May 22, 2022

Under Priced and Remarkably Versatile: Tenba Fulton 16L V2 Review

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Fortunately, the Tenba Fulton 16L V2 wasnt one of those bags. While a couple of modifications would have made this bag best, it still offers a lot without spending a lot.

My favorite video camera knapsacks have gear gain access to from the back panel, a waist belt, and space to stow away individual items. When Tenba announced the updated version of the Fulton knapsack, V2 right away got my attention with the expanding roll top, waist belt, and even a laptop computer sleeve at the front instead of resting versus your back. Even much better, the Tenba Fulton V2 16L costs under $150.

The Tenba Fulton 16L V2 is among the much better bags that you can purchase for under $150. Its resilient, versatile, and comfy. A few tweaks like more small pockets and a bigger tripod pocket would have made this bag near perfect.

Pros and Cons

Expandable roll-top
Long lasting, light-weight material
Waist and sternum strap
Easy, safe rear gain access to
Fantastic laptop computer sleeve
An actually terrific size for one body and 5-7 lenses thats not unfathomable
Reasonably priced

No smaller pockets for filters and SD cards
Tripod pocket is too little
Main compartment zipper isnt weather-sealed
Tough to fit two electronic camera bodies with lenses connected



Equipment Used

I used the Tenba Fulton V2 16L bag with 2 various gear kits. The first arrangement I used consisted of:

I also used the bag with 2 rental cameras. This set-up held the:

Im providing the Tenba Fulton 16L 4 out of 5 stars. Desire one? Examine them out at Adorama.


In the roll-top, I likewise fit the DJI Mini 2 inside a protective case (as there is no protective cushioning in the roll-top).

Tech Specs.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III
Panasonic Leica 25-50mm f1.7.
Panasonic S5.
Panasonic Lumix 35mm f1.8 S.
Manfrotto BeFree take a trip tripod.
10.2 inch 2020 iPad or a 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro (not at the exact same time).

A couple of minor tweaks would have made this bag perfect. The tripod pocket is also a little challenging and too snug to access.


I like this style more than putting the laptop computer against your back, which tends to make the back panel a bit stiffer. There are 2 smaller open pockets on the front of the sleeve, as well as a canvas loop.

The big rear opening makes gear simple to pull out. The rear panel also remains open, so it doesnt get in the method when using the bag in workstation mode open on the ground. Utilizing the waist belt, I also could slip off the shoulder straps, swing the bag around, and pull out gear rapidly without putting the bag on the ground.

In general, this bag does feel like it will last and will keep gear safe in light rain. The back panel might not entirely squelch worries about wearing this knapsack in heavy rain.


Where do I put my additional SD cards?
The tripod pocket strap is bothersome and the pocket is a little small.
The zipper that protects the video camera equipment isnt weather-sealed.
In spite of being a larger bag, it does not quickly fit two bodies with lenses connected.

Thankfully, the Tenba Fulton 16L makes up for those doing not have functions with the rate. While it might not be my absolute favorite camera knapsack ever, for under $150, its one of the much better options. Simply plan to pick up an SD card wallet and cases for your filters and keep it out of heavy rain– then you, your equipment, and your wallet will likely more than happy with this bag.

This bag is fairly comfortable to wear. Theres a waist belt too, but the belt isnt padded. The back of the bag has one padded mesh location over the rear access.

On the exterior of the bag, there are 2 side pockets. The other has a tripod pocket made from the same material as the rest of the bag. Using the waist belt, I likewise could slip off the shoulder straps, swing the bag around, and pull out gear rapidly without putting the bag on the ground.

Relieve of Use.

While the large pockets are excellent, there arent enough small pockets. I didnt truly have anywhere to store extra SD cards or filters. The 2 smaller pockets in the front zipper are open and I wouldnt trust a little SD card not to fall out. I would need to purchase a separate wallet to keep sd card from getting lost in too huge pockets and to keep filters from getting scratched. Putting some smaller sized pockets on the reverse side of the back panel or even within the roll-top would have been a major improvement.

The theory is that this is resting against your back, so its not going to get hit with the direct spray that the front will. Its not the only bag that weather-seals all the zippers except for the one holding your electronic camera and lenses.



I choose Tenbas laptop computer sleeve. I dont like putting the laptop computer against my back because then the back panel does not mold to my body. The products on the Fulton are likewise thinner, that makes the bag a bit lighter. The Fulton is also more inexpensive. When you factor in purchasing the waist belt individually, its $100 cheaper than the 21-liter PRVKE. Its also $80 less than the PRVK Lite with a little bit more space.

Construct Quality.

