January 25, 2022

The Best Hawaiian Gifts & Souvenirs to Bring Home from Hawaii

With so numerous temptations around, thats easy to understand. From yummy regional treats and unique precious jewelry to craft items and aloha use, you can discover a wide selection of high quality products throughout the state of Hawaii.

I dont understand of any person whos been to Hawaii and didnt purchase least some small gift or souvenir. Whether its a present for their loved ones, or something for themselves, a lot of visitors to the Hawaiian Islands make it a point to stuff their bags with all kinds of presents and souvenirs before returning home.

Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs store

Simply like the islands, Hawaiian presents are as special and distinct as they are diverse. The experienced regional people have actually been establishing their crafts for centuries and like to reveal their multiculturalism and spirit of Aloha in a range of mediums.

What, then, are the finest things to buy in Hawaii?

Best Uniquely Hawaiian Souvenirs to Bring Home From Hawaii

There are so many stunning things to buy in Hawaii, that you wont understand what to choose. If you desire some keepsakes that are uniquely Hawaiian, the list below will offer you some concepts. All these are good quality items, made right on the islands with regional resources.

1. Lei Garlands

Leis make excellent gifts because they are normal for Hawaii. These stunning garlands that are worn around the neck can be made of flowers, shells, seeds, paper or beads.

Hawaiian Lei garland gift

You can find fresh flower leis at local lei stands and at flower shop shops all around Hawaii. They can be carried in plastic containers, so they dont get squashed in your suitcase.


Flower leis are appropriate presents for unique occasions such as a birthday or graduation. They are also a method to welcome visitors to the islands, which is why youll see them around the necks of lots of tourists coming out of the airport.

I purchased a few of these throughout the years, and I still like wearing them when we go to a tropical location.

2. Natural Seashells.

Seashells are some the most beautiful gift or souvenir that you can revive from Hawaii. And at a rate that cant be beaten: free!

Shells are the finest Hawaiian souvenirs.

But if beach combing is not your thing, you can likewise find seashells for purchase in practically every store and they are quite low-cost.

I do not learn about you, but I enjoy gathering seashells! Its restorative, too. The most lovely ones I have actually were chosen during my walkings in Kauai, from the more remote beaches on this island.

3. Hawaiian Jewelry.

One fun place to check out are the jewelry stores that permit you to pick an oyster which they will open for you. Then, after the ritual Aloha true blessing of the oyster, the expected moment shows up. They open the oyster before you, exposing a luminescent pearl..

Hawaiian fashion jewelry gifts.

Hawaii has a wealth of jewelry experts and artisans attempting to capture the essence of the islands in their work. As an outcome, youll discover all type of beach-inspired precious jewelry, from fine gold and silver products and pearl strings, to coral, mother-of-pearl pendants and seashell necklaces. Depending on what you buy, the rates might be very reasonable too.

Oyster with pearl.

If you choose to have the pearl mounted, the jewelry experts can then install it for you, creating therefore a fantastic souvenir that will always remind you of the Hawaiian Islands.

4. Natural Hawaiian Bath & & Body Products.

There is a whole variety of plant based, natural products that I like purchasing from Hawaii, like soaps, creams and body lotions. Their warm, sensuous fragrances of vanilla, toasted sugarcane, coconut and jasmine blossoms are amazing!.

Hawaiian soaps and creams.

Look for natural spa-quality aloe creams that provide natural sunburn relief and wetness. You can also discover exceptional bath salts and scrubs made from Eucalyptus mint and instilled with necessary oils.

5. Old Lahaina Rum.

Old Lahaina Rum.

And in case you didnt notice, Mai Tais in Hawaii taste better than anywhere else on the planet, which is much more reason to purchase some Old Lahaina rum as a memento.

If you didnt understand Maui is home to a regional rum distillery, now you do. And their rum is exceptional! This rum is used in lots of drink recipes, however especially in the traditional Mai Tai– a cocktail thats connected with the Polynesian culture and Hawaii.

6. Sarong/Pareo.

In modern times, sarongs are utilized especially by women as beach cover-ups. Women wear sarongs as a full body wrap or a long or short skirt. Guys dont wear sarongs so often, but you might find some residents using them connected at the waist and as shorts..

Sarongs and other items for sale in a free market in Hawaii.

Understood under lots of names, Sarongs (or Pareo, Lava-lava, Malong) are big rectangular pieces of fabric with printed styles, traditionally worn by males and females in the Pacific Islands.

Sarongs will include a tropical flair to your wardrobe and likewise make excellent gifts from Hawaii. I have a whole collection of sarongs that I purchased as mementos during our lots of journeys to the Hawaiian Islands.

7. Hawaiian Spices.

Hawaiian spices.

Hawaiians like to prepare which becomes instantly apparent from the lots of great restaurants youll discover on the Islands. If Hawaiian food tastes so scrumptious, thats partly due to the mystical condiments made from roasted, mashed Kukui nuts, seaweeds and pure sea salt.

