May 22, 2022

There’s Something Curious With This. Godox TT685 II N Review

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The Godox TT685 II N isnt the best, however its also not at all the worst. Want a radio flash? The Godox TT685 II N definitely is.

Too Long; Didnt Read

The Godox TT685 II N is a curious flash that will do the job in a lot of instances for many professional photographers. However if youre a fan of having a lot of power, then this flash is quite weak general. And you actually need quick lenses to maximize what it can do because its so weak.

Pros and Cons

Equipment Used

The Nikon z9 and Nikon z5 both saw this flash as the SB-900.
Does all the things that one would anticipate and require of a contemporary flash
Does everything a contemporary flash would do but far cheaper

Theres absolutely nothing unique or special about this flash, and for the rate point there probably should not be.
If youre used to a lot more power, then this is weak.
Couldnt get it to work in optical slave mode



We checked the Godox TT685 II N with the:

Tech Specs

These tech specifications were taken from the Amazon listing

Of course, the Godox TT685 II N has a wide-angle diffuser. And you must completely use it!

Build Quality

Godox didnt state or discuss any sort of weather sealing on the Godox TT685 II N. For what its worth though, its constructed relatively well. But I would not anticipate it to be able to withstand a lots of rain or rainfall. Thats where Nikons own flashes will have this beat.


On the side, youll discover ports. These are for audio jacks and USB-C. Its fantastic that it offers USB-C when Sonys brand-new flashes do not.

TT685II: Godox never stops offering still much better shooting services to theusers. When once again, we press further the limit of the strongperformer TT685to optimize your shooting experience. Hearing the users voices, the TT685ll updated in different aspectswhile also acquiring all the powerful functions of the TT685.
Broader Bounce Angle The TT685ll is upgraded with a wider tilt angle from -7 ° to 120 ° , and rotatable in 330 °. It provides you more versatile bounce flash anglesand a much more efficient lighting setup procedure. By a twist of thelight head, then you can get a good bounce light you preferred eitheron-camera or off-camera.
TCM Instant Conversion: The TT685ll is included with the TCM function to enhance your shooting efficiency.TCM enables for instantaneous conversion from TTL to manual mode.At the exact same time, this function helps you lock the proper direct exposure value making sure every fire with an accurate expression of light.
Quick-release Lock : Like the other upgraded additions to the GodoxTTL Flash lineup, the TT685ll is designed with aquick-release lock to make sure a smooth setup, which helps you catch the next work of art inthe defining moments.
Power port brings amazingspeed and power With the power port, you can connect the TT685ll with an externalLithium-lon power pack as PB960 ( Sold separately ) to increase the flash performancefor more possibilities.The TT685 will be your next workhorse forshooting genuine wedding events, street fashion, news photography, and more.

Heres what the Godox TT685 II N appears like from the front. Its a plain Jane, standard flash with a sensor on the front and a hot shoe on the bottom. Naturally, the head likewise rotates and tilts like most others.

Heres a better take a look at those ports. Its astonishing to me that Sony charged 7x what this flash costs and didnt offer their own variations USB-C ports.


The Godox TT685 II N does not do anything ingenious. Instead it offers you a flash at an incredibly economical price point.

When the flash head is down and forward, heres a view of what the Godox TT685 II N looks like. It tilts frontward, backward to a point, and all around in different directions.

Heres the back of the Godox TT685 II N. This is the business end where you will user interface with the flash.

Relieve of Use

Image Quality

One circumstance I found it to be a bit confusing with was high speed sync with the Nikon z5. I needed to change a couple of settings on the electronic camera to get it to work as it otherwise would not go above 1/200th. This wasnt a concern with the Nikon z9 at all.

However, the straightforward navigation of the menu is basic enough to understand when you thoroughly read whats in front of you. The only thing that was a bit tough to determine was using it for infrared flash transmission. We question lots of folks will do that.

Its a flash. If youre using f2.8 zoom lenses, you may find that the Godox TT685 II N outputs too little light. If youve been using flashes for years though, this is nothing else.

The Godox TT685 II N is quite uncomplicated to use total. Its capable of doing things like high speed sync, stroboscopic, and a lot more. The TTL output likewise works effectively with the metering from the Nikon system. But in blended lighting scenarios, youll most likely be a bit more careful about how things play out. In those circumstances, I d probably end up overpowering the ambient lighting with the Godox TT685 II N. If you raise the ISO up high end up usage exposure payment, it can definitely do that.

Additional Image Samples



I cant really grumble I guess
Optical servant either isnt there or really hard to use.


The Godox TT685 II N is a basic flash. Most of what photographers need these days has to be done by higher powered flashes. Rather, its good if you need a truly cost effective flash.

The Godox TT685 II N gets 3 out of five stars. Want one? Have a look at Amazon.

Desire a radio flash? The Godox TT685 II N is a curious flash that will do the task in a lot of circumstances for most photographers. The only thing that was a bit hard to figure out was using it for infrared flash transmission. If youve been using flashes for years however, this is nothing else. The Godox TT685 II N is a basic flash.


Truly inexpensive
Gets the job done


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