May 22, 2022

Wolfgang Collects Unique and Hard to Find Vintage Lenses

The Essential Photo Gear Used By Wolfgang.

Lens rental shops arent unusual these days. With more individuals moving to professions in the visual industries of the world, the need for great glass is ever increasing. Even here in Dubai, Ive seen several brief filmmakers and new professional photographers look for distinct, older lenses that have qualities that they do not find in digital period lenses. Ive formerly questioned why they dont just introduce vintage appearances in post-processing. As the years went by and I interacted with more and more DoPs, I realized that nearly all of them prefer to get the appearance they desire in-camera. Whichs never a bad thing; its just that it typically takes longer to source such lenses. Wolfgang sees a chance to be a pioneer in this section in Europe. What started as a keen interest in learning vintage glasss intimate functions has actually now progressed into a possibly effective endeavor to lease special lenses.

A scientist, collector, and specialist on classic lenses, hes in the procedure of setting up what he hopes will end up being Europes first dedicated vintage lens rental store. By confirming the origins of each lens, hes intending to make his store one of the more genuine ones around.

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Wolfgang informed us:

The Phoblographer: Hello There Wolfgang. Please tell us about yourself and how you entered into photography.

Handled Nikon FF with a 1970 Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 at f2.8 A lens loaded with character and especially Chromatic aberration. It was cold and raining outside this ancient monolith, so my lens caught some condensation. I believe it plates nicely with the intense chandeliers illuminating this spiritual structure.

I check out a post on a Japanese photography blog site years ago that had an image of some datasheets in it stating, “Political views: Nikon, Religious Views: Leica”. I think this particular statement amounts it up quite well for me.

Around this time, I began getting into vintage lenses. Being used to modern glass, the extreme character of this lens made me fall in love with vintage lenses in a heart beat. Its meditation for me.

The Phoblographer: What cam gear do you utilize for your work?

Wolfgang: If I require a fast, extremely responsive electronic camera, i.e., for an event, I utilize the high-grade Nikon DSLRs or the F5 for film. For my individual photography and slower-paced shoots, I utilize a Leica M10. The native Leica M-lenses are among my favorites. They combine character and efficiency in a special way. In addition, I utilize a myriad of classic lenses for both Nikon and Leica. Im still extremely keen on optical viewfinders.

I was fortunate to have the time and resources to study lenses way more thoroughly than many people, particularly with concerns to other online publications and Instagram. I d say the exact same about procurement of Lenses– finding rare glass for a striking offer, sometimes in the most unlikely locations is half the fun about collecting. Collectors, rentals, and even producers routinely call me for opinions, information, or actual recommendations.

The Phoblographer: Collecting lenses, especially unusual ones is extremely addicting. At what point did you decide to turn this fascination into something that could bring you returns? Where did it all begin?

Wolfgang: That was the timeless shower thought. I was lucky there: I actually like Schneider-Kreuznach, so the runner-up to Bokehsommelier was literally “Schneiderguy”!

Wolfgang: It absolutely is. Desiring to advertise my lenses began with me buying Cine-Lenses- specifically with heavy zooms.

The Phoblographer: Theres tons of vintage lens experts today; a number of whom have years of experience using old glass. Tell us how you prepare on setting yourself apart from them.

The Phoblographer: More typically utilized for red wine connoisseurs; inform us how you developed the moniker bokehsommelier.

Ive been actively gathering lenses for over a years now. It was unlike any of the contemporary lenses I was used to, so I chose to dig deeper. A fascination ended up being a hobby, became an enthusiasm, became a job.

Wolfgang: The variety of ” experts” is undoubtedly blowing up. I luckily dont solely collect lenses. I likewise collect old books, pamphlets, and documents. This is where I see the biggest distinction in the quality of ones knowledge. With vintage lenses being made years before the internet, its tough to confirm the information you find online. Having the primary sources is essential here. You need to apply some sort of peer-reviewed system of research study yourself. For that reason its important to be in constant exchange with other collectors to share info and files. I likewise completely test and take apart most lenses I get.

The Phoblographer: What sort of lenses do you prepare on contributing to your lens rental catalogue? Who would your target market be?

We will provide modern or semi-modern lenses too, but our focus is certainly on vintage, or rather our rendition: Timeless Optics.

