January 28, 2023

The YoloBox Mini is an all-in-one pocket-sized live stream solution with a built-in touch screen display

For streamers, you get the ability to stream to several platforms concurrently, and overlay the remarks you receive from all of those platforms during your stream onto the feed itself. An extremely handy function to assist highlight a few of your audience engagement thats a discomfort to set up in more traditional computer-based streaming solutions like OBS. You can also add logos, watermarks, lower thirds, scoreboards (useful for those sports streamers), rolling captions and countdown timers.

The 5.5 ″ pocket-sized YoloBox Mini supports as much as 1080p 60fps streaming and features a built-in 4G LTE sim socket for direct connection to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms without the requirement for WiFi. It also has a built-in battery and can run totally separately, streaming from anywhere you can get a signal without having to link it up to a laptop or other computer system.

The YoloBox Mini is readily available to pre-order now for $699 and begins shipping quickly.

And if you do not desire to stream with it, you can likewise utilize it as a routine on-camera monitor, too. Other than, this isnt just a display. It records, too. It just accepts SD cards up to 128GB, however you are restricted to 1080p at 60fps– even if your camera outputs 4K– so youre still going to be able to fit plenty onto that card. Because its 1080p, you do not need super-fast costly UHS-II cards, either. Youll be able to keep going just great with a routine SanDisk Extreme Pro. It would be great to see larger cards supported in the future, however.

Along with WiFi and 4G LTE sim support, theres also an integrated wired ethernet port on the YoloBox Mini, to let you eliminate the potential issues of wireless web signals. As you can see on the image above, along with this, the HDMI input and Type-A USB socket theres likewise an HDMI output, permitting you to pass the signal along to an external screen or daisy-chain to another capture gadget on a computer, the line and mic inputs along with an earphone output and a Type-C USB socket for charging the internal battery– or keeping it powered throughout longer streams where the battery alone wont be enough.

It has a smaller 5.5 ″ LCD, rather than the 7 ″ or 8 ″ of the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro respectively. The YoloBox is 350 nits and the YoloBox Pro is 400 nits. Overall, the YoloBox Mini appears a quite interesting looking gadget.

Since the YoloBox Mini accepts a typical HDMI source as its input, you can likewise utilize this to stream from another video changing device like the Blackmagic Atem Mini series or Feelworld L1 (review here) or L2. Or, even if youre streaming from a gadget like that into your laptop through OBS, you can use the YoloBox Mini to record the stream independently from your computer to minimize a few of the load– helpful if your streaming computer system is a little underpowered.

Bonus visual sources, such as images, video and even PDFs can also be packed on-demand from its integrated SD card slot, and you get a number of innovative features your phone cant provide, such as remark overlays for streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, etc as well as built-in green screen capabilities. It has both line and microphone level inputs for feeding it a devoted audio signal and you can keep this audio signal continuous no matter what camera or source you switch to.

YoloLiv has today revealed its new YoloBox Mini. Building on the success of the initial YoloBox (review here) and YoloBox Pro the brand-new YoloBox mini includes a lot of their features into a smaller package for live advanced streaming anywhere. Sure, you can live stream from anywhere with your phone, too, but the YoloBox Mini provides HDMI and USB video capture, together with dedicated audio inputs and it can even record.

YoloLiv has today announced its new YoloBox Mini. Sure, you can live stream from anywhere with your phone, too, however the YoloBox Mini offers HDMI and USB video capture, along with devoted audio inputs and it can even tape.

The display screen is, obviously, a touchscreen, getting rid of the need for any kind of remote control smartphone app or a variety of confusing buttons. This is a fantastic service on a gadget like this, which offers them total liberty to implement new functions in firmware updates without having to depend on a physical button user interface or keeping it updated in tandem with a mobile phone app for two various mobile platforms.

Overall, the YoloBox Mini appears a quite intriguing looking gadget. Even if its not rather as capable as its larger and more costly brother or sisters, it still offers a great deal of possible performance and versatility for youtubers, filmmakers and banners. And even if youre not streaming with it, having the ability to plug in several cameras to a changing gadget like the Atem Mini or Feelworld L1, have all your overlays and lower thirds at your fingertips and record in a single gadget indicates you do not require to deal with syncing up multiple cam streams in post in the edit. That alone might be worth the cost of entry for some material developers!

There are, obviously, some distinctions between the YoloBox Mini and its larger siblings. It has a smaller sized 5.5 ″ LCD, rather than the 7 ″ or 8 ″ of the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro respectively. The YoloBox is 350 nits and the YoloBox Pro is 400 nits.