May 16, 2022

The Best Songs about Adventure and Travel

Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root
The catchy, uplifting Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root constantly gets me singing along.
This is another 1990s tune, and it might appear familiar because its remained in lots of motion pictures and television programs, consisting of the movie Matilda, iconic television show Party of Five, Ice Age, and, more just recently, the Netflix 2021 television program Maid.

Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip.
Like a lot of Hip songs, Bobcaygeon is poetic and the significance of the tune is a bit obscure. It recommendations little town and cottage life in Canada. Bobcaygeon itself is a village in east-central Ontario. Whatever the lyrics imply, the tune itself is normal Hip– lyrical, easy to listen to, and almost anthemic.

Im Gon na Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers.
A classic celebration tune, this song still gets us tapping our toes. While it isnt a travel song per say, it does involve walking 500 miles for love and anybody that has had a long distance relationship can sympathize with driving throughout the nation to be with them.

The TransCanada by The Constantines.
Or even if youve ever driven from one location to another while in Canada then youve likely driven a portion of the Trans-Canada highway if youre Canadian. Extending 7,476 km (4,645 mi) across the nation from coast to coast its goes through 10 provinces and is among the longest highways in the world.
Beginning in Victoria (on Vancouver Island) and ending in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, driving it from start to finish will take you over 78 straight hours if you dont stop for food or gas.

Experience Of A Lifetime by Coldplay.
Experience Of A Lifetime by Coldplay is fun. Honestly, its a good song, but not my style. Its great to have a couple of dance travel tunes on the list. Plus, it has a gorgeous, imaginative video to enjoy.

Miles From Our Home by Cowboy Junkies.
The title of this song alone marks it as an excellent journey tune.
No one in sight for fifty miles,.
Sleeping fields sigh as I glide across their spines.
, if I could just reach the crest of that hill.
This entire day will topple and out the night will spill.
– Miles From Our Home, Cowboy Junkies.

Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao.
For something a little various, I like Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao. Its a memorable recurring Spanish tune with a little French in the chorus and its also a fun method to learn a little Spanish as you travel.
Approximately translated, the opening lines of Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao start something like this:.
I like planes, I like you.
I like to take a trip, I like you.
I like the early morning, I like you.
I like the wind, I like you.
I like to dream, I like you.
I like the sea, I like you.
– Manu Chao, Me Gustas Tu.

Kokomo by The Beach Boys.
This ones perfect for seaside Florida road trips across that gorgeous state.
If youre driving the beautiful highway to the lovely beaches to the Florida Keys, this is the perfect song. Even if youre buying the best souvenirs at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter near Orlando, this song captures a chill, unwinded ambiance we aspire to as we travel.

Ahead by a Century by The Tragically Hip.
I as soon as heard someone say that you do not truly comprehend Canada up until you understand what The Tragically Hip, and their lead singer, Gord Downie, imply to a generations of Canadians. That may be an exaggeration, but not by much.
Understood to Canadians as the Hip, the band is lower known beyond the country, however all 17 of their albums appeared on the Canadian Billboard Charts. Much of their music has a strong Canadian style, weaving in social commentary on oppressions and on notable previous occasions.
Among my fondest Hip memories is walking down our street, and hearing Gord Downies final show with the Hip blasting from almost every television set. Downie later on died of terminal brain cancer, however will forever remain a Canadian icon.

Classic travel tunes.
Some songs are so renowned that theyve been featured on lists of the finest travel songs for years now. Here are a few of our preferred traditional road journey songs.
On the Road Again by Willie Nelson.
On the Road Again by Willie Nelson should be on every journey playlist ever produced, and rightly so.
Its simple to sing along to, with a sentimental and fun ambiance, and its perfect for journey with pals and household.

Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West
This tune is an impressive custom among Charles friends and family. It highlights the need for house after a lot of nights partying on the roadway.
Whenever a DJ plays it at a wedding event dance, or it begins using someones house playlist, the whole group leaps up and begins singing and dancing. There are a great deal of good memories for this song, for sure, plus its upbeat and memorable and a great deal of enjoyable.

Africa by Toto.
Our kids definitely love this upbeat, unique 1980s struck song, so its constantly a need to listen on our experience tunes list.

Sometimes the lyrics of a tune remind us of adventure and the open roadway. Often the beat of a tune makes it an instantaneous travel tune. Its great to have a few dance travel tunes on the list. Like a lot of Hip tunes, Bobcaygeon is poetic and the significance of the song is a bit odd. Desire to listen to the best tunes about experience and travel tunes back to back?

Songs for a Road Trip Across Canada.
As Canadians, we have an unfair benefit in knowing the best songs for Canadian roadway journeys. Were lucky enough to have actually taken a trip countless kilometers across Canada on the Trans-Canada Highway, and on numerous of the smaller roads also.
Here are a few of our preferred tunes for your cross Canada playlist.
Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane.
This is the initial from 1991, which ended up being a top hit in Canada (where Cochrane is from), and not the remake for the Cars movie by Rascal Flatts.

Budapest by George Ezra.
Budapest by George Ezra is a very long time favorite for everybody in our household. Its constantly on our trip and travel playlists.