I particularly like the Hawaiian Rub, a versatile flavoring I use on chicken, steak, fish, or I spray on steamed veggies, and salads. If you travel to Hawaii, dont miss out on the opportunity to bring back some exotic spices that will remind you of the islands wholesome tastes.

8. Hawaiian Honey.

Did you know that one of the rarest honeys on the planet comes from the Big Island of Hawaii? Due to the fact that of Kiawe– a desert mesquite tree from whose yellow flowers the honeybees collect nectar to produce the honey, they reason why this honey is so special is.

Organic honey from Hawaii.

This uncommon, pure honey is among the best things to revive from Hawaii for your friends and family. They will certainly appreciate it, as its cant be discovered anywhere else.

9. Aloha Shirts.

Aloha shirts.

Aloha t-shirts are normally very expensive. The rate differ hugely, depending on the quality, material, and the store. You can purchase them for more good prices at Costco, or Walmart ($ 39), but if you desire something truly special be prepared to invest over $300!

The beauty of the Hawaiian beaches has actually always brought in mainland Americans, who looked to the islands for relaxation. Quickly after stars like Elvis Presley were spotted using them, the Aloha shirts became a tropical style declaration.

10. Koa Wood Carvings.

One of the important things that might catch your eye in Hawaii are the wood crafts, that make terrific presents and mementos. These handmade pieces are really unique– no two are the same! Koa Wood is famous for its deep abundant colors and differed grain pattern..

One thing you ought to know is that Koa trees grow just in Hawaii, so taking home a piece will advise you of the warmth and Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

The wood carvings dont have to be simply for decor, they can likewise be practical. Like wood bowls, boxes, carved strolling sticks, or video games.

Gifts from Hawaii.

11. Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts.

So, wheres the finest place to buy them as gifts … finest costs and choice? Spicy or salty macadamia nuts are the two favorites among nut enthusiasts, however you will likewise find them covered in great chocolate. You can discover Macadamia nuts in almost any store in Hawaii, but if you have an opportunity to buy them fresh from a farm, youll see a big distinction in taste.

Absolutely nothing states Hawaiian as Macadamia nuts, which is why people purchase them enthusiastically when they go to Hawaii. These nuts are not indigenous to this area, macadamia nut industry boomed in the Hawaiian Islands.

The nuts are collected and processed year round in Hawaii, so if you buy them from the Islands you can be sure they are fresh. Rather than buying them online from other parts of the world, where they may be in storage facilities for extended periods of time.

Raw Macadamia nuts.

12. Kona Coffee.

Before you pack your luggage with 3 months worth of Kona coffee, be alerted that not all Kona beans are created equal. Usually, they are mixed with more affordable beans to produce affordable blends.

If you wish to taste the flavor and scent of Kona Coffee, you need to stay away from “Kona blends” due to the fact that they have a minimal quantity of the real deal in them. Real Kona coffee is really costly though, so expect to pay around $30 for an 8 oz bag of pure beans.

Kona coffee is probably one of the most appreciated gifts that you can give you friends and family from Hawaii. The Kona coffee beans have actually a complete bodied taste and a sweet mix of scents reminiscent of caramel, fruit or cocoa. There is a reason that this Kona is on the worlds coffee map.

Kona Coffee.

13. Ukulele.

Hawaiian Ukulele.

Not all ukuleles labeled “made in Hawaii” are actually 100 percent made in Hawaii, which is also a key consider cost. Some are put together in Hawaii with parts made outside the Islands.

Since Hawaiian artist Israel Kamakawioole bewitched the world with his distinct assortment of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” ukulele became an extremely preferable keepsake. This old instrument is as in style today as it was 140 years back, when it was developed, becoming synonymous with Hawaiian music and culture.

Youll discover ukuleles for sale on all of the Hawaiian Islands, in locations like music stores, outlet store, and even convenience stores.

14. Tropical Flavor Cookies.

Hawaiian shortbread cookies.

These arent simply any cookies, these are Hawaiian brief bread cookies that have been around for over 99 years. Honolulu Cookie Company is Hawaiis biggest cookie manufacturer. Their signature shape pineapple cookies can catch your memories of Hawaii with every bite, making also for excellent presents for your friends and family.

The macadamia shortbread cookies can be found in a variety of tropical tastes, like coconut, butterscotch, guava, chocolate chip and mocha crunch..

15. Hawaiian Quilts.

Real Hawaiian quilts may be really pricey, depending upon the size. But aside from quilts, locals likewise make hot pads, Christmas stockings, bags, table runners, and pillows shams in the exact same design, which are way more budget-friendly.

The art of quilting in an old custom in the Hawaiian Islands that requires numerous hours of in-depth needlework and patience. Brilliant colors are blended with balanced styles depicting flowers, leaves, and fruit.

