May 22, 2022

Rare Photography That Takes You Into Unknown Worlds

Among the standard photography that comes The Phoblographers method are stories that focus on unusual moments. The scenes take us into unknown worlds and allow the photographer to educate us on subjects were not familiar with. Make a hot beverage, get locked in to the rest of this article, and enjoy some rare photography.

Blame it on Jaws and real-life encounters, however either method, when Sharks are coming, people begin running! Chen is a marine ecology photographer and came into contact with a Megamouth shark during an expedition in Taiwan with the Deep Blue Research Foundation. Along with her Canon 5D Mark IV and GoPro 8, Chen takes a variety of equipment on her expeditions.

Equipped with his Canon 5D Mark III, Lucas embarked on his journey. With the guides assistance and his perseverance to prosper, he ultimately discovered what he was searching for. You can check out it here.

Will Burrard-Lucas Rare Photography from Africa.

Its an unusual achievement in this type of photography and one that certainly doesnt take place frequently. “I guess given how uncommon it is to get auroras and sufficient clear skies around here, that tossing in bioluminescent plankton most likely escalates an image like this to relatively unusual if not a bit rare,” said Andrews in an interview with The Phoblographer. His take-it-or-leave-it attitude to photography implies he remains unwinded, even when capturing an image other photographers havent.

Zeb Andrews Caught a Beautiful, Rare Moment in Nature.

Zola Chens Rare Photography Captured a Shark.

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The professional photographer is Will Burrard-Lucas, and the place is Laikipia, Kenya. Here you will find all sorts of wildlife, varying from elephants to giraffes. Its a popular spot for those who like to go on a safari experience. Amongst all the common animals is an unusual black leopard. Lucas was intent on finding the seldom-seen animal. On getting ready for his objective, he told us, “I needed to learn more about the unfamiliar environment in Laikipia and how the leopards were using the land.” He included, “the guides, scientists, and rangers revealed me water sources, tracks, and trees that they believed the leopards preferred. This was vital info in the early stages of the project, which helped inform my placement of cameras.”.

Do You Have Some Rare Photographs?

Rare photography will constantly catch the eye of those enthusiastic about the craft. And while the above photographers offered us our repair, naturally, we desire more. Utilize the type below to submit your rare photographs and stories.

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Amongst the traditional photography that comes The Phoblographers way are stories that focus on rare moments. Make a hot beverage, get locked in to the rest of this post, and take pleasure in some uncommon photography.

Lead photo by Will Burrard-Lucas. All images utilized with consent.

Its an uncommon achievement in this type of photography and one that certainly does not happen frequently. Rare photography will always record the eye of those passionate about the craft. Utilize the type below to submit your uncommon photographs and stories.