Perhaps Tomorrow– Littlest Hobo theme tune by Jacques Urbont.
OK, undoubtedly the Littlest Hobo signature tune is an odd choice for a playlist, however youre ensured a dynamic response if you play this for a Canadian born prior to the 80s.
The song is a little tacky (well, a lot cheesy), but its from a nearly generally loved TV show that ran in the early 1980s about a homeless dog that took a trip the nation, offering aid to anyone who required it. Yep, you check out that right, almost every Canadian over the age of 40 (and a lot more youthful than that) have actually heard of this.

Travelin Man by Ricky Nelson.
This tunes a real oldie, from method back in 1961. ITs catchy and fun, and I always discover myself humming the tune the next day.

Did we miss out on any of your preferred travel tunes? Let us know in the remarks below, and dont miss our finest audiobooks for road trips!

Trying to find some great songs about travel and adventure for your next journey? We share some of our preferred trip songs, and more.
Its guaranteed that any list of the very best songs is going to be questionable. Your musical taste may be totally different than mine, and I guarantee my 89 years of age Moms musical preferences are probably various from my 16 year old son.
That said, there are some songs that are so iconic, so instilled into our culture, that its difficult to challenge that theyre precious by lots of.
The Best Songs about Adventure and Travel
Sometimes the lyrics of a song advise us of experience and the open road. Often the beat of a song makes it an instantaneous travel tune.
Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
If youre fans of the television show Supernatural, like Charles and I are, this next tune is a must listen on the road: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas.
Although Supernatural ended after 15 great seasons, this tune constantly brings me back to Sam and Dean travelling in Baby, Deans 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons.
On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons is among our kids favorite trip songs, and we can see why.
Its uplifting and fun, and sets a lighthearted state of mind. The tunes extremely popular, and was used in President Obamas inauguration, computer game, motion picture trailers and soundtracks, along with on television.

Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
Filthy Paws by Of Monsters and Men from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Its in fact a folk tune that informs the story of how Iceland came to have no bees, since of a war in between the birds, cats, and bees.

Ive Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash.
This song always resonates with us, considering that weve made travel such a huge part of our lives. Its a tough tune to sing along to, and Ive never quite mastered the long list of place names Johnny lists, however its enjoyable nevertheless.
Ive been all over, guy.
Crossed the deserts bare, guy.
Ive breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel Ive had my share, male.
Ive been everywhere.
– Johnny Cash, Ive Been Everywhere.

Royalty Free Music for Travel Videos.
Finding good royalty complimentary music for travel and experience videos can be difficult.
YouTube itself does have royalty totally free music for content developers in the YouTube Audio Library. There are some gems there, for sure, however a great deal of it isnt the very best, to be honest, and a lot of the tunes are used over and over on various videos.
There are a couple of other sources for royalty free travel video music, including Incompetech, Envato Market, and Soundcloud.
The Best Songs about Adventure and Travel Playlist.
Wish to listen to the finest tunes about adventure and travel tunes back to back? Take a look at this playlist weve produced for you. Delight in!

Roadway Regrets by Dan Mangan.
This is one of the more obscure gems on this list of terrific adventure tunes. Dan Mangan is a Canadian singer-songwriter, however this tune was blogged about a journey across the American Southwest.

Runnin Back to Saskatoon by The Guess Who.
The Guess Who are another popular Canadian band, however from an earlier generation than the Hip. The Guess Who had the majority of their hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Runnin Back to Saskatoon is a terrific song for a Canadian west coast trip, as it points out three places in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and little town Moosomin), three cities in Alberta (Red Deer, Medicine Hat and Hanna) and Terrace, British Columbia.

The Best Songs for Travel Videos.
Ive spent a long time just recently playing with making more travel videos. Its a pretty intricate procedure, if you concentrate on the technical details.
Its easy to get caught up in the information of picking the best video converters for mac or PC, choosing the right cam for video, picking the best editing software application, or selecting what frame rate and resolution to film.
That stated, its sometimes much better to simply slow it down, and think about the fundamentals. Travel videos have to do with carrying you to a different location and time, and making you feel something. Music is one of the most important components to bring feeling and feeling to a travel video.
For travel videos for your own private use, any of the tunes on this list are a fantastic choice.
If youre searching for travel video music for commercial usage, then youll need to discover royalty complimentary music to utilize, or spend for a licensing charge (from a business like Epidemic Sound or Artlist).
Copyrighted music for travel videos.
Here are a few of the very best songs for travel videos that are copyrighted. IF you use these copyrighted songs, you will not be able to monetize on YouTube and probably will not be able to publish to Facebook.
Survive by José González.
From the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, this tune has an unwinded, romantic, moody feel that ends up being more uplifting and faster paced as the tune continues. Its great for B roll of beautiful scenery, and ideal for producing a sensation of motion and emotional uplift through a video.

Novo Amor– From Gold.
This tune has an ethereal, romantic vibe, making it best for cinematic shots.

Stroll by the The B-52s.
Speaking of memorable, Roam by the The B-52s, likewise from the 1990s needs to be one of the most uplifting travel tunes out there.

Picture by Nickelback.
Do not hate on me for including Nickelback. I have my reasons, I assure.
Nickelback is from my house town of Hanna, Alberta, and parts of this video were shot near there. For me, this is all about fond memories. Plus, its an enjoyable, catchy tune.

Sudbury Saturday Night by Stompin Tom Connors.
Tom Conners was a Canadian folk and nation musician, and this song is about the hard-partying social life of those in the mining city of Sudbury, Ontario.
Its an oldie, launched way back in 1967, but its still dipped into wedding events and on your moms and dads Canadiana playlists.