May 22, 2022

This Is Wonderful: Holdfast Swagg Dual Camera Strap Review

The Holdfast MoneyMaker is a household name amongst wedding professional photographers. The leather dual-camera system is well-liked for the comfortable video camera carrying system that keeps two electronic cameras ready to shoot. There are two cons to the popular leather strap: the rate, and the leathers failure to fold up little enough to quickly tuck inside a bag. Thats where the HoldFast MoneyMaker Swagg dual-camera strap comes in. This cotton version of the popular strap system is practically half the cost of the leather variation. And the soft cotton suggests you can fold it to your hearts content to toss into your video camera bag.

This implies I need to use two cams to be able to quickly switch focal lengths. I chose to try out HoldFasts cotton variation of the popular two-strap system.

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Too Long; Didnt Read

The HoldFast MoneyMaker Swagg dual-camera strap will not have the life expectancy of leather. But, the cotton strap is incredibly soft and comfortable to use, and it packs easily into a cam bag. Its an excellent alternative for photographers who wish to easily pack a strap, in addition to creatives on a more minimal budget.

Pros and Cons

Holdfast lists the following functions for the Camera Swagg:.

While cotton has long been a clothes favorite, most dual electronic camera straps typically come in nylon or leather, not cotton. It likewise helps solve one of the cons of the leather Money Maker– it folds simple to tuck into a cam bag.

A comfortable way to bring 2 video cameras
Softer and lighter than leather
Terrific color choices
Primarily metal hardware (omitting security leash and length adjusting buckle).
Folds simpler than leather.

Wont last as long as leather.
Still a little expensive.


I used the Holdfast Camera Swagg dual video camera strap with:.

Gear Used.

Tech Specs.



100% cotton canvas.
Exact same hardware as the original MoneyMaker.
Metal D rings.
Safety straps.
One-year service warranty.

Construct Quality.

Due to the fact that theres no chest strap or shoulder pads, the MoneyMaker Swagg is actually pretty simple to put on. Just hold it up and put an arm through each loop.

While cotton isnt as glamorous as leather, I really liked the material of this strap. The cotton is softer than leather, and the strap hugged my curves instead of turning up where the strap tucks under the arm. The nylon straps that Ive attempted tend to slip around on the shoulders a bit, but this strap remained in location well. Theres no shoulder pad here, however the material is so soft its not needed..


The leashes loop through the metal ring on the strap and then clip to the strap holder on the left side of the cam. The cotton is softer than leather, and the strap hugged my curves rather than popping up where the strap tucks under the arm. The nylon straps that Ive attempted tend to slip around on the shoulders a bit, however this strap stayed in location well. Youll still require to remove the strap for the finest fit and it will take up a lens slot in your bag, but its simpler to tuck into a bag than a leather strap.

Cotton will take in water. I dont think using this strap in the rain will ruin it. But, if you use this over a raincoat in the rain, then come inside, youre not going to wish to then put the wet strap on your tee shirt. I will have to discover another choice or go strapless to shoot in the rain if I wish to stay dry for the wedding party.

The disadvantage is that cotton does not have the longevity of leather. The strap feels well developed and I expect it to last several years. However, leather can last for decades. If I go out in the rain so that the Swagg will still be prepared and dry for the wedding reception, I will likewise have to utilize a various strap. Its nearly half the price of the initial MoneyMaker, but its more expensive than nylon straps.

HoldFast says in the product description that the leather MoneyMaker is more robust which leather lasts permanently. The cotton feels quite strong though; I have not seen any wear in my short time with the strap so far. After some time, I wouldnt be amazed to see some fraying where the metal moves up and down the strap. I d expect it to last a few years a minimum of– HoldFast has an one-year warranty for this strap. However, it does not share leathers capacity to be a treasure passed down to the next generation.

The Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Swagg is a much more budget friendly alternative than leather dual cam straps. Its likewise simple to fold and tuck into a camera bag, which was one of our grievances about the leather variation. The vegan leather MoneyMaker is softer than the original but is a bit difficult to tuck into a camera bag.

The Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Swagg is a great double cam strap for professional photographers who want a soft, comfortable strap that quickly tucks into a bag. Im giving the Camera Swagg five out of five stars.


With the cotton straps, you can fold to your hearts material. Its still a long length of strap with metal buckles. Youll still need to get rid of the strap for the finest fit and it will take up a lens slot in your bag, but its much easier to tuck into a bag than a leather strap.


The Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Swagg follows the same idea as the leather MoneyMaker, but with cotton straps instead of leather. This strap does not (and neither does the leather variation), which makes the strap less confusing and much easier to set up. It was still comfortable, and the straps didnt slide around; I wasnt stressed about the straps slipping off my shoulders.

Relieve of Use.

The strap is extremely comfy.
The cotton product is softer, lighter, and more flexible than leather.
I enjoy the different color alternatives.
The hardware is metal.
The strap folds easily to embed a cam bag.

Connecting your video camera to this dual strap is simple. It connects to the strap ring on the electronic camera– put it on the left so its not getting in the way of your grip.

Overall, I discovered the MoneyMaker Swagg comfortable to wear. The straps put more weight on your shoulders than the back of your neck, which is more comfy. It seemed like I was bring a video camera, but it was a lot more comfy than a neck strap. The softer cotton material remained in location better than nylon options that Ive tried, and the edges didnt go into my skin. The softer cotton likewise hugged my body a bit better than stiffer products.

The leashes loop through the metal ring on the strap and then clip to the strap holder on the left side of the video camera. I could even envision a leash that doubles as a wrist strap to use on fast shoots when you just want to bring one camera.

Cotton soaks up water and will not last as long as leather.
HoldFasts more budget friendly MoneyMaker is still a bit pricey.

Holdfast says the straps on the MoneyMaker should sit about 4 inches under the underarms, with the video camera anchor at waist level. I found this to be the most comfy position for the cotton variation too. The straps remained in place here, and I still had plenty of space to move the video camera as much as easily reach my eye.

It was still comfy, and the straps didnt move around; I wasnt worried about the straps slipping off my shoulders.

The electronic cameras will sit at about waist level. This, for me, is the hardest part to get used to– however is also the very same experience for almost every double electronic camera strap system. I got a lens complete of snow because I forgot where my electronic cameras were sitting when I knelt down to alter out a lens.

At the front, the strap has two D rings. Holdfast doesnt have a matching third video camera system to fit here like they do for the leather variation. The company says photographers can include a third system by adding 2 extra electronic camera leashes to each side (a massive $2 each). The D rings are also repaired in place and do not move around like on a few of the leather MoneyMakers..

Ive utilized a few double camera straps before that were rather made complex to use. Typically, they remind me of putting a coat on my toddler. When I hold out a sleeve, he holds out the incorrect arm. He switches to the other arm when I switch to the other sleeve. Repeat for all of eternity..


On each side, a metal hook connects a brief length of straight strap to a metal clasp system. It took a couple of shots at initially, then it ended up being quite basic to remove the cameras from the clasp. This install is about the size of a nickel, with a triangular metal hoop to attach the strap to.

To tighten, unfold the buckle, pull the end of the strap, and close the clasp again two clicks. A black wrap enables you to fold and tuck any extra strap length.