May 22, 2022

This camera shaped multi-tool could be just the thing, it even has a bottle opener

You can buy the Camera Multi-tool here and it is currently priced at $5.

Today this Camera Multi-tool from Kikkerland Design might be just the very thing youve been missing out on in your kit bag. It even has the Sunny 16 rule engraved into it for those of us that do not wish to dedicate it to memory.

The compact style is around the size of a credit card, and being entirely flat methods that you can just slip it into a pocket on your camera bag and not need to bring half a lots different tools around with you.

The multi-tool integrates 13 different functions including a saw blade, a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, two wrenches, a blade, a Prybar nail puller, a bottle opener, a butterfly screw wrench, a ruler, and a keyhole. According to the website the hole in the centre “is a circular cavity that permits users to find the finest angle for their picture.”

The number of times have you been connecting a tripod plate and realised that you need to scrabble around and discover a coin to screw it up tight enough? For me, a lot of times.

Im not entirely persuaded that I require a device that assists me discover the finest angle for a photo, I tend to utilize my eyes for that job. The bottle opener feature might certainly come in helpful after a long shoot!

[Via Yanko Designs]