January 25, 2022

Where to Find the Best Black Sand Beaches in Maui

But before I tell you where to find them, let me give you a little insight into how they were formed.

For many people, a tropical beach is a grainy white stretch of sand with blue-green water and a lot of palm trees included for great procedure. Black sand beaches can be equally splendid, so if you desire to see some lovely ones there are couple of much better places in the world than the Hawaiian island of Maui The island is house to some of the most gorgeous black sand beaches worldwide.

Black sand beach in Maui

The beach itself is rocky and not as beautiful as other Maui black beaches. There is an offshore browse that makes it dangerous for swimming, but if you are after peaceful and personal privacy then you may like it here.

Most Popular Black Sand Beaches in Maui.

Black sand beaches are gorgeous sights to see, however they may threaten destinations if you dont understand what to anticipate.

To get to La Pérouse Bay, drive south to the end of Makena Alanui Road. When the road narrows youll come across a bumpy path that goes through massive lava fields. This is where lava streamed during Mauis last volcanic eruption around 1790s.

Waikoa (aka Venus) Pond.

We initially came here 5 years back and were thrilled to come back. To this day, I still think Oneuli is the very best shore access snorkeling I have actually had in Maui. It is a really private beach and you will have the majority of the salt-and- pepper sand to yourself.


Small cave at Honokalani beach.

Honomanu Black Sand Beach.

Waikoa pond is an extremely serene location and checking out is one of the most romantic things to do in Maui as a couple.

Fruit base on the way to Waikoa Pond.

Waikoa Black Sand Beach.

To the left of the beach as youre facing the ocean, you have the gorgeous Waianapa napa coastal trail. This is among the best walkings in Maui, so its worth taking a minimum of a few actions on it.

While swimming at this beach is permitted, its typically not suggested since currents can be very strong. Unless you are a knowledgeable and strong swimmer, you can be easily swept away.

Honomanu black beach lies along the well-known Hana Highway (Road to Hana) on Mauis north shore, between mile markers 13 and 14.

However why do some beaches have black sand? One way black sand beaches are formed is through the erosion of volcanic rocks by rivers, which then carry the grains of black sand down to the ocean. However thats not how the black sand beaches in Maui were produced..

This location is completely off the grid and can be tricky to find. Without an audio guide or a regional informing you about it, you would easily drive by without stopping.

The very first time you see a real black sand beach is enchanting and even a bit unusual. It somehow does not appear right. The water looks dark grey rather of blue, which is less welcoming than those stunning blue lagoons we grew so accustomed to see in Maui.

Something to bear in mind is that a lot of black sand beaches in Maui are located in extremely remote areas, with no lifeguards on task. You must work out care when going into the water as heavy breaking waves can activate a sudden rip current. But rip currents are hazardous even around low tide, when water is currently pulling away.

There are a couple of destinations beside Honokalani Black Sand Beach. To the right of the beach there is a Sea Cave made from black volcanic rock that you can check out.

The beautiful seaside view of the beach surrounded by rich greenery with a mountain background, make motorists decrease here to admire the surroundings. There are just a few little pullouts from where the bay can best be seen.

NOTE: Reservations are now needed for the Black Sand Beach, for that reason all visitors need to provide coupon in order to get in the Waiʻānapana State Park. For reservations go to https://www.gowaianapanapa.com/.

This process can still be seen today on the Big Island of Hawaii. And this is how all Mauis black sand beaches came into presence.

Black sand.

At the end of this roadway there is paid car park where you can leave your automobile. La Pérouse Bay, was called after French explorer Jean-Francios de Galaup, count of La Pérouse, who surveyed and mapped this area in 1786.

You can likewise see many Green Sea Turtles in this location. Another neat point is that there is a really little cinder cone at the end of the beach.

Located in the Waianapanapa State Park, on the Road to Hana, Honokalani is Mauis most well-known black sand beach. Waikoa Pond is a magnificent pond and black sand beach on the East side of Maui, however I have to begin by stating that its not easy to access. One thing to keep in mind is that many black sand beaches in Maui are located in extremely remote areas, with no lifeguards on duty.

Green Sea Turtle.

Honokalani (aka Pailoa) Black Sand Beach.

This is a really beautiful spot with lava cliffs to the south and a Haleakala backdrop. The beach is covered with a thick blanket of black sand, but at the waters edge the sand unexpectedly ends up being difficult lava rock, which is why the beach is great for snorkeling and diving, however not so good for bathing.

Unlike other black sand beaches in Maui, La Perouse isnt a sandy beach to spread out and lounge. Instead, what the location lacks in beach quality it offsets with excellent views of the Haleakala and inspiring contrasts of color: blue-green water, charcoal-colored lava rock dotted with white coral washed on the shore.

Land owners enable it, as long as you leave no garbage behind. There is an indication that they wont assume any liability in case you get injured, which is reasonable enough.

Swimming is bad here, but snorkeling is one of the very best on the island. There are numerous small coves that lie in between rocky points. These are often covered with tidal swimming pools.

There is cliff jumping for those that like adventure. We had been anticipating get in the water, however the dive seemed rather frightening, so we didnt do it. We enjoyed the pond and the view nonetheless and found this location totally worth seeing.

La Perouse Bay.

If you wish to check out the beach, do not make the mistake of parking near the primary roadway and walk down, like a lot of people do. There is a small dirt road that will take you almost all the way to the beach. You can make it down securely even with a two-wheel drive, unless its very muddy.

Oneuli Black Sand Beach.

One method black sand beaches are formed is through the disintegration of volcanic rocks by rivers, which then bring the grains of black sand down to the ocean. And this is how all Mauis black sand beaches came into presence.

Honokalani (Pailoa) Black Sand Beach.

Waikoa Pond is an incredible pond and black sand beach on the East side of Maui, but I need to begin by stating that its hard to gain access to. While the beach, pond and stream are on State land, the access trail is on personal land belonging to Hana Ranch. Navigating the slippery cliffs is likewise quite difficult.

Part of Makena State Park, Oneuli is a wonderful black sand beach on the south coast of Maui. The beach is properly called oneuli, which indicates “dark sands” in Hawaiian.

Tips for Visiting the Black Sand Beaches in Maui.

If you wish to visit Waikoa Pond you have to pull onto the side of the road (mile marker 48), park near the fruit stand and discuss a brick ledge. Then walk through a field on a course that leads all the way to this location.

The Origins of the Black Sand Beaches in Maui.

Honomanu Bay.

If you are heading to Maui and want to see some black sand beaches, here are the ones that we consider to be the most beautiful:.

Access to the beach is rather challenging as its at completion of a short dirt road. We were able to pull up a two-wheel drive car there, so do not be scared away. There is a little parking that can accommodate 5 or 6 cars and trucks.

Another thing to think about are the sharp, volcanic rocks hiding listed below the surface of the water. Constantly look around before venturing out for a swim.

The black beaches are primarily made from sand formed by volcanic materials and lava pieces. But besides sand, you can also discover basalt rocks, andesite, and volcanic glass, which may be rough on the feet. Black sand tends to be hotter as it absorbs the heat, so the option is to use some sort of footwear on these beaches.

Found in the Waianapanapa State Park, on the Road to Hana, Honokalani is Mauis most famous black sand beach. Although extremely popular, this black sand beach is hardly ever crowded. Most visitors stop here just to snap a fast photo prior to continuing their journey to Hana.

La Perouse Black Sand Beach in South Maui.

Oneuli Beach.

Honomanu black sand beach.

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