August 12, 2022

Prague vs Budapest: How to Decide Which One to Visit?

Prague and Budapest are 2 of Central Europes many stunning and equivalent cities, which makes selecting one vs the other actually hard. If you had to choose in between Prague and Budapest, which one would you pick and why?

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

Prague vs Budapest: which city should you pick?

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

Which capital is more available? Is one city more enjoyable to check out than the other? Which one has a cooler ambiance? These are all good questions to ask if you have to decide whether to include Prague vs Budapest into your European travel plan.

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

Prague vs Budapest– Which City to Visit?

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

Ill also inform you what are the similarities and distinctions in between them. Ideally, by the time you finish reading this, youll be able to decide whether to pick Budapest or Prague for your next city break.

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

We went to Prague and Budapest numerous times and we currently comprised our mind about which one we like much better. Our tastes and preferences might be different from yours. For that reason Ill attempt to break down whats unique about each city.

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

View of Budapest downtown

Prague Vs Budapest: How To Decide Which One To Visit?

Prague vs Budapest– Differences and similarities

Prague architecture

Prague– the capital of the Czech Republic– resembles a museum. Whatever is cool and in its place. The city maintained a lot more middle ages feel and appearance than Budapest, with more Baroque style structures.

Budapest is truly remarkable for the homogeneity and harmony of its urban design. The outcome is a city integrated in a grand royal design– street after street of Renaissance-style structures, with a mix of fanciful Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture.

In regards to resemblances, both cities have rivers going through them, castle districts, Jewish Quarters, popular bridges, and beautiful squares. But thats about where the resemblances end. Equivalent, Prague and Budapest are in fact more different than they are alike, which is why liking one vs the other is just a matter of taste. Checking out the 2 capitals is likewise a totally different experience.

Prague is usually thought about more picturesque than Budapest, thanks to the many middle ages structures that are still standing today. Particularly around the historical town hall surrounding the Old Town Square. Prague is smaller and has an intimate charm that Budapest doesnt have.

Prague and Budapest are both splendid cities in their own method. They each have character and beauty galore.

Budapest– Hungarys capital on the other hand– looks more like a real city. It feels more genuine in such a way that Prague does not. The city has a wealth of beautiful architecture, although a little rough in a couple of places that hadnt completely recovered from the Communist profession.

Structure in Budapest

In terms of atmosphere, Budapest is at its best throughout summer season and over the Holiday Season. Prague, on the other hand, seems as lovely in excellent weather as it does when its overcast or rainy. I feel that darkness and fog include a bit of mystery to the medieval character of the city.

Prague in fall

Whats Unique About Prague

Prague is a historical, byzantine city established in the Middle Ages. A maze of patched streets lined with Romanesque chapels and cellars, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens. The city likewise boasts sophisticated Art Nouveau buildings and distinct Cubist architecture.

The Dancing House in Prague

Unlike the vast bulk of European cities that didnt endure the bombing of World War II, Prague was given the opportunity to age. And unlike Dresden, whose main landmarks have been completely restored after the war, Prague still has the original churches and monoliths going back centuries back.

Landmarks That Make Prague Famous

There is no lack of culturally considerable sites and attractions in Prague. Like Malá Strana (Lesser Town district) which is home to many old churches, palaces and beautiful gardens.

The Old Jewish Cemetery, one of the worlds earliest Jewish burial premises, whose collapsing headstones clustered together are rather a website!

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge, a middle ages stone arch bridge fortified with towers at each end.

Or Prague Castle, which is the largest palace worldwide. The Castle dates back to the ninth century and spans an outstanding 18 acres.

Charles Bridge

The city is also home to the narrowest street in Europe– Vinarna Certovka– which is only 50 cm (20 inches) wide. Due to the fact that its so tiny, the street has traffic control at both ends in order to assist prevent individuals from getting stuck in the middle and not being able to pass each other.

Vinarna Certovka street in Prague

Fishermens Bastion with Matthias Church in the back.

What makes Prague stick out is the beer, which is more affordable and better than simply about anywhere else in the world! Especially the Pilsner-style beer. Possibly thats because Pilsner was born there. Or because the nations developing history can be traced back to the 6th century..

Landmarks That Make Budapest Famous.

Like the majority of European capitals, Prague has a dynamic nightlife scene. In addition to those, theres likewise a large variety of old design Czech pubs where you can have a standard meal and some remarkable beer.

Astronomical Clock in Prague.

Budapest on the other hand, is more of a party city than Prague, with a complex and eccentric nightlife. From rooftop bars and decadent spa celebrations to packed discos, Budapest has an abundance of locations where you can slam a beverage or shake your booty. The citys special feature are the Ruin Pubs, a chain of cool bars that have actually been forged in the shells of some old, run-down apartment.

Food in Prague.

Likewise in the Castle District is the Budavári Labyrinth– a complex of caverns and cellars that were created a long time ago as a result of the warm water springs.

Budapest mass transit.

While the city is not a best, the truth that my hubby is Hungarian and we have a place that is our own, makes me feel really in your home in Budapest. Surprisingly enough, although I do not speak the language, I feel more in your home in Budapest than I feel in Bucharest, where I was born.

In general, my individual opinion is that Budapest is a better city than Prague and the cost of living is a little lower. So if I had to pick between Prague vs Budapest, I would go with Hungarys capital without a doubt. However my opinion is based upon the important things that I have discussed above.

