May 16, 2022

Street Photography: Why You Need to STOP Chasing Perfection

A significant part of street photography is chasing the shot. Professional photographers spend hours roaming the streets, wanting to find the ideal scene to develop the perfect image. Since of the complexity and unpredictability of street photography, the majority of people return house disappointed, unhappy they didnt find what they were searching for. Im here to describe why street professional photographers require to stop chasing after the best shot.

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Ive been making images on the streets for over 10 years now. For about eight of those years, I would allow the urge to make the ideal street picture to consume me.

It Makes Street Photography More Enjoyable

We become so focused on the end objective that its almost difficult to take pleasure in the procedure of going out and doing street photography. Once we let go of chasing the best shot, we can work in a much more relaxed manner, enabling us to have more satisfaction from the photo walk and not just yearn for the best end item.

We Become More Consistent With Our Street Photography

I believe theres a common mistaken belief about street photographers. People believe theres either “the shot” or bad photos, with nothing in between. Obviously, thats not real. We can create a number of strong, compelling images without any of them being award winners or suitable for your digital garbage. I d argue shooting without the desire to get the ideal shots results in more consistency in the quality of your work, making you a better street photographer in time.

Trying Too Hard Leads to Imitation in Street Photography

When our sole goal is to develop the perfect frame in street photography, it opens the door to an absence of originality and imitation. Its desperation, and it prevents ones ability to sculpt out their own photographic identity in street photography.

Youre More Likely Going to Get The Perfect Shot

In my experience, in all areas of life, requiring something never results in success. Attempting too tough result in complacency, dissatisfaction, and error. Nevertheless, when we free our minds of the pressure of reaching the pinnacle, were even more most likely to reach the goals we want. While some street photographers may disagree, I think its not about finding the best shot, but rather, allowing the best shot to discover you. Some of the best shots Ive made came when I wasnt looking for them.

Trust me when I state that going after the perfect shot will just lead to providing up on the craft if youre brand-new to street photography. This art kind can genuinely provide you numerous things in life, things I d say that are even more rewarding than photos. So let go of any pressure youre drowning in, choose up your camera, and enjoy the flight.

There are levels to the game of street photography, and anybody who takes it seriously wants to reach the greatest requirement. The finest street professional photographers didnt get to where they are now by ensuring they got the ideal shot each time they went outside. They got there because of durability, due to the fact that they discovered to take pleasure in the procedure, and since they found methods to make terrific street photographs without losing their mind.

Last Thought

What kind of pressure do you experience when on the streets? Do you believe chasing the perfect shot is a good thing?

While some street professional photographers might disagree, I think its not about discovering the best shot, however rather, permitting the ideal shot to find you. The finest street photographers didnt get to where they are now by guaranteeing they got the perfect shot each time they went outside. If youre new to street photography, trust me when I say that chasing after the best shot will only lead to offering up on the craft.

Professional photographers invest hours roaming the streets, hoping to discover the perfect scene to create the best image. Im here to explain why street photographers need to stop going after the best shot.