May 22, 2022

Sublime & Creative Photo Interpretations By Sarolta Bán

Somehow it came that most of my pictures are surreal, all the various elements in my images connect somehow to each other and give the essence of the image.

Its important for me that all of them are analyses of existing things, genuine sensations, and allegories of ideas. So they show truth in a different way. I hope. Not all of my pictures include real human existence, however all consist of human sensations and stories.

I like using normal aspects and by combining them, I can give them numerous stories, and characters. Objects and little things are crucial to me. I believe that they have their own stories, most likely this is the factor why I enjoy what I do. My preferred items are the trees, many old and good everyday things (for example my Underwood typewriter), chairs, windows, etc.

I hope that the significances of my images are never too restricted, are open in some way, and each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect.

About three years ago I found digital picture controls and I quickly fell for it, it is like playing and it gives nearly unrestricted possibilities to develop different ideas.

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