January 25, 2022

Spiffy Gear acquired by Tether Tools parent company, Imaging Brands

As part of the offer, Spiffy Gear will direct a brand-new Imaging Brands R&D branch in Israel. Spiffy Gear creator and CEO Udi Tirosh will assume the role of R&D and Israeli branch manager.

You can discover more about Imaging Brands and Spiffy Gear on their particular websites.

Imaging Brands states that “the Spiffy Gear acquisition belongs to Imaging Brands strategic development plants for the expert picture and video markets” and that Spiffy Gears group and line of product will help them keep their dedication to “improving thhe experience of image creation for enthusiasts and specialists”.

“Udi Tirosh and his team have actually established the Spiffy Gear brand and product lines with the shared objective of Imaging Brands, which is committed to providing remarkable options to make developers lives simpler.”
” I couldnt be more delighted with Spiffy Gear becoming part of Imaging Brands,” shared Udi Tirosh, founder of Spiffy Gear. Spiffy Gear products similarly have actually been created to provide story tellers constant lighting solutions that are inexpensive, effective, and fun.

” We saw a chance in Spiffy Gear to add a strong team to our platform and organization design.” says Josh Simons, CEO of Imaging Brands. “Udi Tirosh and his team have actually developed the Spiffy Gear brand name and line of product with the shared mission of Imaging Brands, which is devoted to supplying extraordinary options to make creators lives much easier.”
Spiffy Gears LED lighting items have grown in popularity among professional photographers, independent filmmakers and content creators. The mix of flexibility and light quality aid elevate imaginative chances with lighting in any application.
” I couldnt be more happy with Spiffy Gear entering into Imaging Brands,” shared Udi Tirosh, founder of Spiffy Gear. “Ive long admired Tether Tools for the resourcefulness of its solutions. Spiffy Gear items similarly have actually been produced to provide story tellers constant lighting options that are cost effective, reliable, and enjoyable. Joining Imaging Brands will allow our cumulative teams to advance a shared function that is focused on enhancing every element of the image creation procedure.”
— Imaging Brands

Israel-based lightiong business, Spiffy Gear has revealed that they have actually been acquired by Tether Tools parent business, Imaging Brands. This sees Spiffy Gear partnering with brand names like the previously mentioned Tether Tools, Frio– also obtained just in 2015– and the Smart Shooter tethering software.

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