Quilts are a few of the most gorgeous handmade souvenirs you can purchase from Hawaii. They will last for many years and always remind you of your gorgeous Hawaii trip.

Hawaiian quilted placemats.

16. Nautical Wind Chimes.

Shell wind chimes.

The best wind chimes are part art work and part instrument, so you ought to look not just for style but likewise for noise. In any case, wind chimes are a touch to any patio, backyard, garden, porch, or terrace.

Among the least expensive and most unique souvenirs to bring back from Hawaii are wind chimes. They come in a variety of styles, products, designs, and sizes, but the ones are the most representative for Hawaii are the seashell and nautical wind chimes. Their soothing sound will remind you of your Hawaiian getaway every time the wind blows.

17. Art work.

Hawaiian Islands are home to a great deal of incredibly gifted craftsmens who develop a broad variety of art that would be ideal keepsakes to take house with you. For example, you can buy initial oil paintings, wooden figurines, glassworks, watercolors, dazzling Hawaii photos, posters that roll up, or retro-Hawai i prints.

A few of these can be sent by mail home ahead of your departure, if they are too big to fit in your luggage.

The variety of art found within each of these art galleries reflects the range of the Hawaiian Islands themselves. Browsing these galleries makes you seem like you remain in an art museum.

Art gallery in Hawaii.

18. Exotic Fruit Jellies.

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– ABC Stores – Aloha Wear – Walmart – The Shops at Wailea – Hilo Hattie – Ala Moana Center – Kings Shops – Princeville Center – Kahala Mall.

Fruit jellies.

One of the least costly and most unique keepsakes to bring back from Hawaii are wind chimes. I believe I purchased more presents from Hawaii than from anywhere else in the world.

Common Souvenirs from Hawaii Allowed in the U.S. Mainland.

A few of the best shops on the Islands where you will likewise discover nice gifts and keepsakes are:.

– Beach sand – Coconut – Coffee (roasted or green) – Fresh flowers, leis, and foliage (except any citrus flowers) – Fresh pineapple – Treated fruit, such as papaya, banana, dragon fruit, Logan, lychee, and starfruit( These fruits should be treated at a USDA-approved facility and packed in sealed and stamped boxes) – Stones and rocks – Seashells – Seed leis and seed precious jewelry – Wood (including driftwood and sticks).

The Hana Collection is the most popular brand of tropical fruit jellies. These Hawaiian gourmet deals with have intense flavors, like nothing youve ever tasted. However the finest part about these jellies is that they are 100% natural, made from genuine fruits, with no added color or flavoring..

In spite of visiting Hawaii a lot of times over the years, we are still tempted to browse through the shops and markets each time we are on these islands. There are so numerous beautiful arts and crafts everywhere you turn! I believe I bought more gifts from Hawaii than from anywhere else in the world.

According to the legend, Pele– the Hawaiian goddess of fire– curses anyone who gets rid of anything from the Islands. The arrogant and jealous goddess views rocks as her own children. For that reason, removing them is like stealing from Pele, which will incur years of misfortune..

Presents and Souvenirs That You Shouldnt Bring Back from Hawaii.

I am insane about fruit jellies, so when I stumbled upon the Hana Collection of exotic jellies in Maui, on the roadway to Hana, I was in paradise!

A Final Word.

One of the things that might capture your eye in Hawaii are the wood crafts, which make excellent presents and souvenirs. Kona coffee is most likely one of the most appreciated gifts that you can bring to you household and good friends from Hawaii. Their signature shape pineapple cookies can catch your memories of Hawaii with every bite, making also for terrific gifts for your family and good friends.

They are available in boxes of 6, 12 or 18 pieces and have a wide selection of fruits: mango, enthusiasm fruit, guava, pineapple, starfruit, banana, and papaya. The factor why you need to purchase them from Hawaii is that they are always fresh.

Lava circulation in Hawaii.

Regardless of the truth that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will permit you to bring home rocks or lava rocks from a volcano, you really should not!

It appears that to this day, numerous pieces of lava rock are mailed back to Hawaii by those who claim they experienced a chain of miseries after removing them from the island.

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Some individuals believe that the Hawaiian legend of Peles Curse is actually a creation of the park rangers on the Big Island who do not like the truth that visitors remove pieces of lava from the island. Is the curse only a legend?.

You can purchase Hawaiian made goods all around the islands in shopping centers, independent shops, craft shops and artist galleries. However if you likewise desire to score a bargain, absolutely nothing can beat the costs youll discover at outside markets, craft fairs, flea markets, and swap fulfills. Here youll discover craftsmens and precious jewelry makers that can manage to offer at lower pries since they dont have the overhead costs included in keeping a store.

Best Places to Buy Hawaiian Gifts and Souvenirs.

No matter where you purchase from, constantly look for genuine souvenirs and Made in Hawaii products which are often only discovered on the Hawaiian Islands.