May 16, 2022

This wooden Nikon F replica is almost as gorgeous as the real thing

Weve seen all type of camera reproductions up until now. However heres one that will warm the hearts of Nikon shooters. Theres a wood reproduction of the renowned Nikon F along with a lens, and it looks nearly as stunning and in-depth as the real camera.

The video camera ships from the US and it costs $155. Take a look at more photos below, and if you like the cam, you can order it on Etsy together with some other products that you may find intriguing.

This wood reproduction was posted on CameraTins, an Etsy store that offers all kinds of camera reproduction. There are a couple of other wood reproductions, but I especially like the Nikon F1 as Im a Nikon fangirl, clearly. Regardless of that, the reproduction is handcrafted, super-detailed, and actually quite beautiful.

[via Nikon Rumors]