January 25, 2022

Red Fox Inn | Brand shoot

Including even more color to the event: the day we photographed, Matilda and her group were preparing to host the Middleburg Garden Club the following day, together with their visitor of honor, Martha Stewart, who remained in town for an occasion for Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

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With beautiful florals by Sweet Root Village and the fine-tuned team at Red Fox Inn, it was a pleasure from start to complete. Ive said before that with almost every brand name shoot, I add a new supplier to my list of individuals I desire to purchase from, and this was no various! Im believing Matt and I will need to make space on the calendar for a vacation at the Inn!

I matured visiting my Mimi (my paternal granny) in Middleburg, and I have the sweetest memories there! Its like stepping into a little English town- old stone houses, rolling green hill dotted with horses, curated shops offering quality clothing, art, and antiques. Among my favorite things about Middleburg is the number of small companies live there, and Red Fox Inn is one of the most renowned of them all! It was an outright privilege to strive such a well-known pillar in the town, one I matured driving and strolling previous anytime we remained in town to see family.

This was a distinct brand strive me in that there wasnt a bachelor in the frame! Matilda and her household have handled the property for the last 4 decades, and I LOVE her vision for the Inn.

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