January 25, 2022

Time Flies: A Photo Book of a Few Seconds

Verticals and horizontals! Both shot with the Nikon Z 9. The templates supplied by Printique offer great deals of alternatives and flexibility to pair different shapes on a spread.

Constantly been the case, however now, as our lives keep accelerating into 2022 and beyond, those 2 words are more essential than ever. We flip through the internet with a ruthless tap, tap, tap, as quick as our index finger can fly. According to a current study, our attention period is now down to about 8 seconds.

The POW and strength of color made these two shots work next to each other, and likewise the balance of square format.

Another splash of color and an excellent memory of Coney Island as the summertime air breathed life into all of us.

For photographers, always looking for those valuable, fleeting minutes the world presents to us, and we frequently miss, we understand all too well just how quick time flies. Missed it! Desperately change the lens. Missed it once again. Hey, over here! While something much better is occurring over there. While we talk or ponder about “recording the minute,” the moment disappears. Lets face it. Our success rate of getting THE shot is quite low.

The Olympics was such an emphasize of 2021– had to consist of! Constantly tough to make the choice however like these two playing off each other because of the energy of the blue swirl on the left picking up with the roundness of the shape in the fisheye shot.

Now, they are together, on a coffee table, pieces of color, power and grace to be kept in mind. A book. An image book is both, all at once.

Sit with them now. A wonderfully printed book. A repose. A breakwater in the roiled ocean of our lives.

Dealt with two remarkable athletes early in the year. Dan Anderson and Dasha Anderson, both martial arts teachers and specialists. Grayscale seemed suitable for this spread and the Printique repro held tones with dignity and well.

I sent my preferred set of seconds to Printique, and back came a lovely book. Its a hard cover photo book, 10 X12.5, 42 pages, printed in rich tones on luster paper. Tap a finger on the computer system, its sent out.

An image book of those caught minutes, those successful slivers of a second, is a wonderful thing. At this time of the year, I look back on pictures from the past year that in some way shape or type were considered effective and I add up the shutter speeds, roughly.

With all the detail corner to corner, needed to offer these zombie friends full bleeds in the spread!

Same here with the charming Marisa and having a landscape pic that lends itself to a full page bleed spread. Nice to break up the circulation sometimes with various sizes/shapes.

2 beautiful and extremely gifted women Ive had the advantage to photo over the years. At our very first meeting, photo subjects, now … dear good friends.

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Tap a finger on the computer, its sent out. At our very first conference, photo topics, now … dear buddies.

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More, and more, at workshops and market gatherings, the concerns come up about picture books. My pal and editor, Ted Waitt, of Rocky Nook Publishing, will really come to our Wine Country Workshop this spring and talk with individuals about the overwhelming power of the picture book, and how important it can be to have your pictures gathered, and printed. Now, they are in your hands.

Always been the case, but now, as our lives keep accelerating into 2022 and beyond, those 2 words are more relevant than ever. We turn through the web with a relentless tap, tap, tap, as quick as our index finger can fly. According to a current study, our attention span is now down to about 8 seconds.

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