Wolfgang: I was exceptionally fortunate to be presented to Phillip Kaminiak. Hes a D.P. from Berlin I befriended. We shared a vision here and chose to collaborate. We will use anything from widely known classics like the Cooke-Speed Panchros to Canon F.D.s, to more unique sets like Astro Berlin Pan-Tachars, or re-housed Kowa F.F. Well continuously be adding brand-new sets. I need to give big thanks to my friend Clint from Ancient Opticsin Los Angeles. His re-housing tasks seek really carefully-picked sets of vintage still or cine-optics, which are re-housed just by top-tier manufacturers like True Lens services in Leicester or Zero Optik in L.A. We are incredibly fortunate to be the sole professional for his lenses in Germany..

Our target market are prolific cinematographers and studios in Central Europe considering that we just offer top-shelf devices. We prepare to offer a broader selection in terms of the budget eventually in the future.

The Phoblographer: Thats an extremely niche audience would not you state? How do you plan on getting the word around?

Wolfgang: In a way, it is, especially in Germany. Looking at the “gear list” for the Oscars, theres more and more vintage equipment represented every year. As Ive indicated, the pattern is forming here as well; just a bit slower.

The Phoblographer: Which do you think would be the leading 3 lenses from here that people would wish to lease? What makes them so special?

The Phoblographer: Why do you feel someone would go through the problem of getting a classic lens with a particular that can most likely be easily recreated in software application these days?

Wolfgang: Its excellent how much can be done digitally these days. Nevertheless, reproducing the look of a vintage lens has much more layers than just adding flares and reducing contrast. Think, for instance, of factors like micro-contrast, sharpness-transition, and bokeh- those qualities are nearly impossible to reproduce with modern-day optics and digital control. Lots of makers take a technique at reproducing vintage optics, this ends up being progressively more difficult to do. Elements such as thorium and arsenic are banned from being utilized in glass today. Modern-day manufacturing procedures are devoid of the “flaws” we value so much in old glass.

Wolfgang: We have actually regretfully seen a lot of hold-up because of the pandemic and the problem that is documentation in Germany. At the moment, were still awaiting lenses to come back from re-housing and modification. Were likewise checking out last places for a home for our company in Berlin. There are 2 or 3 possible places, and were in contact with them..

” For the leasing, I am looking for a non-traditional anamorphic set with distinct flares, breathing, and oval bokeh. Another point on the list is an extremely quick set for Super16.To identify the condition of a lens online, you need excellent photos of the item itself. Naturally, there still are major flaws that would be hard to hide. I attempt to purchase from individuals I understand or sellers I have purchased from in the past. Its excellent to have friends worldwide who can assist but sometimes purchasing vintage lenses is just a gamble.

Handled a Leica M10 with a Fujinon 35mm f/1.9. most likely my brand-new preferred 35mmSharp but not clinical, bloomy bokeh, and warm color flares. Its eight-element style is truly special.

The Phoblographer: How far is the venture from completion. When do you believe classic lens fans like myself can anticipate it to go live?

Wolfgang: Of course, the widely known ones like Cooke or Canon F.D. will lease well, but I think individuals will be delighted for more unusual sets like Astro Berlin. My leading 3 are Canon FD, Zeiss HS and the Astro Pan Tachars. All come from various eras and deliver distinct characteristics. With the Super16 Format on the rise again, Im sure DoPs will go nuts for the Canon 15-120mm f/1.3 Zoom too. There are already new tasks on the way. What I can say, for now, is that there are more excellent vintage Japanese sets out there.

I approximate that we must be fully functional for the summer season of this year. Theres much to come in the future! A bigger internet presence with a database, numerous brand-new rehousing tasks of practically forgotten however amazing lenses, and ideally connecting collectors to cinematographers even better in the future.

All images supplied by Wolfgang. Used with permission. Please visit his Instagram page to see more of his work.

The Phoblographer: What are a few of the attributes that you try to find when looking into for lenses to contribute to your inventory? Because youll be sourcing them from around the world, whats the very best method to verify their authenticity and quality?

Wolfgang: For my own photography and collection, I will add a lot of vintage wides soon. I find the distortion-free super-angulons and biogons incredibly intriguing..

The one which comes next will amaze lots of cinematographers in a positive method. We will be the only rental in Germany providing one.

Wish to get your work included? Heres how to do it!

A researcher, collector, and expert on timeless lenses, hes in the process of setting up what he hopes will end up being Europes very first dedicated vintage lens rental shop. Even here in Dubai, Ive seen several brand-new photographers and brief filmmakers look for unique, older lenses that have characteristics that they dont discover in digital age lenses. Being used to modern-day glass, the extreme character of this lens made me fall in love with vintage lenses in a heartbeat. Reproducing the appearance of a classic lens has numerous more layers than simply lowering and including flares contrast. Its excellent to have friends around the world who can help but often purchasing vintage lenses is just a gamble.