August 8, 2022

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays in India

Whenever there is a possibility, we make our method to the peacefulness offered by nature and surrender ourselves in its reassuring accept.

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

I have actually frequently questioned why being close to nature acts as an antidote to many modern-day problems. While the reasons are plenty and may be different for everyone, the fact stays that it provides a chance to escape the frenzy of city life and contemplate. From the body to the mind, it bathes us in a sea of serenity.

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

Our residences in the city leave little scope for this tete-a-tete with the wild, not to mention experiencing its many wonders. A charming house in a plantation estate, however, is where you can carefully observe nature unfurling.

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

Plantation stays in India use one such chance, where the stillness is just intermittently broken by the noise of birdsong.

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

So load your books and choose your relaxing nook from the list below;

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

Kalaketty Estate Homestay– Photo

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

Kalaketty Estate Homestay, Kerala

Seven Heavenly Plantation Stays In India

Sitting firmly in between Kottayam and Periyar because 1930, this Syrian-Christian home offers sweeping views across paddy fields and surrounding forests. Alongside rubber, this 150-acre estate also grows cocoa, vanilla, pepper, rice, bananas, and pineapples.

The old-world beauty of this home perfectly mixes with nature as the accommodation includes lime and egg-white plastered walls, teakwood and mahogany doors, red-oxide polished floorings, and the heat of an adoringly prepared Syrian-Christian meal with components sourced from their yard.

Rajakkad Estate– Photo

Rajakkad Estate, Tamil Nadu

The accommodation stays intimate, with just seven tastefully supplied bed rooms. The estate is nonetheless huge. Using coffee and pepper plantation strolls, short walkings to hidden waterfalls with picnic spots, and breathtaking views across the craggy granite hills of the Western Ghats, it promises a piece of heaven for the applicants of happiness.

A compact and blissfully serene homestay located about 1000-feet above sea-level in the Palani Hills, this 18th-century building has been transferred here with the utmost care and rebuilt to blend flawlessly in its environment.

The interiors embellished with classic art and modern home furnishings add character to the building while complementing its environments.

Wild Mahseer, Assam

Apart from tea tastings, it is an ideal location for venturing into the wild, rather actually. The Kaziranga National Park, a bio-diversity paradise, is located a brief drive from this plantation stay.

Sitting comfortably in the Brahmaputra valley, the Wild Mahseer is situated within the 22-acre Addabarie Tea Estate.

Bring a colonial tradition, this assortment of 3 planters bungalows developed in the 1800s is a perfect place to unwind with a book amidst the quietude provided by a tea estate.

Run passionately by the locals, it remains true to its namesake– Mahseer, which is thought about to be the most difficult game fish. The Wild Mahaseer welcomes you to experience the raw charm of nature.

Halli Berri Estate– Photo

Halli Berri Estate, Karnataka

With no known Hollywood connection, this estate lets you enjoy your coffee guilt-free. An all-women owned plantation, it is a sustainable farming project which is Rainforest Alliance licensed.

A family-owned and run homestay, it remains real to its ethos in giving a truly near nature experience. Do not forget your walking shoes as hiking and plantation trails are aplenty.

For animal lovers, the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and the Sakrebailu Aane Elephant Camp are just an hours drive away. Their café is an apt place to sample the brews and the views after a day out checking out the plantation.

Appropriately located in the Baba Budan mountains, their sustainable practices are a tribute to the guy who presented coffee to this region.

Glenburn Tea Estate– Photo

Glenburn Tea Estate, West Bengal

Affording panoramas of the Kanchenjunga, it is located above the River Rungeet and provides a stay experience that draws greatly from the vineyards of Europe.

When the leaves are plucked till it is poured out into your cups, here you get to view the tea making process right from.

While Darjeeling and its surroundings are house to several estates, Glenburn Tea Estate stands out for its exclusive experiences, pampering hospitality, and a few of the best mountain views.

The fastidiously brought back bungalow, going back to the late 1800s, forms the core of the stay. The luxurious interiors are magnificently stabilized with the warmth of their personnel. You can pick to relax or explore the outdoors with hikes, picnics, fishing, and cookery classes.

Banasura Hill Resort– Photo

Banasura Hill Resort, Kerala

Offering activities like coffee & & pepper plantation routes, coffee tastings, nature strolls, treks to waterfalls, and adequate room to lounge around with a book, it has a space for every single kind of tourist. The furnishing of the spaces is minimalistic intimate and yet sophisticated, staying real to its environments.

An eco-resort, it is constructed totally of mud dug outright from where it stands, offering guests a near to nature experience like no other.

Called after the hill that forms an unique backdrop to the resort, the Banasura Hill Resort uses its visitors a 35-acre farm to check out in Wayanad.

Old Kent Estate– Photo

Old Kent Estate, Karnataka

Located in the heart of the coffee nation, the Old Kent Estate guarantees a distinct chance to witness the unfolding of life in a coffee planters bungalow.

The tastefully reconditioned lodge is a heady mixture of colonial tradition combined with warm Indian hospitality. The 200-acre estate uses plantation tracks and tastings together with enough space to lie low and read.

About the Author: Namrata is an author for Ticker Eats the World. Getting lost in the mazes of historical cities is her perfect holiday. She has a fondness for unique and off-beat experiences and accepts sluggish travel. She writes about her personal travel experiences on her blog You can likewise follow her journeys on Instagram.

After your day out, relax by the pool, enjoy a nice read in the private library or treat yourself at their elegant day spa. Finally, wind-up the day by delighting in a fancy Anglo-Indian fare, finishing off with a generous cup of their estates specialized coffee.

Images: Author and Pixabay


I have actually typically questioned why being close to nature acts as an antidote to lots of modern-day problems. The estate is nonetheless vast. Providing coffee and pepper plantation strolls, brief hikes to concealed waterfalls with picnic areas, and panoramic views across the craggy granite hills of the Western Ghats, it promises a piece of heaven for the hunters of happiness.

She has a fondness for off-beat and distinct experiences and embraces slow travel. She composes about her personal travel experiences on her blog

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