above?

Visit Tsim Sha Tsui

As Soon As in Kowloon Park, give yourself to the peace and harmony of the surroundings to renew your inner being. There are many attractions to explore here– the majority of them are family-friendly, so dont leave your kids behind. From magnificent photo-ops to the opportunity of observing more than a hundred different bird types, kids are in for a amazing and instructional time when at Kowloon Park.

With its numerous dining establishments, coffee shops, street food suppliers, and outdoor markets, you have options aplenty when searching for a location to taste dim sum in Hong Kong, China.

Visiting the Happy Valley Racecourse will expose you to one of the best racecourses in the world. Going Into the Happy Valley Racecourse attracts a small charge of around 10 HKD.

Consume Dim Sum for Lunch.

An excellent place to enjoy an evening drink in Hong Kong is the Happy Valley Racecourse. After all, its the very best way to wind up your day after spending all those hours exploring the city.

If you wish to experience comfort by fleing from the citys bustling nature, its congested locations, and loud parts, go to Kowloon Park.

Hong Kong one-day sightseeing tours are relatively typical nowadays thanks to its many destinations. When preparing a Hong Kong tour, do consider the above traveler areas.

Make sure you attempt dim amount from one of the side-street vendors if checking out for the first time. They serve food with no species or additives. You will value the natural taste.

Tsim Sha Tsuiis a lovely must-visit spot to find whenever you concern Hong Kong. Set aside some time to stroll on the Tsim Shai Tsui Promenade. Other activities here consist of a check out to the Clock Tower– which today stands as the only rest of the ancient Kowloon Railway Station. This is the location where products from China utilized to be delivered to other areas of the world.


Considering the fun you will have here, the 10 HKD is just a formality. Do make it an indicate reach early for a great spot, from where you can view the horse races without lots of disruptions.

Another location to delight in dim sums for lunch would most likely be at an open-air market. You can join the residents, people-watch, and bite into tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim amounts. One of the most significant foodie communities in Hong Kong is Wan Chai– go and attempt remarkable savory specials there.

By now, you are practically lacking energy. Remember, you are not yet made with your explorations. Take a break for around one hour and have lunch.

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When you come to Hong Kong, China, you will recognize that a 1-day Hong Kong tour might not be enough for a thorough exploration of whatever the city has to use. Make sure you come to the citys CBD with your cam completely packed– this is possibly the most stunning location to begin your day-tour in Hong Kong. Being among the most picturesque areas in the city, its likewise the finest location to see a sunset in Hong Kong– a place that allows you to appreciate the citys gorgeous horizon and its enforcing charm at night. Tsim Sha Tsuiis a lovely must-visit spot to discover whenever you come to Hong Kong. When planning a Hong Kong tour, do consider the above tourist spots.

Walk Nathan Road & & Kowloon Park.

You can reach Kowloon Park by taking a gentle stroll down the dynamic and hectic Nathan Road. A popular landmark in itself, Nathan Road is lined with luxurious hotels, mega shopping malls, and high billboards.

Try Your Luck at Happy Valley Racecourse.

The Bottom Line.

If you are a museum enthusiast, youll discover lots of museums around here, from The Hong Kong Museum of Art to The Hong Kong Space Museum..