The most popular street food is the langos– a deep fried dough topped with sour cream and cheese. The best place to sample a few of these standard meals is the Great Market Hall.

Chain Bridge.

Night life and Entertainment.

Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe, boasting a dramatic skylines and heart-stopping river panoramas.

The Hungarian Parliament structure.


Dobosh Torta.

Among the most popular tourist attractions on this side of Budapest are the Gellert Baths, a preferred for visitors and residents alike.

There are also numerous cultural locations in Budapest, from museums, and galleries, to theaters and performance halls. A fast count reveals that Budapest has over 56 museums. The most distinct ones are the wonderful House of Houdini, the interactive Metal Art Gallery, the House of Terror, and the Chocolate Museum … My Personal Opinion.

Ive had a long love affair with Budapest which started about 18 years earlier, when I went to the city for the very first time. After my second go to, I fell much more in love with Budapest, so I convinced my hubby that we must purchase a home there.

Both the Old Town location and the Downtown can be explored on foot. But moving between the two sides of Budapest– Buda and Pest– might require the use public transport. However that should not be a concern, as Budapest has one of Europes most effective mass transit systems.

Prague and Budapest are two of Central Europes the majority of stunning and similar cities, which makes picking one vs the other really difficult. We visited Prague and Budapest quite a couple of times and we already made up our mind about which one we like much better. When comparing food in Budapest vs Prague, Budapest wins. Budapest on the other hand, is more of a celebration city than Prague, with a complex and eccentric nightlife. Overall, my personal opinion is that Budapest is a nicer city than Prague and the cost of living is slightly lower.

Budapest is more spread out, so it might take more time to do it justice. Its a big city with various faces, communities, and puts that will shock you. But because is more spread out, Budapest seems less congested than Prague, even during the peak season.

As opposed to Budapest, food in Prague is not impressive. If youre looking for excellent convenience food, youve come to the ideal place. We visited the city numerous times for many years, but eating in restaurants was always a hit-and-miss affair. You could get low-cost pork and dumplings in little pubs. Or pricey pork and dumplings in expensive restaurants, and that had to do with it.

In the last years however, Pragues food scene has actually altered for the better. They now have numerous ingenious dining establishments, ranging from the local chain of Czech pubs to the Michelin-starred dining establishments. A few of Pragues specialties consist of the steak tartare and the conventional Czech sausages with bramboraky ( potato pancakes.).

Hungarian Cuisine vs Czech Cuisine.

The Great Jewish Synagogue.

In the Czech Republic beer is literally cheaper than mineral water.

Rather than Budapest, Prague is smaller sized and more compact. The citys landmarks and places of interest are concentrated in a little location, so you can easily stroll between them. But because its smaller, Prague appears always crowded. There are constantly swarms of travelers around, a lot so that its often hard to take a photo. Specifically around the primary destinations, like the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge.

On the other side of the Danube (in Pest) you can see the popular structure of the Hungarian Parliament, the citys most cherished landmark. The Neo-Gothic design building was completed in 1902 and it is currently the biggest and tallest building in Budapest.

Budapest landmarks are spread out around the 2 parts of the city– Buda and Pest. In Buda, the historic part of the city, you will discover the Old Town tourist attractions: Buda Castle, Matthias Church, and the Fishermens Bastion, with its charming balconies.

The city has more than 75 museums museums, in addition to numerous theaters, galleries, movie theaters, and other home entertainment alternatives. A few of Pragues most unusual museums consist of the Gallery of Steel, the tactile Museum of the Senses, and the notorious Sex Toys Museum, which is available only to people over 18.

Hungarian food is likewise famous for the tasty deserts, like the delicious Dobos cake, or the sour cherry strudel.

Other landmarks in Downtown Budapest consist of St. Stephen Cathedral, the Great Jewish Synagogue, the Great Market Hall, Széchenyi Baths, and Vajdahunyad Castle, which is a reproduction of the Vajdahunyad Castle in Romania.

Getting Around in Prague vs Budapest.

Another unique destination in Prague is the Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička), a picturesque street called for the goldsmiths who lived here throughout the 17th century. The street is lined with colorful, tiny homes that look like out of a fairy tale.

Gellert Baths.

Crowds on Charles Bridge in Prague.

Czech sausages.

Golden Lane

The city is popular for its superior cultural venues, amazing Hungarian food, underground caverns, and for being the Spa Capital of the World. Budapest is also known for its wacky Ruin Pubs and the lots of food and white wine festivals that collect crowds from all over the world.

Other authentic Hungarian meals consist of chicken/veal paprikash, meat pancakes, and Lecsó — a thick veggie stew made with peppers, tomato, onion, paprika and garlic..

But possibly the citys most popular landmark is the Astronomical Clock, a complex oroloj that attracts big crowds each time it strikes..

Hungarian food might seem heavy, however its rich in taste and fragrance and its very yummy. Hungarians use a great deal of sour cream, lard, fried garlic and onion when preparing their food. Hungarys signature meal is goulash– a stew, made with beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and paprika.

Whats Unique About Budapest.

Beer in Prague.


Food in Budapest.

Another popular destination on this side of the city is the Chain Bridge, Hungarys first irreversible bridge across the Danube.

When comparing food in Budapest vs Prague, Budapest wins. Discovering good food in Budapest its not a problem. There are numerous cafés, restaurants and restaurants in Budapest serving both hungarian and international food..