September 25, 2022

Part 2 Of The “Lightroom Classic 101 Crash Course” With Terry White

A QUICK PROGRAMMING NOTE: Im a small part of this epic new Podcast, including travel photographer Dave Williams, and including an international crew of professional photographers (and the genuine Rocket Man). Go offer it a listen and meet this #epic lineup of professional photographers, seen above!
OK, onto the Lightroom things:.
Hey, everyone. A couple of weeks ago I shared Terrys outstanding Part One of this Lightroom Crash Course, and today we have the last of the two parts– this is such fantastic things– give it a watch:.
Thanks, Terry– you are incredible! (He currently knows that, however it bears duplicating).
Have an excellent weekend, everyone!
– Scott.
P.S. “Why Im Not Recommending Apples New Mac Studio To My Photographer Friends”– thats my post today over at– if youre a Mac user, this is worth the quick read.