October 20, 2021

Psaki Delivers Word Salad *And Tries to Blame Trump* When Asked About Joe Biden Having Released a Taliban Leader From Gitmo as VP (VIDEO)


Jen Psaki

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasn’t too happy about cutting her vacation short to answer for Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle.

Psaki answered questions from reporters after National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made excuse after excuse for his incompetent and AWOL boss Joe Biden.

A reporter asked Psaki about the top Taliban commando who was released from Gitmo while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Taliban leaders entered the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday and declared victory.

Press Secretary

One of the Taliban leaders who spent time in Gitmo (and released by Obama) celebrated conquering Kabul.

“I was detained in Guantanamo bay camp for several years” the Taliban leader said from inside the palace on Sunday.

Psaki was visibly irritated a reporter asked her about Joe Biden’s failures of the past coming to haunt him.

Psaki also tried to shift the blame to Trump.