May 22, 2022

The Leica 28mm F2 Matte Black Is Beautiful Inside and Out

Optically speaking, the Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black will be identical to the other lens. Our review said this lenss render is a bit timeless and soft. Thats something I still agree with. This isnt among Leicas Apochromatic lenses or their f1.4 Summilux lenses with lots of natural 3D render. Thats to say that your photos wont appear like the subject is breaking out of the image..

According to Leica:.

Our staff has actually examined every Leica M-mount lens currently on the market. As much as we love them, Im sure we d be better with matte black versions of their lenses. Matte outsides have a couple of characteristic distinctions and advantages over more polished surface areas. Whichs precisely what Leica is making with their brand-new 28mm Summicron variant. The Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black is less glossy and flashy than their other lenses. This may be the one you desire if youve beaten your electronic camera up with lots of patina to showcase. Cue George Michaels Careless Whisper, please.

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” The unique matte black paint surface is specifically developed to be resistant to abrasion and the adhesion of dirt, while also supplying a discrete look that is ideally matched to traditional reportage photography. With its inlaid engravings in a neutral green, the scandal sheet lens compliments both analogue and digital M bodies, along with any SL, CL or TL cam system using a Leica M-Adapter L device.”.

More Affordable Than the Standard?

To provide you a bit more of an idea of what to anticipate without the photoshopping, here are photos from our Leica 28mm f2 Summicron review below. And you can take a look at our full evaluation of the lens right here.

Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black Tech Specs.

Minimum Focusing Distance.
2.3 feet.


Lens Type.
Wide Angle.

Filter Size.
46.0 mm (non-rotating).

Leica M.

Angle of View.
75 °.

Internally, this is the very same lens as Leicas standard 28mm f2 Summicron-M ASPH. With that in mind, the following tech specs are drawn from the LensRentals listing.

Optimum Magnification.
.045 x.

Product Type.

This is a limited edition item, which suggests the lavish cost will reflect its novelty. Just 450 Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black systems will be made, with each piece yielding $4,495. The pricing is exceptionally uncommon. Adorama notes the Leica 28mm f2 at differing rates in between $4,150 and $5,095. The Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black is more cost effective than a new Portugal-made version. Like all things high-end, Im sure folks will turn them for even more in the pre-owned market. But honestly, this is a lens you d wish to be stuck to your electronic camera.

Here are some sample images Leica offered from the Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black. Approved, we can tell theyre heavily photoshopped..

Hood Included.

Max Aperture.

Our staff has evaluated every Leica M-mount lens presently on the market. The Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black is less shiny and flashy than their other lenses. Optically speaking, the Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black will be similar to the other lens. Just 450 Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black systems will be made, with each piece yielding $4,495. The Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black is more affordable than a brand-new Portugal-made variation.

Length: 1.6 ″.

Handbook Focus Only.

Focal Length.

This isnt uncommon for Leica, for those curious. There have actually been times when their scandal sheets are more cost effective. My theory on why its in this manner this time around pertains to the global pandemic problem. I think that Leica got a couple of exterior housings that may not have actually been perfect, so they gave them a Matte Black finish and chose to make it a scandal sheet. The funny thing here, however, is that Leica might not be informing the story like that while the remainder of the high-end world does. If youre into whiskey, this story Cool Hunting did on Ardbeg barrels gone incorrect is an interesting read. The reality is that people like stories. And if there is some sort of imperfection, it can constantly result in a delighted accident of some kind. The cam market might inform the story, and Leica surely could as well here too!

9.5 oz.


2.1 ″.

Image Stabilization.

Filter Style.


Minimum Aperture.

Sample Images.