December 3, 2022

World from Above – Tandem Paragliding in Nepal

Our flight was booked for the extremely next day we showed up! Luckily for late risers like us, it suited that the flight time was 11:30 am.

World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

Many consider Pokhara the paragliding capital of the world. Well, at least for tandem paragliding anyhow. Mostly for the views is what I reckon!

World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

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World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

Your eyes will be lured to remain on to this commanding view over Pokhara. A better vantage point exists to completely appreciate the landscape. One which, when viewed from the land, looks like a vibrant bird flying.

World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

From around 3000m above, it presented an unique perspective of our world. Thanks to innovation, we might take pleasure in a birds-eye view of this world right from our living rooms!.

World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

For lower mortals like me, it provides adrenaline-rushing experiences like rafting and paragliding. No rewards for guessing what I opted for!

World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal


World From Above – Tandem Paragliding In Nepal

It was all part of the experience that Pokhara is understood for! Specifically if you have not experienced this experience already.

For numerous adventurous souls like me, experiencing this viewpoint in all its magnificence was even more attractive. The visual satisfaction which being in front of the tv offered wasnt enough.

In this time, it had handled to alter my view of the world. Experiencing the world from above had accorded me a newer and well-rounded viewpoint on life and its vagaries.

It was sometime back in 2010 that I bumped into a series called The World from Above. It is an aerial documentary series accompanied by engaging narratives from history, taking the audience on a sensational visual journey overland.

One which, when seen from the land, appears as a colorful bird taking flight.

Images: Author, Unsplash and Pixabay.

The preliminary nerves and adrenaline rush slowly turn into a meditative calmness as you reduce into your flight. The world from above is now not just a visual treat. It is a sensory experience that is all about balance, not just of the body however likewise of the mind. You gradually move far from the preliminary adventure of the take-off to the reposeful landing.

As my feet touched the ground, a triumphant delight surpassed me. The whole tandem paragliding session from the moment we got to the take-off location till that minute had actually lasted about 45 minutes.

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However it was all part of the experience that Pokhara is known for! It brings in travelers keen on experience or relaxation; there is no in-between. We picked the previous.

When I took flight, the climax of the flight was as significant as the scenery it paid for. Assisted by the pilot, I gently moved over the Phewa Lake before coming down. What looked like a speck of green from above manifested into a sensational lakeside landing site as we approached it.

I was itching to absorb the experience in a more wholesome method. A chance I got when I made my maiden journey to Nepal back in 2012 with 2 other friends.

Searching for quietude, we landed in Kathmandu. We were instantly jolted out from our fantasy on our flight from the airport to our stay, which occurred to be in the heart of the citys tourist district– Thamel.

The green cover of the valley and the blue Phewa Lake are beautifully juxtaposed against the three snowcapped peaks of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manasalu, all rising above 8000m.

A 30-minute flight up the hill from Pokhara the following day took us through hillside hamlets and narrow mountain roads to Sarangkot. Thats the liftoff location for the tandem flights.

Found about 2000ft above the Phewa Lake in Pokhara, it is from here that one can genuinely value the beauty of the setting.

I mean, you can discover the most recent equipment and trained pilots in all other locals, however there is no changing the views of the Himalayas. Competently supplemented by a safe take-off place and landing zone in addition to steady wind speeds, it is an apt location to begin your paragliding journey. Especially if you havent experienced this adventure currently.

Gliding over pristine lakes and verdant valleys interspersed by tiny towns as the magnificent Himalayas stand witness to your little adventure is a pleasure only to be had here in Pokhara.

After investing a day checking out pockets of the city and its residential areas for traces of its Gorkha culture and history, we had had enough of the city life. We now longed for the mountains. And Pokhara, in main Nepal, was specifically the type of location we had actually been looking for.

For newbies like me, the experience of tandem paragliding was an ideal intro to this sport. The climax of the flight was as remarkable as the scenery it paid for when I took flight.

Just about 200Kms from Kathmandu, it took us a great part of the day to cover that range in a bus. The views en route were awesome though in some cases keeping an eye out of the window meant staring right into the deep canyons, which were nerve-racking!

Skyrocketing high in the sky while the crisp mountain air kisses your cheeks makes certain to offer you an adrenaline rush! However it holds a different beauty here.

Pokhara, a lakeside town, is likewise the gateway to the Annapurna circuit. For this reason, it sees a steady stream of trekkers who use it as a stopover before they begin this impressive trek.

It was as disorderly and crowded as any medium-sized city in India and far from the relaxing sanctuary we had actually expected.

For beginners like me, the experience of tandem paragliding was a perfect introduction to this sport. In this, you are directed by a skilled pilot. Strapped securely to a harness, it feels more like an armchair when you are up in the air. All you do then is kick back, unwind and take pleasure in the panoramic views that unfold prior to you while sliding gently in the air helped by the pilot.