Its not implied to carry two cam bodies, but I did bring a 2nd body with a connected lens by reversing one of the big dividers and storing the second body upside down. Its a much better fit for a single video camera body, however, and the dividers leave enough space for 5 to 7 lenses or flashes. You d require smaller primes to fit in seven.

Tenba notes the following specifications for the 16L variation of the Fulton V2:.

The Tenba Fulton V2 16L is a great alternative for camera backpacks under $150. The broadening leading compartment likewise makes this bag versatile– I might see it being used for anything from wedding photography to street photography to hiking.

In general, I liked the style. Some smaller pockets for SD cards and filters, a larger tripod pocket, and padding on the waist belt would have made me truly like the style.

As a V2, this Tenba Fulton is a more small update than anything significantly ingenious. The 16L size is a brand-new size thats likewise efficient in managing a 16-inch laptop computer. It likewise consists of a brand-new waist strap and baggage pass-through slot.

The Wandrd PRVKE has smaller sized pockets to stow away things like SD batteries, filters, and cards. Practically the entire interior of the opening back panel is smaller sized pockets. The tripod pocket at the side likewise unzips to expand.

The Tenba Fulton V2 16L has 3 main compartments: a rear-access padded main compartment, a non-padded expandable roll-top, and a front pocket with a laptop sleeve.

The Tenba Fulton V2 has a number of features in typical with a bag that I utilize frequently– the Wandrd PRVKE Lite and bigger PRVKE. All 3 bags have a rear access style with a roll-top.

Accessing the roll-top is similarly straightforward. Rolling and unrolling the top takes a little bit longer than working a zipper, however isnt tough to do. I think the roll-top would have remained rolled in location a little much better if the velcro closure was bigger, however its okay. The front pouch is also easy to use. It held my MacBook snug, however not so snug that it was hard to access.

The materials on the Fulton are also thinner, which makes the bag a bit lighter.

Weight: 2.8 pound/ 1.27 kg.
Outside Dimensions (in): 11W x 20H x 7.5 D in..
Outside Dimensions (cm): 28W x 51H x 19D cm.
Inside Dimensions (in): 10.5 W x 11H x 5D in..
Inside Dimensions (cm): 27W x 28H x 13D cm.
Laptop Compartment Dimensions (in): 10W x 14.5 H x 0.75 D in..
Laptop Compartment Dimensions (cm): 25W x 37H x 2D cm.
Capacity: Capacity– Mirrorless or DSLR cam with 5-7 lenses (up to attached 70-200mm 2.8), plus a laptop computer approximately 16 inches (40 cm). Fits DJI Mavic and other compact drones..
Laptop/Tablet: Fits a laptop as much as 16 inches (40 cm). Guarantee: 5 Years.

Created with weather-repellant canvas, the Tenba Fulton V2 16L feels quite tough. The material drives away water quite well, which likewise makes it much easier to rub out any dirt. While the material is strong, it likewise feels a bit thinner than a few of the other water repellent bags that Ive evaluated, such as the Wandrd PRVKE. This assists make the bag a little lighter. The black color has a subtle camouflage pattern.

Surprisingly enough, Tenba still pairs this bag with a rain cover. It only stretches over the front of the bag, nevertheless, not the back panel in question. It tucks nicely into a pouch thats stitched right into the cover, so theres no separate pouch to lose.

A few tweaks like more little pockets and a larger tripod pocket would have made this bag near ideal.

The main compartment has integrated dividers rather than a removable cube. Its a decent size– its not so deep that you need to keep mirrorless cams with the lens up so they do not wiggle around. Its roomy enough to still fit most DSLRs, with space to stash several lenses. 2 big dividers create a T-shape that fits the cam body with an attached lens– approximately a 70-200mm f2.8. Or, you can flex among completions of the T to make an L shape for smaller mirrorless bodies..

While accessing the front and primary compartment is simple, the tripod pocket is a bit challenging. The pocket is so snug that it took more time than it should need to pack and remove my tripod. I likewise required a bit more slack in the top strap– it was hard to get loose enough to pull the tripod out. Being able to unclip the strap instead of just loosening it would have been a big improvement.

The top of the bag uses a roll-top closure. The roll top has a little strip of velcro in the center, then is rolled and protected with a strap outside the bag.

The broadening roll-top is really flexible.
The product feels durable, but isnt too heavy.
The bag is comfy to wear.
I like the simple rear access.
Many bags just fit 13 inch laptop computers, this one fits a 16 inch.
The bag is a quite great size.
At under $150, this bag is actually reasonable.

On the outside of the bag, there are 2 side pockets. One is a mesh pocket for a water bottle– a 20 ounce insulated bottle fits quite snugly. The other has a tripod pocket made from the very same product as the rest of the bag.

Tenba Fulton V2 vs. Wandrd PRVKE.